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#133-471 Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon/ Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon

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Looking for a DWF Eevee. PM me! Thanks!


Link Jokers!
Looking for any Shiny Eevee, preferably Female. I'm looking for one for my girlfriend as a present, lol, so any help would be nice. I can't offer a whole lot, but I have a couple Shinys, including a Zebstrika and a Gyarados. Pm me for offers, please. Thanks!
HEYA! Got about 3 boxes of eevee to clear out after doing the masuda method, got plenty of female eevee, offer anything and everything being my pokedex is pretty much almost empty 8D

So pm me

....ooohh and ive got pokemon white! 8D


Shiny Hunter
I have 2 male newly hatched eevees, PM me!


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have a s/f ut timid eevee with wish offer away :) ps it is cloned


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I'm looking for a legit shiny Eevee, I almost have all of the shiny eeveelutions but i'm missing one. PM me if you have one for trade and i'll tell you everything I have for trade :)
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I'm looking for an uncloned eevee. I don't care about gender or anything, I just want to try to get my hands on one for my bf and I have no way of getting it in Pokemon Black. I'm on the 7th gym so maybe I'll have something that you're looking for/lots of nuggets and elemental stones! :)
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how many female eevees do u have for trade?


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yay i found a female eevee and i just evolved her into Sylveon. her name is Sylvie ^_^


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I'm looking for a DWF Eevee. I'll offer a shiny Seel in exchange for her. PM me if you would like to trade.
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master in training
just started pokemon white anyone got an extra evee they dont need?


Series slave
I need a HA female eevee with any stats/nature, or a male HA Eevee at least 3V (out of HP, def, spatk or spdef) with good stats/nature for an Umbreon. (not hard, +def, +spdef nature, -atk -spd)

I can offer legendaries from gens 3-5. I have way too many of these games, so I have dupes. :p I don't really have much else to offer Gen V-wise.

If you're wondering, I want to get an Inner Focus Umbreon with Foul Play all set up for when Pokebank is usable. I doubt the little guy will get access to that move until Z, or the Gen III remakes, or whatever...


Vaporeon Breeder
I have 4 and 5 IV, level 1 eevees with Wish Up for trade. Right now they are all random natures.

Looking for rare Vivillon colours.

Note me if interested~

The 5 IV eevees have dragon as Hidden power.
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Looking for a simple level 1 female eevee for my White 1, doesn't need to have any special attributes or other stuff. If you happen to have one for me, please DM me :)


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Looking for a Dream World Female Eevee PM me please!
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