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#072 Tentacool / #073 Tentacruel

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Adaptable Porygon-Z

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Looking for a Dwf Tentacool. High evs would be nice but I can do without :) . I can offer Tangela, Barboach, Poliwag, Snorunt and a shiny Frillish. All level one female with dw ability, except for Frillish , but is female. Pm me if interested.


Sick of Bigotry
Can breed DWF tentacool, pm me If you think you have something I want.


need a DWF tentacool! any nature, any IVs.

have DWF slowpoke, eevee, shroomish, magikarp, vulpix, poliwag, abra, dratini, togepi, gligar, riolu, seedot, ledyba, shuckle, munna, snorunt, natu, sableye, and bagon.

i'm willing to attach any evolutionary stones you'd need, too.


Trade completed
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I'm looking for a female dream world Tentacool. please respond with anything you might be looking for. I have Pokerus and can offer any battle subway items along with the pokemon you might want. Thanks!


Shuckle in Disguise
I am in need of a Tentacool. I am willing to take either a Dream World Female Tentacool or a Regular-abilitied Male Tentacool. Thank you in advance. :3


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Thanks to The Federation for the pokemon. Offer closed


Shiny Hunter/Breeder
does anybody have a dream world tentacool that is female i would love to offer some pokemon for it :D

DX 2401PT

Looking for: female DW Ability Tentacool/Tentacruel
Offering: Any breedable Pokemon, any Nature, any Ability (DW Ability limited. Ask for availability), shininess optional, IV 31 all, etc.
PM if interested.

Edit: Trade completed.
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Seeking a female Tentacool/tentacruel with the ability rain dish

Have a lot of stuff to offer, pm me if interested


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Looking for any tentacool thanks


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need regular Tentacool


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I'm looking for a DW ability Tentacool female for breeding purpose (been breeding male with Rapid spin)

Offer: Well, I got much stuff in my boxes on mutiple games, just send me a PM with what you would like/need
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Lavaridge Trainer
Looking for any old DWF tentacool. I dont have much to offer, but PM for negotiations
Looking for a DWF Tentacool any nature.
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