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#132 Ditto

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I'm looking for a Ditto with 31 IV in Speed. Nature and the rest of the IV's are not important.

I have a number of 31 HP or 31 Sp. Atk IV Dittos I can exchange, or DWF I can breed (PM to enquire).


Breeder/EV Trainer
I'm looking for an Imposter ditto, preferably with 31 IVs in HP...I have Shiny pokemon and can RNG Flawless Shiny Pokemon...so I'm sure we can come to an agreement :) Please PM with offers.


New Member
anyone have a japanese Ditto ? i want to breed some pokemon and the japanese will help with me trying to get a shiny .. please and thank you, message me if possible so i can get it faster i have platinum, black and fire red right now.


who wants to sing
I'm looking for a Japanese Ditto to work with my Shiny Charm, as apparently I'll have better luck with the Method than running around in the grass like a fool.

I have a Shiny Pikachu at the moment that I've been rather incapable of getting rid of, but I'm sure that with all my stuff I can work out something else. PM me for an offer, and we might be able to work out a deal.

None of my legendaries and events are up for offer, just by the way.


Just Monika
have a japanese adamant ditto

willing to trade for
10th anniv groudon/kyogre
kyushu groudon/kyogre
movie meloetta
nobunaga's rayquaza

any other events/shinies


New Member
Just looking for a ditto with relatively good IV's for breeding purposes. If anyone has one that possibly meets that criteria and would like to trade please PM. I have several DWF's that I can breed and trade if that is of any interest to anyone. Also if there is a particular Pokemon you're looking for I may or may not have it.


New Member
Looking for a ditto. nothing special. Nice IV's would be ideal. Just started up White 2 not too long ago. Hopefully we can work something out! D:


French ditto for trade looking for all starters gens I - IV


TM Collector
Looking for a flawless Ditto of any nature, and an Impostor Ditto. I really don't have any idea of how much they're worth, so please let me know what you would want in return.


Just Monika
have a japanese adamant ditto
a french ditto
and an imposter ditto

looking for


Aquatic apprentice
looking for dw ditto pm me for trade
offering items, pokerus, and dwfs in my sig


New Member
Hi! I'm looking for a Ditto with Flawless IV's for breeding purposes.

PM me for offers please!

Black 2 FC: 2752-9175-8626


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Looking for perfect IV dittos. Offering the DWFs in my sig, shards of your choice, or other pokemon if necessary. PM to discuss.

EDIT: Only looking for perfect Special Attack Ditto now. I have a perfect Special Defense Ditto I would happily trade, as well as DWFs, shards, or whatever. PM to discuss, as usual.
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