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#132 Ditto

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looking for a good IVs any nature ditto.
PM me with what you need.


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Looking for any ditto, PM me for chats


shiny hunter
hi,need a foreign ditto ,preferably japanese,if you have one please Pm me and we can come to a deal

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Goldenrod City
flawless modest Jap ditto giveaway PM or VM me


the prince of stars
Offering Adamant Simipour or evo stones

I'm looking for foreignor normal Ditto plz.


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I have a few jpn ditto. Pm me offers.

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I have an almost perfect IV'd Ditto on an Australian version of White.

HP : 31
Attack : 31
Defense : 31
Special Attack : 22
Special Defence : 31
Speed : 31
Nature : Brave

I'm NOT trading this for anything other than an equivalent Japanese Ditto or better IV'd Japanese Ditto. I'm using it for personal breeding, hence why I'm only trading it with the details above


One day...
Looking for ANY ditto. I dont have much to offer can someone just give me one out of sincerity? :)

PM me
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I have 3 or 4 extra dittos, looking for DW pokemon (female only) and shinies. PM me! :)


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Looking for foreign Ditto, pm, prefer japanese or korean.
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