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#123 Scyther / #212 Scizor

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New Member
I could use scyther, I'll trade any unova starter, anorith, kabuto, larvitar, solosis, gligar, or trapinch. I don't care about nature or IVs or any moves, I just need one to start my stock.

Graven's Black Friend Code: 4169-9740-9615


Looking for level one scyther holding a metal coat. Willing to trade legendaries. Unless you want something less.


Breader in training
Also looking for a scyther, doesn't matter as long as its lagit. PM me so we can work out a deal.


Last Ditch Switch-In
I'm looking for a flawless, UT scyther. Must be adamant with technician, bug bite, and super power. Must be legitimate. I can rng any 5th gen pokemon, shiny, in return (this includes previous gen pokemon that do not need tutor moves).


Pokemon Trainer
I need a scyther/scizor any really... got bulbasaur, charmander, cyndaquil, turtwig, snivy, and oshawott to offer plus any others normally obtainable in white version. pm with details :)

EDIT: now also offering squirtle, eevee, totodile, and tepig
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feelin' Nostalgic
anyone have a legit shiny male scyther with the technician ability with a good nature? [ jolly / adamant etc ]

be willing to trade alot for 1 of those


Looking for any Scyther. Prefer a lower level. No specific gender or anything. PM with with request please.


Not A Ginger
Looking for any Scyther, no specific nature/gender required. Able to trade Eevee, Zorua, any 5th gen starter, Cyndaquil and Totodile (with aqua jet).

Any takers, feel free to PM me. Can give pokevirus if needed.


Pokemon Trainer
Looking for a Scyther, see signature for details and PM me please :)


New Member
Looking for a male Scizor at any level Im willing to trade a starter that I have in my sig pm me if interested.


New Member
will be trading scythers with metal coats.
looking for anything in my shop.
pm me for offers if interested.


OT in Tha Hood
Looking for a scyther dont really care about natures or anything like that...just want a scyther...offering any pokemon from gen 5 that can be bred...ill even breed for certain moves as long as it isnt an outstanding request


New Member
looking 4 scyther pm/vm me asap, i can trade DWF pkmn.


New Member
Looking for any Scyther with a Metal Coat. PM me.


New Member
Got an untouched Scyther up for trade, PM me! :)
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