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#092 Gastly / #093 Haunter / #094 Gengar

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Decent trainer
I am looking for a gengar with pain split and disable doesn`t matter what level. I can offer spiritomb with nightmare and pichu with volt tackle and many party pokemon


Internet Female
I'm wondering if anyone here would be willing to do me a favor. I have a Haunter and I'm wondering if anyone wants to do a trade then trade back? I'm really looking for someone reliable and am willing to do the same back or to trade for this favor, I have several DW females if interested.

*Edit* Evolved thanks to mankeyonmyback!
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New Member
Looking for a UT flawless Gastly with Timid nature, and the move Disable (plus possibly Pain Split, but that's not a must.). Shiny would be a big plus but not absolutely necessary. Have many shiny/event/flawless pokemon plus items to offer. PM if you have this. Thanks.


Courage Over Fear
I am looking for a Shiny Gastly UT Modest or Timid Nature, i have many shinys to offer just pm or vm me


Ok i got a bunch of these just sitting in my boxes. I need to get rid of them. If u dont have one ill b more than happy to trade u one.
I still to this day have never seen a modest of any of these and tried for a hole day to make one. I am looking for a modest one

pm if u need one or offers


New Member
i have a haunter that i need to evolve
Trade complete thanks to Rocket Grunt Dannie

P.S. if anyone need a haunter to evolve, or any other pokemon that needs to trade to be evolved pm me and i will be more than willing to help out, i dont need anything in return
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Walker Black

New Member
Hello, people. Can someone grab a Gastly for me at White Forest and name it something? I can offer an UT Modest Oshawott with Max Defense and Sp. Attack.

(I would prefer for it to be caught in a Dusk Ball, because I'm an idiot. Timid or Modest preferred.)


Pokemon Trainer
Have Ghastly for trade, see signature for details and PM me please :) Also accept Firestones/Waterstones/Thunderstones/Leafstones/Moonstones/MetalCoat/Kingsrock


Well-Known Member
Looking for a Gastly will offer anything from my sig


Dragon User
Ok.... I've been trying for awhile now to get a Gastly out of Dream World but I have some of the worst luck in the history of bad luck. Haunter is my favorite Pokemon ever so I'm desperatly looking for a Timid/Modest Gastly. PM if you're interested.


New Member
breeding gastly for any pokemon from my wishlist


Dragon Master
Looking for a modest female pokemon in the Gastly family. Tell me what you want.

Dark Mephiles

Fryin n Dryin
I'm looking for a female Pokemon on this line with a timid nature for breeding, if anyone has one, I'm willing to trade untouched starters, fossil Pokemon and Zorua, Eevee, Riolu etc. PM me if interested.
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