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#104 Cubone / #105 Marowak

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Well-Known Member
Looking for a very low-level (Between the 1-5 level range) Cubone for a new game in White. Can trade many current pokemon that I have right now, including a couple legendaries. PM me for an offer and we'll talk.


Right I got a shiny marowak in the 50's found in wild in a pokeball UT, looking for DW modest poliwag female, a adamant boy lvl1 starly with roost, sub, brave bird, and close combat, or a DW modest Vulpix, or a HP ice modest Thundurus, for the thunder I can offer a shiny aswell.


Pokemon Hunter
Looking for a cubone with Focus Punch and Outrage. I can trade a Modest nature Snivy with the egg moves: Energy Ball, Magical Leaf and Sweet Scent.


Need a fire punch adamant/brave Marowak. Outrage would be cool... Various rarities available.


Fighting TypeTrainer
just looking for a cubone to adopt or a reasonable trade doesnt matter what lvl or nature


New Member
I'm looking for a Shiny Cubone, and I have a legit Victini, Jirachi, or Zorua to trade for it. Please let me know if you are willing to help, thanks ^.^


Howls of Loneliness
I need a cubone for my dex.


suggestive cupcake
looking for any lv. 1 cubone - i can offer a growlithe with the egg moves flare blitz, bite, crunch and roar, along with snivvy and charmander. your pick. :)


Clone my Balls!

Cubone - Level 1 - Bashful - Male
Marowak - Level 57 - Quiet - Male


New Member
Hey, first time trading here.

If you have a legitimate Japanese Cubone/Marowak for the Masuda Method, would you kindly consider trading?

I am looking for a Cubone/Marowak with these qualities:

Nature: Brave
Stats: At least 2 Maximum IV's, provided those maximums are NOT in Attack, Special Attack, or Speed. IF possible, I would greatly appreciate a low speed stat (Speed IV < 5), but I am aware that is asking too much.
Gender: I'm pretty sure the Masuda Method doesn't care, so either.

Now, for what I have to offer in return. I am aware I'm asking for a lot, so I am willing to give a lot. Here are some of my offers (all are Untouched unless specified):

Max Spa, Spd, Spe Male Riolu (Modest).
Max Att, Def, Spa, Spe Female Axew (Adamant).
Max Att, Def, Spe Female Axew (Adamant). It is Japanese, though since it was not originally mine I cannot guarantee it is Untouched.
Max HP Female DW Gligar (Impish).
Max HP Female DW Poliwag.
Max HP, Spa, Spe Male Frillish (Bold).
Max Spa (maybe max Spd) Female DW Vulpix.

I have many more if those don't suit you. Also, to sweeten the deal, I can give them the following to hold:

Leftovers, Moonstone, Sunstone, Heart Scale, Prism Scale, Rare Candy, PP Max.

...If you can get me one with max HP, Def, and Sp. Def (greatly preferred), then you may have two.

PLEASE don't hack it. I've had someone do trade me a hacked Pokemon before due to an apparent "misunderstanding", so I just want to clear that up.

My friendcode's in my signature, thanks.


feelin' Nostalgic
looking for a untouched shiny cubone that has a nature that subtracts from special attack, PM me, if its got outstanding IV's, you'll get 2-3 shiny's

egg moves preferred:
iron head
if you have this in shiny flawless, i will give you about 5 shiny's, pm me oh! male gender too, rock head nature preferred, battle armor is OKAY, lightningrod is meh, try for rock-head.

who am i kidding i'll give like 6 shiny's for this, if you want a list of shiny's i'll trade for this pm me
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I'm looking for a Shiny Cubone preferably with the ability Rock Head. It is one of my favorite pokemon, if you have one please PM me.
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New Member
breeding cubone for any pokemon from my wishlist


a dangerous trainer
Anyone got a Cubone, preferably still in the egg, but not needed. I want/need it for Pokemon Black 2 team. I still don't have much to trade, but i'll be forever greatful and in debt to you. Please PM me if you do, Cubone is my favorite Pokemon :)



New Member
I have a DWF Cubone that I am willing to breed and trade if anyone is interested. I am looking for other DWFs so if anyone is interested in trading PM me or look at my sig for my skype


Hey now!
Looking for a legit shiny Cubone or Marowak.

In return I can trade a legit (all of these are shiny) Petilil, Nidoking, Gabite, Manectric, and Lickitung. I might be able to trade more than one for what I want.

I'm NOT interested in clones or RNG's. PM me if interested.


Thoroughly Wicked
I am looking for a cubone or any other poke in this tree for purposes of Pokedex completion. I have most starters and basic gen 5 pokes, PM me with any offers

Also don't bother asking for shinies or legendaries. I will laugh at you.
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