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#081 Magnemite / #082 Magneton / #462 Magnezone

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Avery, EV Trainer
Soon to have a Magnezone level 32 Mild with Magnet Pull ability.
Looking for a magnemite (or any of it's evolutions) with a timide nature, the ability magnet pull, and hidden power fire. The IV's for base 70 power is 31/30/31/30/31/30. PM me


New Member
I can breed magnemite for any pokemon in my signature, or any other reasonable offer.


New Member
I have a modest shiny untouched magnemite with the magnet pull ability. I would like to trade it for other shinies (shiny spiritomb would be awesome) or Ev'd pokemon.


New Member
looking for male magnemite for trade can breed all gen 5 pokemon and most gen 1 pm
looking for whats in my sig


Your WORST nightmare
Need a magnemite
dream world ability or sturdy
modest 31 IV in HP, defense, spe.atk, and spe.def

I will offer most dream world males, or a dream world female abra, or a female dream world eevee


Have a dream world Magnemite with analytic. PM me for offers

TopDecking Shinobi

Well-Known Member
Have a Dream World Magnemite with Recycle. Looking for shiny pokemon and legendaries as well as Dream World Eevee (Timid if possible), Dream World Drifloon (Female preferred) or a Dream World Illumise (Bold if possible).


Active Member
Looking for a Shiny Magnemite, preferably Timid nature but it doesn't really matter. I can offer what is in my signature, PM me with requests <3
I have a shiny Magnezone i'm willing to trade for another shiny.


New Member
looking for any of these threee please, anything, preferable male, i dont have much but please! 0734-0503-4107 game name, BBandit


New Member
looking for a magnemite/magneton/magnezone. i can only offer gen 1 starters and most pokemons in white
really really want a magnezone....


Pokemon Trainer
Looking for Magnemite, see signature for details and PM me please :)


Looking for a Magnemite/Ton/Zone I can offer Any of the starters from every gen, zoruas, or any of the DW females in my sig


Active Member
Hi do you have a magnemite? I don't have great pokemon to trade for it but I have pokerus, stones,and items.
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