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#147 Dratini / #148 Dragonair / #149 Dragonite

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Leader of the Dark
Hello everyone. I'm looking for a Female Dream World Dratini. Any level. I can offer you DW Females such as: Riolu, Eevee, Vulpix, Drifloon
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New Member
Currently offering DWF Dratini with Extremespeed. Looking for Brave Ditto, or any DWFs that I want in my sig, prefer the ditto


New Member
I have a legit super rare hidden grotto caught dragonite naive ut nicknamed Sunmul which means "gift" in Korean. It's level 57. I already have one with a better nature so I'm willing to trade it :)


EV Trainer
Offering lvl 83 EV adamant trained dragonite w/ good IVs. It doesn't have multiscale since it is from gen 4, seems pointless to release it sonce someone else will probably make good use of it.

Not really after all that much, offers via PM please.


Bored Trainer
Looking for a DWF Dratini. Most of my good stuff is in 4th gen, but I can transfer over to 5th gen. PM offers please. :)


New Member
Yo, Does anyone have a female multiscale dratini/dragonair/dragonite that they would be willing to trade me? I have many powerful pokemon with regular abilities and hidden abilities.

Want: Female multiscale ability Dratini/dragonair/dragonite

Have to trade : Moxie (hidden ability) Salamence, Moxie (hidden ability) Heracross , Garchomp, Tyranitar, Eevee, Hydreigon, Arcanine, Bulbasaur, Togekiss, Volcarona, Pikachu, Empoleon, Charizard, Squirtle, Axew, Telepathy (Hidden Ability) Gardevoir, Hitmonlee, and Lapras. I have many pokemon so chances are if you want it I have it...unless it is a shiny or a legendary. I'm not willing to part with any of my shiny legendaries.


Spriter and Writer
ExtremeSpeed Dratini

*EDIT* No longer need this, I've found a trade.

Hi, I need a Male ExtremeSpeed Dratini, with its normal ability (Shed Skin).
I can offer you:
- Lv. 51 Salamence
- Lv. 100 Celebi*
- Lv. 100 Rayquaza*
- Lv. 54 Zekrom
- Lv. 1 Zorua

Or breed pretty much ANY breedable Pokémon of your choice.

*These two are cloned, using the Pokémon Emerald Battle Tower cloning glitch (Look it up). This means they are still technically legit, not hacked. The Celebi is from a Pokémon 10th anniversary event.
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Breeding Fanatic
I am looking for an extremespeed male dratini. I can offer DWF slowpoke dratini eevee, bagon, kabuto, porygon, riolu sigilyph, bronzor, suablu, igglybluff, beldum, drilbur, magikarp and remoraid, or any of the starters up to gen 5 in addition to any specific requests. (just let me know and i'll see about getting it for you if i dont have it already)


Johto Fanboy
Hi all, I just got a male shiny dratini from the white tree hollow on white 2, and just as i saved and turned my ds off, i realised that i wanted a female to keep as a dragonair. Does anyone have a female shiny dratini/dragonair they want to trade for my shiny male dratini?


New Member
Hi, I'm desperately looking for a male Dratini with ExtremeSpeed. I can trade with every starter and I have a lot of items and other (pseudo-legendary) Pokémon.
Pleeeaaase help me:)

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Looking for multiscale Dratini preferably female but male will do. Have the following HA pokemon I can breed to trade:

Abra, Fennekin, Fletchling, Froakie, Riolu

PM me if interested


New Member
im looking for any dratini, dragonair, or dragonite with the dream world abilites i can breed probably anything u want and give it pokerus


Shiny Hunter
I have TRU dragonite if anyone is interested


master in training
i got a dragonite..... pm with offers i will accept almost anything...


New Member
Looking for a Dratini with ExtremeSpeed. Also it's hidden ability would be a plus, not required.
I don't have much to offer but if there is a specific Pokemon you need I can try and help out there.
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