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#145 Zapdos

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Looking for French and German Zapdos!


Magus lover
I have a self caught zapdos which I think is quite rare. He is from Distant land aka XD and has the exclusive move from that game. Here are his moves -
Baton pass
Heat wave
As far as moves he's a trainer's dream. He is also completely uncloned. However, he is not perfect. He is lax natured and highly persistent with the Ivs - 18, 12, 27, 10, 22, 8 he'd be grand to have in a collection. He might even make a decent wall/baton passer despite his poor speed. He is completely untouched. My wants for him are fairly high though...

Black and White shiny wants must be nicknameable I now have some shiny gen 5's for trade. These MUST be nicknameable or Japanese~! Please uncloned! Will not easily accept clones for zappy, rng acceptable. I don't need flawless pokemon.
Lillipup SHINY
Deerling SHINY
Cobalion SHINY
Virizion SHINY (Have one nicknamed cloned already thanks)
Patrat SHINY
Suicune dreamworld *must* be nicknameable or Japanese will give alot.
Original eevee evolutions DW; that were downloaded, no breeders. I don't require these to be uncloned but they must be nicknameable.


New Member
i have a zapdos for trade,pm me if you are interested


Pokemon Trainer
Looking for Zapdos, see signature for details, will trade multiple pokemon for needed legendaries as well as evolved/trained versions(up to 60), so PM me please :) will also trade certain items


Looking for a bold/ calm/ modest/ or timid zapdos. Evs must be known or be UT. Offering a shiny litwick i cuahgt today.

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Street Brawlers CEO
I'm looking for a Shiny Zapdos. I'm offering many shinies I have. PM me for list of the shinies I have.


Advanced Trainer
i have an extra zapdos. pm me if you want it.


New Member
I have an extra Zapados, looking for another legend to help finish my dex, pm me


I have a Modest Zapdos that i have leveled up to level 100 and ev'ed. It has hidden power fire with a base of 64 and the following ivs:

Hp:24 Attack:18 Def:11 Sp Atk:22 Sp Def:7 Speed:16

Ive checked him on Pokecheck and he is legit. He is ev'ed 4 hp/ 252 sp atk/ 252 speed
Im looking for a Raikou or Shaymin preferably UT with a good nature but if not its ok. Pm/Vm me and i will update when this trade is complete

Evil Elf

Sand Burial Trainer
Looking for a Zapdos - "31/30/31/30/31/31" (HP - Grass) UT Modest, Move set: Thunderbolt, Hidden Power, Heat Wave, Tail Wind


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Got an newly catched Zapdos up for trade (not cloned) PM me


Magus lover
I have a free to good home jolly zapdos named *Avian* sorry can't change, and a moltres, I think naughty? Both caught on platinum. Moltres has no name.


Looking for a Zapdos. I'm just a collector so I don't need any particular nature, moveset, ability, etc. PM me to negotiate!
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