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#132 Ditto

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Ditto negociation

I´m new here, and it's my first post! I have a lot of japanese Dittos. PM me if you want them. I'm looking for ORIGINAL shinies, a timid nature zapdos, some good pokemon and a good nature non-japanese ditto.

Trades are opened!
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Foreign ditto

I am looking for any Foreign Ditto. I will give any legendary i have, i have almsot all. Let me know what you want!


Trainer of the Cute
I'm looking for a flawless gen V ditto. You can reach me on AIM, YIM, or PM me. We can discuss details then.

Got it.
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Average Trainer
I have a couple of Japanese Dittos up for grabs, PM with offers.


New Member
I'm offering my English Dittos for any Naive Ditto

What I have up for trades are serious, timid (x2), careful, bashful, Naughty, Hasty, Gentle, Adamant, Dittos.

PM me! (This offer stays on until I edit out this post)

Also offering Japanese Dittos for legit legendaries/events/shinies (UT preferred).
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Trading Modest Ditto's for Adamant/Jolly/Timid ones


New Member
Ive got a Japanese Ditto up for grabs.

Looking for Legendaries or Shinies


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for a flawless Japanese Ditto. Flawless = 31 IV in every stat. I can trade you Tornadus, Victini, Reshiram or a shiny Wobbuffet for it.

PM me if you have one (easy to RNG if you have a Japanese copy).
Looking for 2 dittos with best stats possible, form a version other than american. I want it to have the nature that can breed with any nature poke. Best stats will be fine, I guess. I can offer a shiny machamp. PM if you are interested. If this offer doesnt please, I can see what I might have extras of
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Pokémon Trainer
I need a Japanese Ditto, It MUST have an adamant nature, and 31 in speed or attack would be a huge plus, I have pretty great resources, so I can get all most any breedable pokemon, just ask. I also have plenty of Bagons with great IVs (31 in speed and attack).
PM me with offers.

(P.S.)ALL of my pokemon are legit and an action replay has never, and will never foul the slot on my DS, and I expect the same from people I trade with. (Emerald cloning is ok by me though, but my Bagons aren't even cloned.)


Fire PkMn Trainer
Looking for Japanese ditto!

I can trade:
Shiny Groudon, caught it myself a long time ago in ruby through SRing. Untouched.
Shiny Kyogre, caught once again by me in sapphire, untouched.
Shiny Rayquaza, from ruby, level 100. EV trained in Sp.Atk and something else I don't remember.

EDIT: FOUND SOMEBODY! Thanks everyone. :)
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Back from the dead!
I have 1 japanese ditto. 1 extra that is.

I am looking for a 5th gen shiny or 2 so pm me :D

Anyone who trades a 5th gen shiny also gets an item bonus so don't be hasty^^


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Does anyone have a dw ditto?
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