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#144 Articuno

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Well-Known Member
I find myself in need of an Articuno. Doesn't need to be anything special, I just need to fill my dex.
I can trade egg moves and some other legendaries. If I've got a some random dex fillers you need I'll trade 2-3 of those for it.
Or if there's something you need for your dex ask me and we can just do trade backs for dex entries.
Offering an untouched lvl 50 Rash Articuno. Looking for shinys and the items in my sig


New Member
I'm looking to trade my Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres for Regirock, Regice and Registeel. PM me if you'd like to make a trade.


Abra Master
got one articuno looking for raikou and or suicune. PM if u r interested


Offering an Articuno. Looking for legends and shinies. PM me


Pokemon collector
Have an Articuno for trade accepting good offers
Looking for articuno, pm me


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I'm looking for a Regice & I'm offering an UT Mewtwo, Articuno, & Groudon to trade. PM me if interested


Magus lover
I'd like a Japanese shiny articuno, preferably uncloned if possible. Nature/stats and whatnot don't matter. I have what's in my tradethread, such as -

Flawless shiny naive heatran
Flawless shiny timid latios
Not on my list, but if you don't like clones or flawless, I recently caught myself a bold shiny beldum. I tried my darndest to get him with a pokeball that wasn't a master but he had like 1-2 hp left and was using take down, so finally had to huck my masterball at him.
I also have my shiny uncloned non flawless self caught mild slowpoke.
Ask on other stuff.


I'm Toxic.
seeking articuno, offering dw f eevees, kyogre, dialga, shiny probopass, shiny bellsprout (lvl 8) i have pkrs too


Shine Hunter
Looking for an Articuno that knows Heal Bell. PM me.


New Member
Looking for any random articuno, will trade a DWf eevee or dratin or murkrow.
I can trade squirtle, charmander, chikorita, totodile, mudkip, torchic, chimchar and all 3 unova starters(With a specific IV or nature).
I can also trade most breedable Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh pokemon and unova pokemons.
Also I have pokerus
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