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#133-471 Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon/ Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon

Discussion in 'Kanto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. orochi

    orochi Well-Known Member

    searching for a leafeon thats adamant, jolly or impish that already knows leaf blade
    i also have a spare shiny eevee for any pokemon in my sig
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2012
  2. alomagicat

    alomagicat Active Member

    I have 4 UT Egg Hatched Eevee's PM offers for them they all know Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand, With the same ability of Adaptability.
  3. markahlpatton13

    markahlpatton13 New Member

    looking for shiny eevee or
    any shiny pokemon
    look in my sig 4 anyting u want
  4. thepomster

    thepomster Well-Known Member

    Looking for a UT Timid Espeon with Magic bounce, can offer anything from my sig as well as lots of others pm me with what your looking for
  5. BlvckChrxs

    BlvckChrxs OT in Tha Hood

    Would absolutely love a shiny umbreon...don't care about natures but I'd love it to be lvl 1 but if not Idc....I have a lot of legendaries to offer pm asap!
  6. Squeegie

    Squeegie Hey now!

    Last edited: Jul 1, 2012
  7. Trufflesbaby

    Trufflesbaby Active Member

    Offering female dream world eevees.

    Looking for female dream world Illumise, tentacool, smeargle, and slowpoke.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2012
  8. Smity

    Smity Member

    Hi i am looking for an UT female shiny bold nature Eevee with the move wish. I dont have much offer except a event victini
  9. SBDevil

    SBDevil New Member

    have a female Espeon with egg move shadow ball, really want an abra, but pm me with any and all offers
  10. Zanny

    Zanny Cosplayer

    I have a bunch of regular Eevees both male and female. Can have Pokerus.
  11. kazami

    kazami Dragon Trainer

    Looking for a female dw eevee with timid nature
    In exchange I can offer you another female dw pokemon, PM me your wants and if I have them we'll trade
  12. mogan3

    mogan3 Wanna trade

    looking for the evee and evee evolutions shiny
  13. ChrishMC

    ChrishMC Member

    I have lots of DWF Eevee that I'm offering. PM me with offers :)
  14. PokemonFarmer

    PokemonFarmer ThePokemonFarmer


    I am now offering my Pokemon breeding services for those trainers who are looking for a specialized Eevee or its evolutions. If you are looking for just "any old Eevee" or illegitimate Pokemon then please look elsewhere as I'm not your guy. I specialize in helping trainers obtain the Pokemon they want and am always looking for a breeding challenge.

    As a special bonus to my customers, I will properly EV train and evolve your specialized Eevee to your heart's content. You may place your order with me today by sending me a PM. Please allow 12-24 hours for a response.


    I will accept nearly any trade offer for my services, no matter how difficult the request is to complete, but it would be nice to receive a truly worthwhile offer from time to time.

    DO NOT OFFER HACKS! The Pokemon I receive from trades will either be released, used for other trades, or added to my personal collection or team. If it is discovered that a trainer has provided me with a hacked Pokemon then I will no longer be able to do business with said trainer.
  15. Explodingcows

    Explodingcows Beginning Breeder

    Looking for an Espeon, its my fav pokemon so I really want it. I don't have mutch, but i can breed a Snivy, Squirtle, Charmander, and a Torchic if anyone interested PLZ PM. unite this man with an espeon!
  16. Starmie

    Starmie Well-Known Member

    Hi, I'm offering to trade a female dream world Eevee for a dream world Poliwag.

    Please Private Message me and we can make a trade.

  17. ilovelatias

    ilovelatias Danisnotonfire<3

    I'm looking for a shiny eevee, don't have much to offer but pm me.
  18. crazywiller1

    crazywiller1 Member

    Looking for an Espeon with the ability Magic Bounce, or a female DW Eevee...have a few decent offers to make, PM me for more info.
  19. Shaymin123

    Shaymin123 New Member

    I am Looking For A Legit or cloned Dream World Eevee Evolution, any as long as it is female, OR a female Eevee with its hidden Ability.

    I Can offer any of the starter Pokemon all legit
    Game Stop Jirachi legit un touched
    WishMaker Jirachi legit un touched
    Game Stop Pichu legit un touched
    TRU Arceus legit un touched
    If you have a specific request Just PM and Maybe we can work something out :) Thank you :D
  20. Summer of the Vulpix

    Summer of the Vulpix Go with the Flow

    Can breed eevees, pm me if interested.
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