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#151 Mew

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i would love a shiny mew it can be hacked idc lol i just want one :)


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Hello everyone!

I am currently in the possession of 2 shiny event gigatinas, 2 event keldos, one event meloneta, one shiny event suicen, and one eevent plasma deoxys.

Looking for legit pokemon only. I am Currently on the search for event mew, shiny cindaquel, and shiny kyogre. Might be interested in other events too, so please pm me iif you are interested.

Offering shiny mews level 100

Black 2 / White 2 only. I am giving 2 away today. Just send me a message and we will work it out.


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Looking for any legit mew, willing to trade shiny pokémon.


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Looking for Mew, doesn't matter if it's cloned. Signature has my offers.


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Have a lvl 30 mew for trade. Looking for UT legendarys with good natures and cool shinies :D. Message me with what you have. Worst I can say is no :D


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I would like a wifi event mew, please send me a pm if you have one and are willing to take trade of some kind, also can trade items.
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I am searching for a legitimate Mew, no hacks or clones. I have a spare level 100 event Deoxys as well as the shiny creation trio from the GameStop events earlier this year. Please send me a PM if you are interestd. Cheers.


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Looking for legit mew, can offer shiny palkia dialga or girantina and some other legendaries, pm if interested!


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Looking for legit event Mew, Timid nature.

Can offer Victini, Jirachi, multiple Legendaries from every generation.


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I'm looking for a legit Mew; I really don't care whether it be shiny or not, I'd just be happy to have one.

In my Pokemon Black 2 game, I have these Pokemon to offer:

Non-Shiny Legendaries:
Celebi (Jolly) Lv 78
Victini (Sassy) Lv 30
Event Meloetta (UT & Bashful) Lv 50
Manaphy (UT & Quiet) Lv 1

Latias (Jolly) Lv 85
Ferrothorn (Rash) Lv 54
Deino (UT & Modest) Lv 38
Joltik (UT & Lax) Lv 27

PM me if you have an offer! :)


I'm sorry, but this trade has been completed
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I have a
Language English
Trainer ID 47374
Secret ID 07747
Region Hoenn (Emerald)

Dex Number 151
Pokémon Mew (dex)
Nicknamed No, MEW
Gender Genderless
PID 0xEFD372A5
Shiny No
Experience 21760 (level 30)
Nature Rash
Ability Synchronize
Held Item None
Happiness 70
Pokérus No

looking for any arceus


Wifi will be stopped for Gen V in May so need the last Legendary Pokemon for my Pokedex

I am offering the following for the MEW

Jirachi, Rayquaza, Shiny Palkia, Shiny Dialga, Shiny Giratina, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Lugiax2 and Mewtwo

Suicune trio AND Landorus trio is a free bonus for the trade!!!

Also a Shiny Gyarados if you want

Please no hacks or clones - I want to get rid off these Pokemon as I was not aware of EVs and IVs before I got them and plan to catch them all again

I will let you choose ANY number from the above for the Pokemon and you can choose to have the Suicune trio And Landorus trio on top

Need it ASAP! PM ME!!!!!!!!


Rauqauaza - Adamant

Shiny Palkia - Modest / Shiny Dialga - Modest / Shiny Giratina - Adamant

Jirachi - Impish

Mewtwo - Modest
Ho-Oh - Adamant
Lugia x2 - Modest
Groudon - Adamant
Zekrom - Adamant
Reshiram - Modest
Zapdos - Modest
Entei - Adamant
Raikou - Modest
Suicune - Modest
Landorus - Adamant
Thundurus - Modest
Tornadus - Modest
Cobalion - Adamant
Terrakion - Adamant
Virizion - Adamant

I am extremely desperate as this is the only Pokemon left for me
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I really want a mew. I have a shiny mewtwo and a shiny ho-oh for trade pm me with offers

I no longer have the ho-oh I traded it for a shiny kyroge
I'm still in need of a mew I had a trade lined up but the guy backed out.
I started talking to a possible trade but the guy has not replied in several days so I am still looking
I also have obtained a victini and "at this point" am willing to trade him plus the mewtwo to get a mew

Trade finally completed :) I am the proud owner of a mew
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Looking for a legit English name Mew. It can be cloned but no hacks please.

I have event Keldeo from both events in US, a shiny Gothita, event Meloetta, any non-event Legendary from Diamond, Soul Silver, or White, event shiny Palkia, Dialga or Giratina.
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