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#145 Zapdos

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Evil Elf

Sand Burial Trainer
Looking for a Zapdos

"31/30/31/30/31/31" (HP - Grass) UT Modest

Have various pokemon that you may be interested in, let me know :3


Got it Memorized?
Im looking for a Shiny Zapdos if anyone is willing to trade it. I can offer any event that you may want. I can promise the Event pokemon is UT. PM me if you want to know anything. And in the PM, please Include the OT of the event pokemon. So I know which one to look for.


The collector
Im looking for a Zapdos with a Timid nature. It's fine if its not UT. PLEASE PM me!!!


I'm looking for a Zapdos, I have many legendary pokemon and shiny pokemon I'm willing to trade. PM me for details
Trade completed
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