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#133-471 Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon/ Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon

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Star Trainer
looking for eevee. any kind. fc for pkmn white in signature.


Event Collector
Looking for any french, german, italian, japanese korean and spanish dw eeveelutions and english dw vaporeon(from befriend an eeveelution event and not bred) with proof of legitimacy. Proof of legitimacy means :- Picture of PGL , Befreidning board , picture of serial code , and picture of already claimed DW friend board.
I have the following dw events with proof.
59472 DW Mamoswine Adamant 1-30-2012 ot Kevin
59472 DW Banette Quiet 1-31-2012 ot Kevin
59472 DW Arceus Adamant 2-1-2012 ot Kevin
63456 Ariel Banette - Brave Nature - Proud of its Power - Oct 28, 2011 German
47540 Ariel Lucario - Docile Nature - Somewhat Vain - Mar 3, 2012 German
47540 Ariel Mamoswine - Naive Nature - Likes to Run - Oct 28, 2011 German
47657 Altaria [Spook] Calm [19-December-2011] Somewhat stubborn Proof Available
56007 Altaria [Pedro] Relaxed [21-December-2011] Hates to lose Proof Available Good Offers Only
52811 Korean Dw Lucario Jolly 5-6-2012 ot 앤드류안 Likes To Thrash About proof available
58835 Dw Altaria Adamant 11-20-2011 ot カイル Capable of taking hits HP 108 flawless good offers proof available
58835 DreamWorld Charmader Naive 10-13-2010 ot カイル Sturdy body Proof available
58835 Dreamworld Mudkip Brave 12-1-2010 ot カイル Highly persistent Proof available
57668 Dream World Espeon Sassy 7-17-2011 ot ASH Quick To Flee Proof Available
50865 Dream World Flareon Mild 11-29-2011 ot Shannon Strong willed proof available
15086 Dream World Glaceon Modest 5-31-2011 ot 2Fast Quick to flee proof available
62344 Dream World Jolteon Naughty 5-21-2011 ot Gary Sturdy body proof available
09295 Dream World Leafeon Lonely 5-23-2011 ot Lep Scatters things often proof available
28309 Dream World Umbreon Quiet 5-19-2011 ot Marius Somewhat stubborn proof available
23893 Japan Blissey - Calm Nature - Good Perseverance - Dec 11, 2011 proof available
55067 Dream World Mudkip Brave 11-24-2010 ot くろう Alert to sounds HP 30 for other(proof available)
15441 レクイエム Famitsu Lucario Jolly 11-23-2011 Good Endurance HP 35 Proof available
25426 Korean Dw Blissey 3-16-2012 ot Sabr Gentle Thoroughly cunning Hp 71 proof available
20323 Dw Chimchar 11-20-2010 ot Dom Adamant Often lost in thought HP 30 proof upon request
25426 DW Sabr Banette(Korea) - Adamant Nature - Somewhat Stubborn - Oct 22, 2011 proof available
26562 Croagunk [FRA - Gaetan] Relaxed [Nov 10, 2011] Strong Willed (Proof upon request)
52235 Dw Torchic 5-8-2011 ot TURLS Jolly Often dozes off HP 31 proof upon request
Korean Dw Squirtle 5-15-2011 ot 미카엘 Naughty Sturdy bdy HP 29 Good offers only or other starters with proof(proof upon request)
21011 Dw Bulbasaur 4-22-2011 ot テイルズ Capable of taking hits HP 31 Good offers only or other starters with proof(proof upon request)
21077 Dw Treecko 3-8-2011 ot テイルズ Adamant Thoroughly cunning HP 28 Good offers only or other starters with proof(proof upon request)
18580 Korean Dw Leafeon 12-22-2011 ot 이영기 Timid Likes to thrash about HP 34 Good offers only proof upon request
39326 French Dream World Arceus 3-4-2012 ot Ronnie Naive Proof upon request
3932 French Dream World Lucario 3-4-2012 ot Ronnie Naughty Proof upon request
12453 German Dream World Arceus 3-4-2012 ot Otto Lonely Proof upon request
12453 German Dream World Lucario 3-4-2012 ot Otto Hardy Proof upon request
49426 Italian Dream World Arceus 3-4-2012 ot Alfredo Impish Proof upon request
49426 Italian Dream World Lucario 3-4-2012 ot Alfredo Naughty Proof upon request
07186 Spanish Dream World Arceus 2-2-2012 ot Lenneth Bold proof upon request
59472 Dw Lucario 2-6-2012 ot Kevin Lonely(my lucario)proof upon request
55250 Dream World Lucario ot RANDY Adamant Flawless proof upon request
49426 Italian dream world Mamoswine 10-26-2011 ot Alfredo rash proof upon request
49426 Italian dream world Banette 10-26-2011 ot Alfredo naive proof upon request
12453 German dream world Mamoswine(Mamutel) ot Otto 11-1-2011 careful often scatters things proof upon request
12453 German dream world Banette ot Otto 11-2-2011 jolly likes to run proof upon request
12453 german dream world Croagunk(Glibunkel) 11-18-2011 ot otto Careful proof upon request
33146 Spanish Dream World Mamoswine ot Juan 12-7-2011 Jolly proof upon request
33146 Spanish Dream World Togekiss ot Juan 12-7-2011 Calm proof upon request
33146 Spanish Dream World Croagunk ot Juan 12-8-2011 Adamant proof upon request
33146 Spanish Dream World Banette ot Juan 12-8-2011 Brave proof upon request
34122 Korean Dw Rayquaza Quirky 9-4-2011 ot 로니 poof upon request
34122 Korean Dw Togekiss Bold 9-5-2011 ot 로니 proof upon request
33675 korean dw rayquaza adamant proof upon request
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I have tons of Eevees with good Ivs.I'm looking for a Roserade,or a Suicune.Please PM me if you would like to trade.


