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#142 Aerodactyl

Discussion in 'Kanto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

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  2. ktribal

    ktribal Member

    Have a couple of above average Jolly/Hasty Aerodactyls with 31 IV in speed. PM or VM offers okay? Seeking old gen pokemon.
  3. anubis2525

    anubis2525 dragon temer

    can breed aerodactyl with dragon pulse and earth power am looking for lvl 1 pokemon i don't have which is a lot pm me with offer
  4. King Lawliet

    King Lawliet Cero Miedo!

    Do you need a Aerodactyl? Well, look no further, I have this Aerodactyl to offer

    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 252 Atk+Speed, 6 Def
    IVs: 6/31/23/24/31/31
    Moves: Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, Taunt, Earthquake
    Ability: Pressure

    Interested in it? Then all you have to do is PM me and we can discuss a trade. Thank you for reading
  5. SnoAiR

    SnoAiR Rookie Breeder

    Im looking for any Aerodactyl (Im going to breed it myself)

    I can offer an Eevee Lv. 1 with wish.
  6. AgentBonkers

    AgentBonkers Pipe Dream

    sooo...who has an aerodactyl they'd like to trade away? PM me to work something out :]
  7. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    I have Aerodactyle (Japanese) for trade. Only been used for a Dex Entry.

    Want Pokemon from Gen II, III & IV I don't have. Check my Shop or PM me. Thanks.
  8. Genbeeb

    Genbeeb Tofu Muncher

    I have an extra aerodactyl if anyone needs it ^^
  9. .Xed.

    .Xed. Banned

    I searching for a Aerodactyl
    Lv: under the 40
  10. pikadon92

    pikadon92 Beware of it's tail!

    If anyone one of you want an aerodactyl, I have a female one for breeding purposes. Prepare a zoura, goto the GTS and prepare the following:

    Name: Waivern / Aerodactyl (F) *Also has PokeRus!!!*
    Level: 25
    OT: Shira
    Location: Singapore

    Want: Zoura (of any kind)

    PM or Visitor Message me once you've done the trade.
    Last edited: May 19, 2011
  11. pokemonguy97

    pokemonguy97 Member

    lookingfor an aerodactyl (or machop justin case you have 1) willing to trade any 1 in my pm or others , pm me if you want 1
  12. Dreken

    Dreken PKMN Breeder

    Need an Aerodactyl with moves Stealth Rock! PM me, I can offer a Salamance with perfect HP ATK, and SPD IV
  13. Galux

    Galux Well-Known Member


    Will trade any Johto or Kanto Starter
  14. JRB24

    JRB24 Member

    I have lvl 10 male and lvl 10 female aerodactyl, working on breeding some too, pm me with offers
  15. tyty

    tyty Poke Dealer

    Looking for a male aerodactyl with pursuit, I would also like a male aerodactyl with roost. PM please.
  16. Inchtall

    Inchtall Back in Black....2

    I am looking for an Aerodactyl with Stealth Rock. Will trade Blazekien.
  17. cuty_pie98

    cuty_pie98 Gallade Lover ♥

    I have 4 Aerodactyls that need good homes! Msg me if you want one with your offer. Pokemon I want are in my sig. I have 3 males and 1 female! I'll expect more for the female!
  18. pagongster55

    pagongster55 New Member

    I am looking for a MALE Aerodactyl with the dream world ability Unnerve as well as the move Stealth Rock. I have a lot of dream world females for trade as well as Deinos with multiple perfect IV stats and Dark Pulse. PM me for an offer or to ask about what else I have for trade.
  19. pagongster55

    pagongster55 New Member

    Actually it doesn't have to have the DW Unnerve ability. Just has to be a Male Aerodactyl with Stealth Rock.
  20. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    moved to new page.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2011
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