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#152 Chikorita / #153 Bayleef / #154 Meganium

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Aura Master
Seeking a Chickorita. I can offer any non event and non legendary pokemon. PM for offer


New Member
I have some extra chickorita that I want to get out of my boxes, I need most of the pokemon from the prev gens.


New Member
looking for one. i have modest horsea with swift swim ability. i have many and i guarantee each has 31 iv for sp. attack. i'll pm you the iv's of the 6 horseas so that you could pick.


New Member
I have a chikorita for trade. looking for totodile, cyndaquil, or any hoenn starters. pm me and let me know


The Sole Survivor
Offering Chikorita with leafstorm/energyball/gigadrian or grasswhistle/leechseed/leafstorm/ingrian. Looking for other eggmove pokes. let me know if your interested through PM.


play since red/blue
im looking for a chikorita pm me with the pokemon u want


Top Trainer
What I am offering:
All generations starters, egg bred.
Zorua, egg bred
Wish Eevee, egg bred
Phione, egg bred
Dreamworld males: Houndour, Farfetch'd, Yanma and Aerodactyl'
Egg bred Dreamworld females (for the special ability): Cacnea, Magnemite, Spinda, Phanpy, Meditite, Stunky, Bagon, Glameow, Pachirisu, Lapras, Barboach, Nidoqueen, Electrike and Torkoal
Plus any other pokemon that can be bred as I have it, or I n catch it on pokemon white I with catch you a specific pokemon.
Please the gender of the pokemon you would like

I'm looking for:
King's rock x2
Water stone x2
Fire stone
Leaf stone x2
Weedle or any of the evolved forms
Ekans or Arbok
Diglett or Dugtrio
Grimer or Muk
Shroomish or Breloom
Nincada or any of the evolved forms
Nosepass or Probopass
Gulpin or Swalot
Aipom or Ambipom
Gible or any of the evolved forms
Snover or Abomasnow
Thanks in advance.
PS I have already been offered some of the pokemon but nothing is definite.
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suggestive cupcake
looking for any lv. 1 chikorita - i can offer a growlithe with the egg moves flare blitz, bite, crunch and roar. :)
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Askara Ice

New Member
Looking for legit Chikorita.

I can offer all Unova starters, Zorua, , Eevee, some DW pokemon (like Mareep, Shinx, Rhyhorn, Gastly, Stunky) and all other non special(event, legendary) pokemon from Unova region.

If you wanna trade, PM me. My friend code in pokemon black is 4083 7514 2437


Lucky Trainer
i'm looking for a chikorita. i can offer a snivy in return.


Well-Known Member
Looking for Chikorita (and the other 2 Johto starters), can offer Kanto or Unova starters in return.


Pokemon Breeder
I can breed every starter from every generation and I have much more to offer. Please pm me if you are interested.


Form afficionado
I'm breeding Chickorita... I can breed you a certain nature/gender, but not IVs. PM me if you need; looking for Charmander and others (just ask). I can also teach most G5 TMs or possibly egg moves!
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Raichu lover
Im searching for lvl.1 Chikorita, newly hatched from egg, any gender and nature, i can offer Eevee or any of its evolitons (dont have Flareon, sorry), Bulbasaur, Unova starters or we can choose any other Pokemon form my boxes..(but i dont have big things to offer)


Sand Team Master

I have a Gentle Meganium Lv69.

I don't have any further interest for it.

I'm just looking for some Power & Choice items currently.

PM me for offers :)
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