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#133-471 Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon/ Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon

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#133 Eevee#134 Vaporeon#135 Jolteon#136 Flareon
#196 Espeon#197 Umbreon#470 Leafeon#471 Glaceon


Looking for any of the DW Eeveelutions.


All US 10 ANIV Pokemon UT
Mystery Mew UT
Rocks Metang UT
Alamos Darkrai UT (Uncloned)
TRU Shaymin UT (Uncloned)
TRU Regigigas UT (Uncloned)
Gamestp Deoxys UT (Uncloned)
Pokemon Box Skitty UT (Nicknameable)
Pokemon Box Swablu UT (Nicknameable)
Pokemon Box Zigzagoon UT (Nicknameable. Adamant. Will evolve to have Glotony)
Any 4th gen breedable shiny through RNG (With egg moves if wanted)
English Ditto
DW Chimchar


Spring is Coming!
Looking for an Eevee or Espeon that has very good IV's in HP, Atk, and Speed. Doesn't matter what the nature is or anything else.


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for DW Eeveelutions UT, legit or clone of legit, with acceptable nature and IVs combined.

Am willing to offer:

Legit DW Bulbasaur UT: RNG'd Timid/Modest/Bold (31/30/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70) or Non-RNG'd Naive (x/30/13/29/29/29)

Modest ALAMOS Darkrai
Naive Gamestop Deoxy
Gamestop Jirachi
TRU Shaymin
Fru2010 Shiny Pichu
Modest Liberty Ticket Victini
All JP crown beasts, fresh (meaning, doesn't use them for the event yet)
Iris's Naive Kibago
Ash's Adamant Scraggy
Pokesma! Cubchoo
Pokesma! Bark Out Zoroark
Rash DW Arceus
TRU Regigigas
WIN2011 Beasts, fresh (with one RNG'd near flawless (31/31/31/x/31/31) WIN2011 Entei)

Non-RNG'd UT shiny 5th Gen pokemons: Calm Snivy (with Glare), Modest Sewaddle, Hasty Blitzle, Adamant Cubchoo, Jolly Maractus, Serious Audino, Serious Woobat, Careful Rufflet, Relaxed Cottonee, Modest Shelmet, Modest Deino, Lax Trubbish, Naughty Ducklett, Hardy Zorua, Brave Venipede, Docile Karrablast, Impish Sandile, Jolly Yamask, Sassy Terrakion

Non-RNG'd UT shiny past gen pokemons:
Serious Lapras (x/14/15/30/30/31) - Nicknamable

RNG'd flawless English past gen shinies UT with EM:
Timid Bulbasaur (Light Screen, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Power Whip)
Modest Squirtle (Aqua Jet, Flail, Aqua Ring, Yawn)
Adamant Growlithe (Roar, Crunch, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun)
Calm Mr.Mime (Confusion, Light Screen, Reflect, Substitute)
Adamant Scyther (Vaccuum Wave, Quick Attack, Leer, U-Turn)
Calm Eevee (Tackle, Helping Hand, Wish, Yawn)
Adamant Dratini (Leer, Extremespeed, Dragon Dance, Thunderwave)
Bold Chikorita (Tackle, Growl, Reflect)
Timid Pichu (Thundershock, Charm)
Jolly Gligar (Poison Sting, Double Edge, Baton Pass)
Jolly Sneasel (Taunt, Fake Out, Ice Punch, False Swipe)
Hasty Houndour (Leer, Ember, Pursuit, Beat Up)
Careful Larvitar (Bite, Leer, Curse)
Adamant Larvitar (Leer, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Sandstorm)
Jolly Torchic (Night Slash, Agility, Rock Slide, Crush Claw)
Careful Mudkip (Tackle, Growl, Yawn)
Adamant Turtwig (Tackle, Body Slam)
Naive Chimchar (Leer, Fake Out, Blaze Kick, Taunt)
Jolly Gible (Tackle, Outrage)

RNG'd flawless English past gen shinies UT: Adamant Beldum, Timid Charmander, Jolly Pidgey, Adamant Ekans, Jolly Ponyta, Mild Gastly, Adamant Onix, Relaxed Staryu, Timid Eevee, Timid Polygon, Careful/Impish Snorlax, Timid Cyndaquil, Adamant Totodile, Modest Yanma, Impish Shuckle, Jolly Smeargle, Timid Treeko, Modest Wurmple, Adamant/Timid Ralts, Bold Baltoy, Modest Piplup, Adamant Cranidos, Modest Burmy, Timid Drifloon, Jolly Glameow, Adamant Riolu, Timid Rotom

RNG'd near flawless English UT past gen shinies:
Relaxed Tangela (31/31/31/31/31/30 HP Ice 70; Move: Ingrain, Constrict, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed)