dragon tamer
i got a whole set of eevees i just plan to give them away you can try asking if i have certain natures but i can't promise that i breeded one with that nature yet


Well-Known Member
im looking for a UT shiny eevee. i dont mind the nature. i can trade in soulsilver and in black.
im offering:
from soulsilver:
shiny gallade lvl 30 or lvl 100
shiny typhlosion lvl 41
legendary birds
shiny pichu lvl 70

in Black:
shiny milotic lvl 100
shiny magmotar lvl 14
shiny ponyta (i think around lvl 30-40)
WIN2011 celebi lvl 51
gamestop shiny suicune lvl 46
totodiles with the egg moves dragon dance and aqua jet, or dragon claw and dragon dance.
latias lvl 40 latios lvl 39
2012MAY darkrai lvl 58
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Pokemon Trainer
Have Eevee for trade, see signature for details and PM me please :) also accept Waterstone/Leafstone/Firestone/Thunderstone/MetalCoat/Kingsrock/Moonstone


THANKS, Hermione.

I can breed Eevee with:
  • Charm
  • Detect
  • Endure
  • Fake Tears
  • Flail
  • Natural Gift
  • Stored Power
  • Synchronize
  • Tickle
  • Yawn


New Member
looking 4 eevee DW female, i hav DW lapras, growlithe, dratini, vulpix. all females, just pm/vm me.


New Member
Looking for an eevee I'm offering a zorua


Steel Trainer
flawless shiny dw eevee up for trade pm me if your interested


mpk r crazy
looking for UT DW timid eevee
can offer evolution stones, breed able pokes, and any item( items in high demand may take a day or two to get depending on my stock)
more offers in my shop


Danger Zone
Got 3 UT Female Eevee w/ Hidden Ability Anticipation. Two have egg move Fake Tears (Calm, Rash) and other has egg move Curse (Naughty). Looking for BrightPowder or PP Items.


Reputable Trader
Offering DW eevee of virtually any nature just looking for ANY LEGIT shiny spinda
Female DW Eevee needed (proof of legitness needed), offering one Female DW Pokemon!

I'm currently looking for a UT Legit Dream World Female Eevee, Nature doesn't matter just as long as it's a Female with Anticipation.

Before thinking about Trading with me, I need proof that the Eevee you are offering is Legit, like a picture of the Eevee being found in the DW, being on your friend board etc. It's not that I don't trust People online, it's just that I don't trust online in general, so don't take it as an offence that I need proof first. I have proof that all of my DW Pokemon in my list are Legit so please show me proof first, thank you for understanding.

If you are interested, PM me on here with pictures saying you want to trade with proof that the Eevee you are offering is Legit.

I am offering one of the following Female DW Pokemon:

Drought Vulpix
Swift Swim Poliwag
Prankster Sableye
Magic Bounce Natu
Sheer Force Bagon
Hydration Lapras
Adapatability Corphish
Reckless Staravia
Prankster Murkrow
Prankster Illumise
Hustle Nidoran (F)
Immunity Gligar
Telepathy Ralts
Magic Guard Abra
Sheer Force Makuhita
Regenerator Slowpoke
Regenerator Tangela
Speed Boost Carvanha
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New Member
Offering multiple Eevee, various natures. PM with offers, would like any DW or foreign language (non- English) version Pokemon


New Member
Looking for dream world Anticipation eevees. I have a lot of legendarys willing to trade and I almost have a full pokedex so I have the majority! Just pm me!
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