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#072 Tentacool / #073 Tentacruel

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I am looking for a tentacool
-31 ivs (HP/DEF/SP.AT/SP.DEF)
-DW ability
-Rapid Spin
-Shiny if possible (i will give you more)

-3 of my DW females or egg moves (ask me for which one)

Send me a PM if you want to trade
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Trading Away

some Acupressure Tentacools due to a recent overflood in my W2 boxes :p If anybody wants one, feel free to reply/PM/quote/whateves...! ;))


Looking for one in this family.
You may come to my shop and see what item you want or just name an item.
Please dont reply there and drop me a pm instead, thanks you.
Need a Female tentacool with rain dish. Don't care if it's shiny, don't care about EVs, IVs, or nature. I would prefer it to not be a hack or clone. I like to create my own... creations (for lack of a better term). I'm not a competitive player, just a guy who likes battling with his friends and I need this bulky S.O.B.


Competitive batteler
Hey guys, looking for female tentacool with rain dish. Perferably breeded already. Will trade shiny litwick for it. Pm me if interested


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Hey guys! I'm looking for ANY Tentacool or Tentacruel. I'm willing to personally breed any Starter Pokémon, or dex trade you certain event Pokémon. I have Pokérus which I will give once requested. I have some other Kanto Region Pokémon as well. We can work something out. Let me know if you're interested.


I'm Toxic.
Hey seeking a shiny Tentacool with timid nature - offering DW palkia lvl 40 or Un touched lvl 18 Genesect


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need for pokedex completion have all unova pokemon and a couple of rare dwf like dwf dragnoire, dwf poliwag, dwf vulpix, dragnoir with extreme speed ect. pm if interested
EDIT: no longer needed
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I'm looking for Tentacool or Tentacruel for my Pokedex. I can trade a range of DWFs (see my sig), I can breed almost any other Pokemon and I can offer Pokerus. PM me with offers.

EDIT: Got one :)
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looking for any tentacruel/cool pm me if u have one, offering pokes in sig or items if u want
Looking for a DWF Tentacool, can offer other DWF's in my sig.


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I'm looking for a DWF Tentacool, I can offer DW dratini, gligar, larvitar or magikarp; and most breedables. I also have elemental fangs Shinx, Wish/Curse/Yawn/Toxic Evee and Aromatherpy/Toxic Chansey.


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I need any Tentacool or Tentacruel.


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Looking for a raindish tentacool/tentacruel nature doesn't matter niether does set or gender, I have plenty to trade pm me and we'll talk

DX 2401PT

Offering: Tentacool, any nature, any gender, any Ability (DW included), shininess optional, IV 31 all.
Looking for: DWF Venipede/Whirlipede/Scolipede.
PM if interested. Limited offer.


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I have a shiny tentacreul, willing to trade it for something else shiny or something awesome just PM me trade offers
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