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#116 Horsea / #117 Seadra / #230 Kingdra

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New Member
breeding horsea for any pokemon from my wishlist


New Member
Looking for a Horsea or Seadra (with king's rock would be nice). Unfortunately don't have much to offer since I bought black/white last week and its the first pokemon game I've played since the original gold/silver... but I suppose I can trade some dreamworld or try to use gts to get something worthwhile I guess.


Eevee Trainer
Anyone got a shiny Horsea with a decent nature??


Mewtwo's Trainer
Got UT Horsea with egg moves Aurora Beam, Signal Beam, and Octazooka! Anyone want one? I have one male and one female! PM me!


Wanna trade
have a shiny seadra for trade


A Beautiful Enigma
Need a horsea. Any one'll do.


Destroyer of Rocket
Looking for a timid Horsea or Seadra, pm with what you want for it.


New Member
I have a sedra i need to trade so i can get a kingdra. can also trade horsea if wanted


Destroyer of Rocket
want a timid horsea. PM for offers.


Former shiny trader
Want any of the 3 shiny with a good nature, and with Swift Swim. PM me. Offering:

Shiny lvl 1 near flawless: Rotom, DW Abra, Guts Timburr, DW Vulpix, Poison Point Venipede, Hustle Deino, MagnetPull Magnemite, FLAWLESS Nincada, Sturdy Pineco. If your intrested ill provide Natures aswell. And also my lvl 100

Shinies: Metagross, Poison Heal Gliscor, my own caught Solid Rock Rhyperior lvl 50, Sceptile, Natural Cure Starmie, Technician Scizor, Flame Body Volcarona, Drizzle Politoad, Adamant Rayquaza. All of these listed are shiny and most of them have their perfect nature. They are almost all from famous traders like Alter Ego and StonedSnorlax

Events: WISHMKR Lonely shiny Jirachi, Swedish 2011WIN Quiet Darkrai (obtained by myself at the annual fall event Gamex in sweden!), WIN2011 Celebi, Movie14 Sassy Victini (obtained by me), Oblivia shiny Shaymin, GAMESTP shiny Entei, FEB2012 Calm Mewtwo


i herd u liek me :P
Looking for the following:

Shiny, Female
EG: Outrage
Mild (or Rash)
Ivs: 31/30/31/30/31/30 (hp fire 70)

If you have this, I have plenty to offer. I have shinies, legendaries, flawless, evd and more. If you can trade it while it is still in an egg (Im crazy with nicknames), the offer we negotiate on will be bigger/better. But thats not necessary. Please pm or vm me ASAP if you have my want. Thanks :)


Can someone help me evolve my Seadra?


*Trumpets playing*
Need help evolving my seadra!


Water Expert
I had lots of Male & Female Horseas for trade, some adamant, Timid & Modest. With the abilities 'Sniper' & 'Swift Swim
They also have the egg move 'Outrage' & Waterfall.
Pm with offers
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