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#152 Chikorita / #153 Bayleef / #154 Meganium

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New Member
I am looking for a freshly hatched Chikorita, any gender or nature.

I have:
Zorua: All Level 1 Males with Snarl (Modest, Hardy, Hasty, Mild x 2)
All black and white Unova exclusives, Kanto/Sinnoh/Unova starters and Mudkip/Torchic/Cyndaquil/Totodile

PM me with offers. I'm also looking for Treeko and Spiritomb. Thanks!

Edit: Found them all
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Mewtwo Trainer
I am looking for a female Chikorita, Bayleef, or Meganium. I can breed Zorua and Spiritomb, as well as Cyndaquil with Nature Power and Torchic with Crush Claw. PM me offers and FC.

White FC: 3096-1771-7608.


Pokemon Trainer
Offering Chikorita, see signature for details and PM me please :)


Looking for a female Chikorita, not fussed about its nature.
Let me know what you'd like in exchange, I'll sort something out. C:

PM if you're willing to part with one


New Member
I'm looking for a Chikorita. I'm offering one of my starters and a Zorua. If anyone's interested pm me.
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New Member
offering all starters for all five generations
looking evolutionary items or anything else in my shop/sig
pm me if interested

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Looking for a Calm female Chikorita with Ancient Power, and in return I can offer a Hasty male Minccino with Aqua Tail. I can also offer Shiny Swellow.

Plz PM if interested :3


New Member
hi anyone willing to trade me a chikorita here?? I play pokemon black

My name is Lunna
My fc:2280 2494 0751

I have pokemon from Sinnoh pm me here if u wanna trade


New Member
Hi i have a stone edge and rock slide tm if u want
I play pokemon pearl do u have a torchic chikorita and charmander??

My FC:1507 1505 7754
Name is Dawn

Pm me if u still need i am willing to trade


New Member
I got one now im willing to offer newly hatched male chikoritas

~pm me with offers :)
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New Member
Got 1 Female Chikorita, if you still need it?

I also have a lvl 35 Maganium up for trade


New Member
I can breed all starters, I am happy to take requests, I am looking for pretty easy to find pokemon (like caterpie) I to complete my pokedex pm me for details!


New Member
Looking for UT level 1 Chikorita!

Friend Code: 1593 0829 9938

Offering any level 1 starter First Gen, Second Gen, Fourth or Fifth Gen, level 1 Zorua, or Shiny Absol level 50 (UT)

(Pokemon Black)
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New Member
looking for chikorita
i can offer many pokemon from previous generations (some of them arent listed in my signature because of lack of space)


The Silent Helper
I'm looking for any regular chikarita.


New Member
breeding chikorita for any pokemon from my wishlist


Darkrai for ever
I need a female chikorita bayleef or meganium. (IV's aren't a matter), because my ditto seems to be sick, he doesn't want to breed with my almost flawless meganium (male)
I can give a lot of pokés so just ask (pm)


Wanna trade
i have a shiny bayleef up for trade if interested pm me
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