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#123 Scyther / #212 Scizor

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New Member
Hi, i am very desperate after a schyther so if you could trade me one of them with a metal coat on i could give you something like a serperior lvl 51 or maybe a zekrom lvl 51 ?


DW Collector
Hey i'm looking for an adamant scyther with decent ivs they dont have to be spectacular.

I can offer most legendaries (non event) and about 80% of the DW females that have been released.

Please DM me!!!


Well-Known Member
Looking for any Scyther.

Trading DW: F-Pichu, F&M Modest Nidoran, F-Bagon, F-Dratini, F-Eevee, F-Vulpix


Aqua Mentor
Looking for a shiny/non shiny adamant flawless scyther, have many flawless and shinies to offer Pm me if interested


Epic EV Trainer
I just want a scizor. I dont care about its level or anyting. i have a lot of pokemon to trade. most are from the kanto or johto but i do have some from the rest of the regions. please PM me if you are interested in trading.
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im offering 20 adamant technician scythers 5 of them with metal coats i can EV train if the offer is right. Im after subway items and shinys just pm or reply


Magus lover
Edit: Sorry guys she's gone I'll post again when I get more.
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Looking for adamant Superpower Scizor with a good attack IV. I can get you any DWf Pokemon with any ability and 1 good IV in return.

Forgot to mention I can give items as well.
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New Member
I've got a bit of a peculiar request... I have a Scizor that I desperately wish to teach a new move, I DO NOT intend on trading it permanently, I am merely looking for someone with a copy of B2 or W2 to bring my Scizor to the Move Tutor that will teach it BUG BITE (replacing X-Scissor). Foremost, this allows anyone who would like to lend a hand to register Scizor in their Dex. However, to sweeten the deal, I'm willing to throw in a Dratini with both its Dream World ability, Marvel Scale, and the Egg move, ExtremeSpeed. Understandably, as I'd like some sort of guarentee that I'll be getting my valuable Scizor back, I'm going to ask for some sort of collateral (odd for a guy asking for a favor, I know) nothing major - just a high level or Legendary Pokemon* that I know you'll want back, it'll remain untampered (unless you'd like it to be sent back with PokeRus, I could do that) safe n' sound. Unfortunately, I cannot offer any Red Shards to alleviate the cost of my request, but I'd be happy to attach a few Nuggets. HOPE YOU CAN HELP, thanks!

*I'm looking to add any of the 3 recently released Legendaries, that'd be boss :)


I have a few level 1 Sythers up for trade. Pm offers.


Abra Master
ive got kind of a weird ofeer if some one help me with this will get shyther with metal coat.
Its like this i have 4 shythers in my black game and i want to trasfer 2 to my white game i wod give the metal coat to one cause i only have one in each game and then trafer both to the person you helps me one wod evolve and you could keep than one and then that person yould trade to my white game.
If you think its confusing well its not so deal with it :p . PM who wants to help me.
Guys I am desperate for a Scyther it is the last thing on my list and Id give anything for it... I don't have much but I'll trade what I can. Obviously I'd kill for a flawless one but I'll take anything I can get thank you and just PM me.


New Member
I'd like a male Scyther with Roost. A Scizor works too. Pm me. I can offer a Dream World Ability Tangela, and some other things, I don't have a lot but i'll try to find something.


Team Synergist
Adamant Technician Scizor Lv.20
30-31hp, 25-29atk, 30-31Def, 15-24Spa, 0-4 Spd, 5-9spe.
2 Attack EV's Invested:
Currently knows: Pursuit, Bullet Punch, Agility, Focus Energy.
PM me if interested


Breeding Trainer
I'm looking for a Marill. I'm willing to breed adamant technition scythers in return. Metal coat included on request


Magus lover
I now have a jolly female dreamworld scyther...surely worth something? Dunno her iv's...check my tradethread don't answer here I'll not check back.


New Member
Looking for Adamant Technician Scyther (would be great if someone would be willing to trade twice so I can give it my metal coat).

Willing to trade subway items or master ball. Also have bred dratinis, deinos or litwicks of any nature.
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