RNG'd shiny legendaries UT:
Adamant SS Groundon (31/30/30/x/29/29)
Naive SS Rayquaza (26/31/31/31/25/30)
Timid HG Articuno (flawless)
Timid HG Zapdos (flawless)
Timid HG Moltres (flawless)
Timid HG Mewtwo (flawless)
Timid HG Suicune (flawless)
Timid HG Lugia (flawless)

Non-RNG'd IV'd EM'd 5th Gen pokemon UT (All Nicknamable):
Timid Dark Pulse, Extrasensory Male Zorua (28/x/30/31/31/28)
Calm Glare Male Snivy (31/18/30/31/18/31)
Relaxed Morning Sun Female Larvesta (25/x/31/30/19/31)
Rash Ice Shard Female Vanillite (30/31/12/30/28/26)

Non-RNG'd IV'd 5th Gen pokemon UT (All Nicknamable):
Calm Female Oshawott (31/x/31/31/17/31)
Adamant Male Tepig (29/31/31/14/31/31 or 27/31/31/31/31/19)
Adamant Female Tepig (29/31/14/31/31/23)
Modest Chlorophyll Petilil (31/x/14/31/31/30)
Gentle Own Tempo Petilil (30/31/30/25/31/31)

Non-RNG'd IV'd DW female pokemon UT (All Nicknamable):
Timid Heat Wave Drought Vulpix (26/28/29/31/26/28)
Modest Harvest Exeggcute (x/26/31/31/x/31)
Quiet Female Hydration Lapras (14/x/31/31/31/31)
Bold Marvel Scale Dratini (19/31/30/10/31/31)

All version exclusive
Any IV'd DW pokemons in my sig
All starters (Gen 1-5)
Dark Pulse or Earth Power Deino

PM/VM me if you have it.
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New Member
I have around 30 eevee's all newly hatched. UT, HP on all is 12, Some are Adamant nature, some have near perfect stats: All 6's out of all 7's & some are female. There is NO combination of the 3. I have some Male eevee that are adamant nature. Other male eevee that have all 6's in there stats. And the rest are female with different nature's & stats. However, ALL eevee have 12 HP & and ALL are lv. 1.


New Member
I am in dire NEED of an Eevee, any lv, gender, nature ANY Eevee will do. But I'm afraid I just got my third badge so the best I can offer are either UT Panpour, Pansage, Pansear and Sawk...

If there is anyone who is willing to help out a trainer with only Pokemon Black version who cannot get an Eevee, please PM with trade information.

Thank you.


If someone can give me a Ditto, I'll return the favor with 3 Eevees. But It would take however long it will take to have and hatch the egg since I only have one Eevee to work with.


New Member
I'm looking for an unnmaed shiny eevee lv. 90-99 & can offer shiny eevee lv. 1 or lv. 100. Plus many other pokemon & items.


Drama Llama. ღ
I am looking for a female Eevee or any of her evolved forms. Not evolved is prefered. I can offer Zoruas for it.

Female Eevee = Breedable pair (male and female zorua)
Evolved form = 1 female or 2 unhatched Zorua eggs


New Member
I really really want a female unnamed Eevee. I don't care what level it is. I can offer any Pokemon in black before the 4th gym. I already have a Sandile and Darumaka ready to trade. I only have Pokemon black so it needs to come from B/W.
Please message me if you're willing to trade
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New Member
Looking for an Umbreon of any Level and gender --

Willing to trade a level 27 Sawk with PKRS (legitimately caught), Shiny Purrloin (level 5), and Absol (level 50) from my Black version. PM if interested?


New Member
Looking for an Glaceon or Eevee, level doesnt matter, will trade a Zorua for it.
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Advanced tier
hello, i'm starting to breed eevees im my pokemon white, so if you want one and have something to offer (i would like pokemon fron 1-4 gen as bagon, trapinch, elekid, magby etc.. in order to complete my national dex) PM/VM with your offer.


dragon temer
i can breed eevee’s with wish i am mostly looking for pokemon with egg moves but will consider other lvl 1 pokemon pm or vm me with offer


Prof. Pokerus
Today is your lucky day:

If my wish comes true, yours may too,

I seek a Eeveelution, from the World of Dreams,
Legit/Cloned, I do not care the means.

I desire a female one with DW ability in hand,
But if they don't exist, than one of these for me could you land,

A Magic Mirror Espeon, who is Timid in the heart,
Or possibly Hydration Vaporeon, Bold would be a start,
An Adamant Leafeon with Chlorophyl would also be a work of art.

And if you comply and fulfill one of my desires,
A special egg my Pokemon for you will sire,

It will be hatched shiny, any hatchable Pokemon of your choice,
We'll trade an we will both succeed, our hearts will rejoice.
For the Pokemon also comes with Pokerus,
An EV training must.
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