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#132 Ditto

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#132 Ditto

kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
yay 1st post! anyway if I can get a foreign ditto from someone with a japanese game next week I would really appreciate. Sine I don't have black yet I am also willing to trade something from 4th gen


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I have one and a half box of legit JP Ditto, mostly with at least 1 perfect IV stat. The box is bound to grow sometimes, since I'm hunting for more. Won't going to ask for anything special for this (plus, I doubt anyone would want to trade if I even try saying what I really want), so just PM me with whatever you think you can offer. I'll have a look. I don't mind taking Gen 4 stuff for them as well.


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im looking for a ditto, doesnt matter what location its from or its level. I have got 3 badges so I cant get one myself. Please reply or message me. Need ditto so I can breed Oshawott, I can send Oshawott after I get one.


loves a puzzle
anyone have a ditto?

will trade for anything (except legendarys)

Black FC: 0389-8081-4375
White FC: 3009-7392-4895

Please PM if we can trade
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i am looking for a Japanish Ditto,

I hope somebody can help me. i realy don't have alot to offer just got my first badge


Pokemon Trainer
Looking for a Japanesse Ditto!
I offer any starter from the 5th gen
PM me if anyone is interested please


master trainer
looking for a ditto anything will do for bredding please pm friend code below


I'd like a Ditto, please. I'm at the 2nd gym so I'm not sure I have access to anything you want.

0733 4048 3988
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I'm looking for a Ditto too, can offer a Master Ball/Heart Scales or an Axew/Zoroark once I can breed it with the Ditto.


Team Aqua Admin
Offering UT Shiny BOLD natured Ditto, unsure of I.Vs. Fully legit, would like Shiny Rufflet/Oshawott or any other ut 5th gen shiny (Other then Blitzle)


<- Shiny Hunter
I'm looking for a Japanese Ditto, can almost breed everything just PM me and I'll see what I can do. :D
EDIT: I can breed almost everything on Diamond. If you want something from the 5th Gen, PM me and I'll see what I have for you. :D
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Howls of Loneliness
japanese ditto

everyone who is looking for japanese ditto talk to Ju-da-su
he has alot to trade


<- Shiny Hunter
everyone who is looking for japanese ditto talk to Ju-da-su
he has alot to trade
I did but he only ask me for a 5th Gen Shiny and nothing else :( So thanks for the tip but it didn't help :(


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Hey people i realy need a ditto to breed pokemon in white if someone could help me that would be great. thanks pm me


Spirit Trainer
I need a Ditto, Would like to breed my Male Oshowatt but it is not happening without ditto
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