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#151 Mew

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Looking for a level 100 Mew, Have a level 100 shiny darkrai for trade
PM me if interested :)


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Looking for any Mew.

Pokemon I can offer:
Therian Thundurus
Some dream radar Pokemon:
Female Regenerator Slowpoke
Female Contrary Shuckle
Female Flare Boost Drifloon
Female Friend Guard Igglypuff
Legendary Dogs (shiny)

PM if interested.


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Trade complete!
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Looking for Mew for dex purposes. If you have extra and have need for something else we can figure out a trade but if not, I'm ok with just trading for a dex entry. pm me!

Edit: Received Mew!
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Looking for a mew for dex entry purposes. I have Giratina,Meloetta,Deoxys and in game white 2 legendaries. Or around about 300 other pokemon for a trade trade back purpose. To sweeten the deal id throw in a big nugget or PP-max just for the dex entry


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Need a mew for dex entry :)
Have pretty much every pokemon so can do a trade-trade back :)

Icy Ice

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Traded away.
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I need a Mew folks. Pokedex. Willing to return it. I don't need to keep it. PM if interested.


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Trade complete!
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mew 2000

Shiny Celebi
I want a mew! to keep, if thats not possable then just for pokedex entry, will trade deoxys, once i get my 3ds and can transfer my gen 3 pokemon to gen 4 to gen 5 in black 2 (alot of transfering xD) i can also offer groudon rayquza and kyogre with pokerus those 3 will be given for next to nothing you can give me patrats for them aslong as i get my mew >_< :3 please pm me for the trade
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Anybody got a mew they would be willing to part with pls pm me with what your looking for


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I have a Mew (I can get more), from My Pokemon Ranch.
I am looking for a Manaphy and/or Shaymin.

If you are wondering how I can get more Mews, I have a Wii U and a Wii, I bought Ranch on both of them, so I can just reset.
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