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#132 Ditto

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almost completed Dex
looking for jap ditto


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Looking for a jap ditto or a ditto that isnt english, I dont really have much to offer =< but pm and i will se what i can do ^^ I have white
Looking for any Ditto.
Really, any at all.
Yes, really. Don't care about IV's or level or whatever, just ANY Ditto.


The Rex is King
Looking for a flawless ditto, who I can use for massive breeding hehe. If anyone will help me out, I'd appreciate it. I can offer (none are rng'ed or something, since I can't do that):

Sassy Raikou, untrained. Level 40,
Adamant Kyurem, untrained, level 75,
Gentle Tornadus, untrained, level 40,
Relaxed Zekrom, partially trained by predecessor, level 58,
Almost all starters,
Sassy Metagross, partially trained by predecessor, level 55,
Quirky Regice, ev-trained in speed and special attack, level 78.

I have some other stuff aswell, pm me if you want to help me out. Thanks in advance.


Breeding Eggs
I have 2 dittos one with 31 ivs in speed and other with 31 ivs on defense, looking for 2 dittos one with 31 ivs in hp and other with 31 ivs on sp attack
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Looking for a flawless Ditto, RNG'd is ok PM with what your looking for


Breeding Rookie
hey hey looking for A jolly and calm natured ditto :) i can offer any normal pokemon of Gen V :) pm me if you are willing to do it :)


Looking for a Flawless ditto please, if its non-english, even better! but not required!
pm or vm me with wants. I have many events/shinys ect i can trade.


Stones of Baked Clay
lf jap ditto i dont have an impressive collection as of yet but i do have an event mewtwo and will be raping my starter to get one with nice stats
mewtwo only if you can clone(although i dont see why youd want it when you can get one through mysterygift till next month)
pm me interested

Please note that this thread was not made for chatting you should only offer a legit pokemon or request a pokemon.

I'm looking forAdamant HP Fire or Ice Ditto Visit my shop.
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Looking for Flawless ditto and a foreign one will be best. I will do my best to satisfy your trading needs. Thanks.


Looking for a flawless ditto C: trading mutiple events and shinies C: all lwegit for a flawless ditto C:pM ME :D


Looking for a flawless ditto. offering a legit shaymin plus anything in my siggy


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I am just looking for a ditto nothing special.. i have a tepig and a few random pokemon i could offer pm if your at all interested have a nice day


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I`m looking for a foregin ditto, can offer ledgendary or other with awesome moves;)
PM if intrested


PSN: blakk21
I have a nearly Flawless 31/30/31/31/31/31 Japanese TIMID Ditto. PM/VM if you have a good event or shiny for one. Im sure i can make a trade then. (Currently 5 left)
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