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#137 Porygon / #233 Porygon2 / #474 Porygon-Z

Discussion in 'Kanto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Cornelia

    Cornelia Eternal Nature

    Hi! Are you still looking for the porygon?
  2. Cornelia

    Cornelia Eternal Nature

    Hi! I checked your signature... and I was interested in a DW evee and, preferantly, female. Check my signature for offers ^_^
  3. PokemonPrincessx

    PokemonPrincessx Graphic Artist

    i have an untrained DW Porygon, check SIG for offers and PM me!!
  4. theshaklawist

    theshaklawist New Member

    I'm desperate for a Porygon/2/z.. I can give Zekrom or Thundurus or some white forest pokemon for it.. anyone?
  5. eggyolk

    eggyolk Nannerpants

    I'm looking for someone trustworthy to help me evolve my Porygon into Porygon2, trade it back to me and then help me evolve it into PorygonZ.

    I have both items. PM if you're interested in helping. :)

    Got it. Thanks chase21!
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2012
  6. chase21

    chase21 New Member

    No problem
  7. ForsakenDima

    ForsakenDima New Member

    Hi guys,

    New here and looking for somebody to either help me by trading my Porygon holding Up-grade and trade back OR trade for your own Porygon holding Up-grade. Mine is a lvl 10 acquired through Dream World promotion. PM if you can help -- thanks!!
  8. Kevin24

    Kevin24 Event Collector

    Looking for natures of dw porygon i don;t have from each language with proof. proof is friend board pic. here's the porygons i have already
    43479 Zach Porygon - Adamant - Sturdy Body - July 21, 2012
    07270 CROSBY Porygon - Bashful - Likes To Thrash About - July 31, 2012
    64886 Joe Porygon - Bold - Proud Of Its Power - July 14, 2012
    58647 Alvin Porygon - Brave - Good Perseverance - Aug 4, 2012
    06098 Wolfen Porygon - Calm - Scatters Things Often - July 14, 2012
    27106 Joe Porygon - Careful - Quick To Flee - Aug 7, 2012
    10957 DeVe're Porygon - Docile - Quick To Flee - Aug 7, 2012
    57706 Kalex Porygon - Hardy - Somewhat Stubborn - July 21, 2012
    63513 Icarus Porygon - Hasty - Quick Tempered - July 21, 2012
    56331 Alex Porygon - Lax - Impetuous And Silly - July 22, 2012
    32102 ANDREW Porygon - Lax - Strong Willed - Aug 13, 2012
    34582 Dw Porygon - Mild - Likes To Fight - July 12, 2012
    29851 Eminem Porygon - Modest - Likes to Thrash About - July 18, 2012
    21600 Tiger Porygon - Modest - Often Dozes Off - July 19, 2012
    05751 Gilbert Porygon - Relaxed - Good Perseverance - Aug 26, 2012
    35898 Bones Porygon - Relaxed - Hates To Lose - 8-9-2012
    53995 Katie Porygon - Sassy - Impetuous And Silly - July 17, 2012
    09295 Lep Porygon - serious - Strong willed - Aug 2, 2012
    61975 ODIN Porygon - Timid - Capable Of Taking Hits - July 18, 2012
    59472 Kevin Porygon - Timid - Mischievous - July 12, 2012

    08301 Kelly Porygon - Sassy - Likes To Thrash About - July 22, 2012

    14631 Max Porygon - Adamant - Likes To Run - July 19, 2012
    24306 MARKUS Porygon - Modest - Capable Of Taking Hits - Aug 9, 2012

    22498 テイルズ Porygon - Brave - A Little Quick Tempered - Aug 8, 2011 NFT
    51577 JacE Porygon - Modest - Likes To Thrash About - March 20, 2012 NFT

    21832 Henri Porygon - Docile - Highly Curious - July 21, 2012
  9. GreenKitea

    GreenKitea Pokemon breeder

    I'm looking for a porygon2 any kind. I can offer a variety of pokemon since my pokedex is almost complete. Please PM me if you can help me out!
  10. FuxingDani

    FuxingDani Porygon Fanatic

    I'm looking for Analytic Porygon for my White 2, PM if you're interested, I'll trade off my Wifi Event Genesect (UT) for it.
  11. FuxingDani

    FuxingDani Porygon Fanatic

    I'm looking for ANY Porygon, preferably Analytic Porygon. I have Wifi Event Genesect for it, PM if interested.
  12. Twitchayyy

    Twitchayyy Twitchayyy

    i have 2 porygon LvL 40 UT with analytic, natures are mild and modest, pm with offers, might even be able to give upgrade for porygon 2 if needed
  13. PokemonTrader321

    PokemonTrader321 New Member

    I need a Porygon, please pm me!

    Got almost every Pokemon!
  14. cnr

    cnr New Member

    Trading Shiny Porygon-Z, looking for Darkrai, Arceus, Victini, Meloetta, Genesect or Shaymin. PM me if interested.
  15. JokaLo

    JokaLo New Member

    I'm looking to trade for: Porygon national dex #137
    I'll trade rare items, pokemon, whatever we can negotiate, I've played 100% legit so there will be no problems with anything that comes from me, natures don't matter ill breed for what I need, I've been searching for one forever, please sumone help a fellow trainer out

    Message me with any help please
  16. gunny189

    gunny189 New Member

    Looking for any porygon, offering master ball or dwf vulpix dratini psyduck seviper snover
  17. desiren12

    desiren12 Pokémon Breeder

    If i provide my own porygon with my own up-grade and dubious disc, i just need someone to trade and trade back with to help it evolve.

    that is very much appreciated. c:

    pm please c:

    White 2 friend code: 2924 6973 2756
  18. jimboslice856

    jimboslice856 Fire Trainer

    have a ut porygon with trace ability pm me with offers
  19. Doppelgänger

    Doppelgänger Superancient Member

    I need a Porygon and it doesnt matter what level or nature. I just need any Porygon. PM me pls
  20. Darren!

    Darren! Trader

    I have the dream world event porygon with analytic in my entralink so tell me what nature you need and I'll sort it out. I Want event pokemon that were not released in the United Kingdom... PM with your offers
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
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