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150-pokémon wide fake pokédex, do give it a look.


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Wow, they look great. ^^


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Absol Attacker said:
i can't believe my eyes, those are incredible. how long have you been spriting for?
If Absol Attacker, one of the ultimate spriters says your sprites are good, you're set for life :D

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I have made a bit more than 200, but yours are impressive too. We have both gotten this chestnut-idea. Have you thought up any games with those pokemons? I have made black diamond and knockout/blastdown versions for the regins of my first 150 fakemon, and yin/yang for the second, unfinished generation.


Better than thou
Those are great sprites however they fail to resemble the pokémon style. Still they are great sprites though I wouldn't call them pokémon as they are made in a different style and don't resemble poémon.

Great job on them, they're really well done.

Can you be more specific on what makes my dex so completely unlike pokémon though? Because from some people I'm hearing the exact opposite.


Cascade Trainer
You put alot effort into it, i think.They look great,you should make a dex or a story with those.
They're very good...
But they don't quite look like Pokemon. They don't even look like Digimon. I dunno, just something in thier design... They actually look like they came from that Telefang game
But I'm not saying they're bad. They're just not... Pokemonish :p


Wonder of Thunder!
I think they are great, but one thing annoys me is that They all have evolutions =/


~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~
Excellent Good job!

You deserve more then just a pat on the back...

good job!


Weaville Pwns
I have two words, OMG, AWESOME
Their perfect. Their not pokemon, their some sort of monsters (right?)
The shading is perfect and the evo's look good.
If you made the rpg can i help too??? (plzzzzzzzzzz..)


P.s. I don't see the LEgendary's are they the last one? (Cause there cool)


Cascade Trainer
wow!! why didn't i notice you before?
first of all you have awesome imagination to do these so complicated and well thought pokemons in these cool poses, i just love the poses
i have nothing to say except i worship your spriting skills, if i might say so, i believe you might be the best spriter i ever seen, even better then coronis (who said that? :D), seriously
some of the pokemon look more like digimon because they are very complicated, that's not a bad thing, some might say it even better because it's your own style, i like it
number 121 looks like a cool magikarp edit though, and number 17 needs a little more shading on its thorns
how much time you've been spriting? i mean it must take a lot of time to make 150 fakemons, doesn't it?
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Sweet. I first saw 'Pangel' and it's evolution on Zephyr Island, and at first I was kind of worried 'cause I couldn't exactly see a face on him. >> Now that I see ALL of these sprites, I hope that a lot can be added to our dex. ^^ Amazing work you have there.