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#137 Porygon / #233 Porygon2 / #474 Porygon-Z

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Well-Known Member
I'm looking for any porygon or its evolution. If you can help me please pm or vm me.


New Member

Got dozens of Porygon for offer, almost any nature, after a breeding spree! I'll take generally anything, just trying to free up box space. PM me an offer!

would be great if i could get a porgon from you not sure what to do as only traded on gts

FC 1635 3396 1663


Howls of Loneliness
I need a porygon 2 for my dex.


i need a bold un touched porygon Lv.1 with download ability. preferably holding the evolution item so when you trade it to me i can get a porygon 2

i got some interesting pokemon for trades so pm me and we can set somthing up!


New Member
Porygon 2/z

I need Porygon 2 and Z for my dex. If you can attach an upgrade to your porygon, I can do the same for mine and we can trade. Then attach the dubious disk to the evolved porygon 2s to evolve into z. In the end you will be getting your original porygon back, and we can both get them in our dex. If someone could please help me do this I will really appriciate it.


New Member
I have all breedable pokemon and the shinies listed in my sig. Right now I am more looking for legendaries and shinies than the items...Make sure you look at who owns the shinies before offering, For mine I am still looking for jirachi and deoxys but will take some other legendaries and shinies but for Jons I will ONLY accept shinies! Thanks! PM me if you are interested. :D


Pokemon collector
Looking for a porygon 2 or someone who wishes to trade porygon for porygon to evolve can offer nearly any pokemon


I traded my Porygon with an Up-Grade... but trader took it and ran.

I have another Porygon without any Up-Grade... trying to get Porygon2. Anyone interested, send me a message and let me know. I'd send it right back to you if you wanted. Mainly just trying to complete Pokedex.


Active Member
Due to some Bad RNGing i have 2 Spare shiny Porygons!!!

they are...

2 x Docile lvl 1 (11/02/20/30/30/30) Hidden power fighting 67

Im only after Dw females,

PM to trade!
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Needing a Porygon or one of it's evolution for trade.
I got rares and shinies for offers.
PM me with offers.


New Member
I need a porygon, nothing fancy just to fill the pokedex, dont want items or anything.´
Havent got shinies or lots of rares but can trade almost any pokedex filler (unless i also need it).
PM me with offers :)


Looking for a regular porygon. Will offer a bred female DW Eevee. Can offer alot of other regular pokes and all starters.


Still needing a Porygon.
Message me with offers.
Thank you very much.

Other N

Unreleted to Metroid
Offering shiny level 100 Porygon-Z for Reshiram or other legendaries.


Turtle pkmn Trainer
looking to trade a porygon2 with dubious disk with another porydon2 with dubios disk so we can both get porygonZ!

pm me!
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