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12 Trainer Card

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by oske, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. oske

    oske Well-Known Member

    This is my first attempt at a 12-style trainer card, I think it worked out well. What do you think?
  2. -Espacio-

    -Espacio- Well-Known Member

    No offense, but it doesn't look like you did very much except for making 6 more boxes ^^; And it's not really a trainer card if there are no Pokemon and badges, more like a trainer card template ;)

  3. Hyper Stan

    Hyper Stan Hmmph

    And theres no pokemon or name in it either
    also if its supposed to fit 2 teams there scould be 16 badges,2trainers and perhaps 2 places for names
  4. Icicle Dragon

    Icicle Dragon -Hidden Origin

    Well, Maybe it could be used as Ingame and Competitive?
  5. Denmen10

    Denmen10 Well-Known Member

    is it used for two different games or different trainers?
    otherwise i don't get the point of making a 12 pokemon trainer card
  6. LoneStarAkira

    LoneStarAkira +1 cookie for troll

    I really like the idea. I've always liked to have a 2-team Trainer Card.

    Although, I think the outlines for the rectangles are a tad too thick. They stand out, and not in a good way.

    I'm not one for badges on my Trainer Card *since EVERYONE collects the SAME badges*, but I do think it would be wise to put in 2 spaces for names, and 2 spaces for people.

    Otherwise, I like the layout, and I'd like to see more of it. :3

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