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#145 Zapdos

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Offering a Zapdos to trade for legendaries in the Sinnoh region. PM me if you're interested.

FC 4641-9475-9311


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Zapdos (Lvl 55 - Naughty)
Zapdos (Lvl 60 UT - Modest)

2 Zapdos, looking for gen 3 legendaries, legendary dogs, events (if possible even though highly unlikely)
I have suicune, raiku and entei. Looking for the birds for my pokedex. Doesn't need to be a permanent trade if you dont want the dogs for real.

Thanks guys!


Pkmn Vet. Since 1998
LF Timid Zapdos with Heat Wave. Also interested in Shiny legendary birds. PM for negotiations :)


Stay frosty
have shiny level 100 zapdos serious nature.pm me if iterested


Pokemon Adoptions!
Looking for any ;145;


IT'S OVER 9000!!!
lf shiny flawless modest or timid zapdos, hp ice if possible. will offer impressively for it (shiny max evds, flawless ut shinys, etc.). Pm me if you're interested!


Magus lover
I now have a Timid zapdos with heat wave 14, 26, 31, 28, 16, 28. I can transfer him to Black if required. He is self caught, I did not rng him. He is nicknameable and uncloned/untouched. I caught him on my Heartgold. The only thing is he has hidden power flying -.- YAY rotfl. Oh, and he was caught in a masterball. If you have an issue get a tissue. I'm looking for a B/W rnger, or what's in my wants in my tradeshop. I expect what I get for this bird to be uncloned as well~


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Looking for any Zapdos, can give you any item you'd desire in return. Multiple items per trade is no problem. Pm me to set up a trade.
Got Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres which I am willing to practically give away since I have too many of the legendary birds filling up my PC boxes now. I would like, however, a Pokemon that's not in my Pokedex.


Really want a Zapdos, preferrably goodish IVs and Heat Wave, if not thats okay. Can offer whats in my sig, and any starters not on my list!


Show me the Munna!
Hey all,

I'm looking for someone that will do this trade with me. I'm looking to get this done in one shot, but will do single trades if required.

Female Poison Heal Gligar/Gliscor
Female Technician Shroomish/Breloom
Air Balloon
Toxic Orb


Lv 70 Docile Lugia
Lv 50 Lonely Zapdos
Lv 70 Serious Mewtwo

Message me if interested... Thanks in advance.


⚜Pokémon Sommelier⚜
I have a Shiny Zapdos
if you want it PM me an offer


I have a Bold Zapdos for trade,im looking for Latias,Celebi,Manaphy,Shaymin,Mew,Jirachi..Also looking for shiny-if you offer shiny,it will be automatic trade ^^)
Pls PM Me ^^

Please also take a look at the link in my sig,as you may find some pokemon you like that i can breed for free,or trade..
Thnkyouu ,AvoKitty


Dark PokeUser
Looking for Zapdos. Don't know what I could offer. I can offer multiple breedable pokemon, pkrs, UT terrakion, UT Verizion or GTS 75/79 kryrum.
I want mainly for dex.
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I am looking for a Modest UT Zapdos with Heat Wave and Hidden Power Ice, if it has good ivs, I will trade any of my legendaries that i have
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