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#145 Zapdos

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Looking for a timid ut Zapdos. Ivs aren't a must but would be better. Have some legendaries to trade pm me with offers.


Just Monika
looking for any zapdos

offering hidden ability pokemon both male and female


in game legendaries


ev trained pokemon


I'm Toxic.
looking to borrow a zapdos for my pokedex i can offer a few other pokemon to lend to you for your pokedex


New Member
Looking for a UT timid Zapdos with max Spe/SpA IV's. I can offer DWF Bagon's with max Spe/Atk IV's or a shiny Riolu, Metang, or Mienfoo.
hello, looking for a Zapdos. I don't want to go and play through fire red again to get him then do a bunch of trade nonsense.

I'd be happy just for a trade-trade back type thing for the dex entry (then get him on the GTS). If its possible, i'd love to keep it if i have the right trade pieces


Active Member
Looking for legendaries. Willing to offer multiple battle enhancing items: focus, choice items


Shiny Hunter
Looking for a Timid Zapdos with 31 iv's in everything; the iv's in attack can be anything.
I am offering;
Shiny Flawless
-Jellicent Bold M Water Absorb
-Politoed Bold M
-Tentacruel Bold DWF (Rapid Spin)
-Cloyster Naive M sskill link (rock blast)
-Gengar Timid M (disable)
-Hydreigon Modest and Timid F Rash M (earth power and dark pulse)
-Alakazam Timid DWM
-Volcarona Timid F
-Scizor Adamant F
-Salamence Naive DWF (Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Outrage, Draco Meteor) Lv 100 I have some that aren't lv 100 but don't have Draco Meteor
-Infernape Naive M (Nasty Plot)
-Reuniclus Bold M
-Skarmory Impish F (Roost, Brave Bird, Whirlwind) Sturdy
-Ferroseed Sassy M (Spikes Leech Seed)
-Bronzor Relaxed
-Dugtrio Jolly F (Memento, Reversal) Arena Trap
-Metagross Adamant
-Kingdra Modest Swift Swim
-Empoleon Modest (Agility)
-Magikarp Jolly DWF
-Rotom Timid HP Ice 70 31/30/30/31/31/31
-Gible Naive, Hasty F (Outrage)
-Jolteon Hp Ice 70 (same as Rotom's spread)
-Clampearl Modest M Shell Armor

Shiny Near-Flawless (You could probably guess which IV doesn't have 31)
-Dragonite Jolly DWF (Outrage, Dragon Dance, Extreme Speed)
-Haxorus Adamant M
-Tyranitar Sassy M (stealth Rock)
-Gliscor Impish DWF
-Golurk Adamant
-Gyarados Jolly DWF
-Gallade Adamant DWM (Shadow Sneak)
-Garchomp Jolly M (Outrage)
-Eevee Bold DWM (Yawn Curse Wish) Timid DWF (Curse Wish) Timid M

Let me know if you have any questions about ev spreads. For the most part they are pretty standard.


Magus lover
Ok, so apparently whoever traded me my shiny zapdos hacked it. So I would like another, nicknamed Spike. I require a pokecheck with my shiny legends now. Check my tradethread, and if you see nothing there throw your wants at me; I have loads of stuff not listed, like shinys and events. Can provide pokecheck for anything.


T.E.G Member.
UFT: Zapdos from Hg/SS UT. PM me =]


Fire Trainer
Looking for Zapdos for dex completion i'll trade back, PM if you wanna help


All Hers!
have a zapdos up for trade. pm me offers


New Member
I have a impish Zapdos lvl 50...LF timid UT latias, pm. -thanks
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