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#129 Magikarp / #130 Gyarados

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event & shiny maniac
LF all daisuki club magikarps. Can give more than 600 events. Pm me plz to make a trade


Well-Known Member
Giving away DWF Magikarps while supplies last. I'm breeding for the egg medal (Magikarp has the least amount of steps required to hatch) atm, so I have 7 right now, more to come probably.

Also looking for junk trades for the Friend Code Medal.

VM me if you'd like a Magikarp or want to help out with a junk trade.


Old School Trainer
Looking for a shiny magikarp, any iv's, levels, gender etc etc.

Can offer other shinys, legendarys etc.

PM me




New Member
Have moxie gyrados, looking for HA espurr and HA froakie, pm me!

DX 2401PT

Offering: Magikarp, any nature, any gender, any Ability (DW included), shininess optional, IV 31 all.
Looking for: DWF Venipede/Whirlipede/Scolipede.
PM if interested.
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