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#132 Ditto

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Looking for a Calm or Relaxed Ditto. Nothing else special about them, I just need those two natures for breeding purposes. I have DWF and DWM pokemon up for trade and can also trade a couple other pokemon. PM me to set something up


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I need a japanese ditto or any other foreign ditto, I can trade any starter you would like or any other reasonable request.


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I just need a regular ditto.


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EDIT #2: Nevermind. Got one now.
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Edit: Nevermind
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Magus lover
I have 2 dittos someone gave me. Since I can catch them anytime, they're free to whoever wants em. One is timid the other is lonely. Both are English I'm afraid.


I have a JAP ditto. Looking for a shiny shinx or shiny treecko in return for it.


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DESPERATE for anykind of ditto at any level. Don't have a great deal to offer atall i'm afraid.
Message me if you feel generous :D


Live out Loud
I have a Lv. 74 JAPANESE Ditto. Pm me any offers. :)


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I am looking for three different Dittos, each one has to have a different perfect IV; I'm looking for one with 31 HP IV, 31 SP.A IV, and 31 SPD IV. I can trade a 31 attack IV Ditto straight up for any of the ones I want. I have bred a lot of Axews, Solosis, Drilburs, Timburs with Mach Punch and Drain Punch, and some Beldums. I am not sure of their IVS as I have not checked.


i got a keldeo :3
i have a japanese ditto im willing to part with
looking for any of these
adamant UT regigigas
Adamant UT Groudon
any deoxys
the pokemon conquest shiny rayquaza japanese event
modest natured latios


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I am looking for a foreign (non U.S.) Ditto, I will gladly find/breed any Pokemon you want with the exception of shinys. I have the worst luck when it comes to finding/breeding shiny and I've been playing since the 90s.


i got a keldeo :3
still offering my foreign ditto
looking for
adamant groudon
adamant regigigas
modest latios
any deoxys
shiny rayquaza event
all must be UT
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