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#150 Mewtwo

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New Member
Im new to here so I dont have much to offer but mewtwo is one of my fav pokemon, what is the going rate for a regular run of the mill mewtwo nothing special, thanks.


Show me the Munna!
Hey all,

I'm looking for someone that will do this trade with me. I'm looking to get this done in one shot, but will do single trades if required.

Female Poison Heal Gligar/Gliscor
Female Technician Shroomish/Breloom
Air Balloon
Toxic Orb


Lv 70 Docile Lugia
Lv 50 Lonely Zapdos
Lv 70 Serious Mewtwo

Message me if interested... Thanks in advance.

Smoke Monster

Well-Known Member
I have a lvl 100 mewtwo and am looking to trade.


The One & Only
Looking for any legit Mewtwo. Nature/level does not matter. I can offer any breedable pokemon across all 5 generations, one of my few DW females, or Thundurus. Contact me if you're interested :]

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Clone my Balls!
Looking for;

First Anniversary Mewtwo


New Member
I have a lvl 70 mewtwo with hasty nature and is somewhat vain, I'm.trying.to.expand my lengendary collection pm me thanks.


Clone my Balls!

Mewtwo - Level 74 Timid - nicknamed Exodus


First Anniversary Mewtwo

Not a like-for-like trade, obviously.


New Member
I have an UT Mewtwo Wifi Event. (the one with the king's rock, level 70, aura sphere, electro ball, shadow ball, and psystrike) It is lax nature. I'm looking to trade this for the same event UT with a timid nature.
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New Member
Offering UT FEB2011 Mewtwos - one above average Bold, one decent Careful with perfect Defense. Looking for any legit Shaymin. Will spice deal with extra legendaries if necessary.


Active Member
People, just wait til tomorrow for the mewtwo event
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