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#132 Ditto

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Beginning Trainer
i am looking for a non-American ditto for masuda method. Want one with Imposter but doesn't have to have it.
I have almost any non legendary pokemon i can get for you


New Member
Hey forum, I am currently looking for a japanese ditto, I only just started getting into shiny hunting and breeding, I don't think I would have anything super to trade since I'm not that far into the game. I have black version.

Help a trainer out??? :3



Gazerock is Not DEAD
Looking for Legit Flawless Ditto with 5 or 6 IVs
I've got some flawless pokes ready for Trading, PM me please :)


I have a shiny foreign ( honestly, i dont know wha the language is) ditto up for trade! PM me because I am most likely not gonna look in this thread.
Looking for a perfect or near perfect IV'd Ditto. I have hidden ability females for trade including some rare fossil Pokemon and rarities like Chansey, Miltank, Kangaskhan, etc. and much more. Also can breed Deino with Dark Pulse or Earth Power.


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for a 6IV perfect Ditto, offering a Wishmaker Jirachi to anyone who is trading one(don't mind if it is RNG'd as long as it isnt hacked in). Please send me a PM if you are willing and we can set up a trade


New Member
I wanna trade my german 5*31 Dittos for foreign 5*31 Dittos
I exchange the following natures:
(- Att) Bold, Modest, Calm, Timid
(- SAtt) Adamant, Impish, Jolly
Please send me a PM :)


New Member
Looking for a Japanese or Canadain ditto

Will trade legendaries


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for someone to do 2 RNG requests for me, have HA modest bulba with great IVs as well as wishmaker Jirachi. Please PM me if you are an RNG'er and we can work out a deal :D
FT 6iv jap ditto's nature-timid
they are level 100 to make iv checking easier through summary in trade.
pm me if interested


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for a 31/30/30/31 Ditto, willing to trade a 6 IV one or a wishmaker jirachi for it. if you have one please send me a pm and we can make a trade :D


Aspiring Author
I'm looking for a ditto that has 31 IV in attack.

And if it has 31 IV's in more stats than just attack or has an outstanding potential, that would be even better.

I am willing to trade it for:
- a large range of legendary Pokemon
- a Blissey brought from Leaf Green that knows seismic toss
- most but not all starters from all the regions (except x/y, obviously)

Hopefully one of these things that I am offering is a fair trade.

Please PM me so we can discuss details.

Thank you in advance. =)


Well-Known Member
Looking for 6 IV non-Japanese Ditto. Also looking for random Dittos of various countries (for the United Tower).

Can offer Japanese Dittos.


Active Member
Looking for an Imposter Ditto with Max Health IV. Can trade flawless non-Imposter Ditto, flawless mild-natured Deino, or any starters Gen 1-5. PM me if you can help me out. The Ditto can't be hacked, but I'm perfectly fine with RNG'ed. This is Gen 5.

EDIT: Still looking- 3/1/2014.
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Active Member
(Still looking for the posted above)


New Member
Looking for a Japanese 6IV Ditto! Currently breeding for an Adamant, shiny, 5-6 IV Eevee that I will offer if someone responds, or my other offers are a shiny Rapidash (Jolly) and/or Cresselia (Calm). If you are looking for any other Eevee (Nature, eggmoves, etc), I'll breed&trade it as well!


New Member
I need a 5-6 IV, foreign Ditto(non english) for MM. PM me if you have one and we can work out what I can trade you for it.
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