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#132 Ditto

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hey im looking for a japanese ditto, it would be good if it had decent ivs but not a neccesity. i can trade ev items. pm me to work something out


Looking for an adamant ditto.
Also offering a japanese timid ditto
Vm me
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I just transferred another 4 japanese dittos to white version. pm me good offers only.


Crazy Pokémon Lady
Looking for a truly Flawless Ditto -- trading practically anything you want for it, if I don't have it, I'll find it.

Also looking for Dittos of any quality possessing Natures I don't have. Foreign is a bonus. I need anything but Adamant, Hardy, and Naive.

I'll also trade for a Ditto if it has at least one Flawless stat. If you're not sure if your ditto has a flawless stat, go to Nimbasa City, talk to the first NPC in the Battle Subway (Gear Station). He'll tell you what he thinks of it, and pick a stat, or stats, as a reply.. if it says "it couldn't be better", that's a 31 in that stat, far as I know.

I have many egg move pokemon to trade, as well as events and legendaries (so you don't have to go back and play R/S/E, LF/FR, D/P, P/SS/HG, etc) so just let me know. I'm willing to breed custom Pokemon for you, I still have full access to Gen IV.


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Looking for a shiny japonese ditto. i have to offer all pokemon from kanto-johto in base form not legendaries not shinys. and antohers from unova hoem and sinoh and dw females. just pm if u have what i looking for.


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I need a foreign ditto. Im in the U.S. so German, Australian, Japanese, whatever. Thank you for your consideration.
I'm looking for a foreign ditto (anything not from the US), I don't have too much to give in return since I started a whole new playthrough, but PM if you're feeling charitable.



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I also need a japanese ditto, I have many female mudkips, if thats of any interest PM! :D

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Goldenrod City
i have japanese flawless ditto. vm me if your interested. i am willing to give them away but a pokedex filler would be nice


Looking for foreign dittos


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Looking for a ditto from a different region, I'm from UK
I can get a ditto to trade back for it if you want or PM for what you want


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Have LvL. 10 Ditto up for trade looking for offers.


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Looking for Modest and adamant natured Dittos. Offering Evolutionary stones and choice items.


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Just caught a Adamant Ditto, PM or VM me offers


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Looking for ditto.. any level/nature will do
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