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#133-471 Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon/ Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon

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Shiny Hunter
I have HA Eevees with the egg moves wish and yawn. They are NNable and I can give them pokerus if you want. I'm looking for older gen legendaries, specially Latias.
Don't care about natures and etc, Just legit and uncloned.


Steel Trainer
Alright I'm looking for a modest natured near flawless eevee with hidden ability and hidden power fire. Specifically 31/30/31/30/31/30. I have many shiny flawless, events, and few flawless events to offer.


New Member
Hey everyone,
So basically I've been a total and utter tool and traded my HA Eevee to pokemon x without teaching it hyper voice. Naturally I was a little miffed! To the point, would anybody be kind enough to trade me a HA female eevee to my copy of White 2? I don't have much left on that cartridge to offer since I poke transferred nearly everything yesterday, but I can offer plenty of rare items or HA pokes from my copy of Pokemon X. Some examples:
- Charizardite Y
- Blazikenite
- HA Dratini
- HA Bagon
- HA Sableye
- HA Bulbasaur
- HA Squirtle
- HA Charmander
- HA Pinsir

I am currently on the bus home from work, so I can't list everything I have to offer, but PM me with requests and I'll do my best to make them happen! Thank again in advance for the help!


New Member
Looking for a DW female Eevee. Not exactly sure what I can trade for it. don't really care on EV/IV or what it knows. Just need it for breeding purposes.


Looking for a Bold Eevee with Wish, good IV's would be good, but not necessary


I need a dream world female eevee, ivs and nature dont matter I mainly just need one in a dream ball.


New Member
Need a female Eevee with its HA asap! Can RNG you something simple in return (i.e., egg moves would make things hard), or whatever else you might like.


New Member
Need a female Eevee with its HA asap! Can RNG you something simple in return (i.e., egg moves would make things hard), or whatever else you might like.


New Member
Hello there, I'm looking for a female HA Eevee. Good IV's preferred, but not necessary. I can offer a bunch of different things so just PM me with a couple of suggested trades. I can even RNG you something like a 6 x 31 IV Ditto. Please! I need a Hyper Voice Sylveon haha. Thanks!


Well-Known Member
I'm also looking for a female HA Anticipation Eevee in order to breed a Hyper Voice Sylveon. Among others, I can trade any of the following legit Pokémon:

Latios, Modest, Lv.100, EV trained, IVs: 27 / x / 25 / 16 / 28 / 31
Suicune, Bold, Lv.100, EV trained, IVs: 29 / 26 / 30 / 28 / 31 / 19
Deoxys, Impish, untouched, IVs: 22 / 11 / 29 / 17 / 25 / 0
Deoxys, Naughty, untouched, IVs: 15 / 31 / 18 / 14 / 3 / 28
Mew, Modest, OT: MYSTRY, untouched, IVs: 11 / 26 / 4 / 31 / 22 / 3


New Member
Looking for any Female Eevee with its HA Anticipation. I have spare Timid Eevee with wish if anyone is interested in that.

I have lots of Pokemon to trade including most competitive Gen 6 Pokemon with lots of HA and egg moves.

Also lots of Legendary and shiny Pokemon.

Send a message if you can help me out, I have lots and lots of worthy Pokemon to trade :)
Offering: A level 1 male or female Eevee that knows Wish. I have a Timid natured female and a Bashful natured female, the males natures are: Gentle, Quirky, Bashful, Naughty, Modest, Lonely, and Quiet. Their natures are Adaptability and Run Away.

Please PM me if interested.
Thank you!
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I'm looking for a Hidden Ability female Eevee, before WiFi shuts down on the 20th

I can trade other Hidden Ability females (i.e. Dratini)

My White 2 FC is 3956 - 1738 - 2567
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