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#158 Totodile / #159 Croconaw / #160 Totodile

Discussion in 'Johto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    Giving away dragon dance totodiles, pm for details

    Edit; almost all of them, unless you ask for another will be my f jolly totodile (I'm cloning it and it's a good find to completely forget about)
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2012
  2. ShadowReaper131

    ShadowReaper131 Flame Trainer

    Looking for all starters, except Piplup Torchic or Tepig, pm me and let me know what you want and we can work something out.
  3. manaichain

    manaichain Member

    Looking for any member of the following starter families ;004;Charmander, ;152;Chikorita, ;155;Cyndaquil, ;158;Totodile, ;390;Chimchar, :495:Snivy, :498:Tepig, :566:Archeos
    preferably female but i'm willing to breed a male until i get female

    In exchange I have...
    Unless stated they have their Normal and not hidden ability, and also i can teach them TMs too if i have them
    ;001;Bulbasaur x 4 (3 males Level 1, Serious, Lax, Naughty, each with Tackle and Giga Drain) (1 female Level 19 Careful Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Take Down, Razor Leaf)
    ;007;Squirtle x 4 (all male, Level 1, 2 with Sassy, Calm, Hardy, each with Tackle, Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring)
    ;252;Treecko x 4(3 males Level 1, Quiet, Impish, Bold, each with Pound, Leer, Synthesis, Leech Seed) (1 female, Jolly, Leer Absorb, Quick Attack, Pursuit, Level 20)
    ;255;Torchic x 4 (4 males all Level 1, Rash, Bold, Careful, Impish, all with Growl, Agility, Night Slash, Swords Dance)
    ;133;Generation 4 Level 1 Eevee Lax with Run Away as Ability, Tail Whip Tackle Helping Hand
    ;241;Miltank (Female - obviously) Impish, Thick Fat Ability, Tackle Dizzy Punch Brick Break
    ;415;Combee (2 Females, will evolve into Vespiquen, Bashful and Modest, Sweet Scent and Gust

    I am planning to breed ;259;Marshtomp, ;389;Torterra, ;395;Empoleon and :503:Samurott over the next few days, to get some egg moves onto them, i'll have some spares of those too, and after that i'll move onto the fossils and dragons
    Also have about 10 Pokemon from the Dream World i don't want, confirmed are
    Relaxed Lv 12 Oddish male;043; Run Away with Giga Drain
    Naughty Lv 10 Nidoran male;032; Hustle with Double Kick
    Lv 10 Spinarak;167; with Electroweb, not sure which one i'm trading yet though

    I have access to post-National Leaf Green, Platinum and White, with a lot of pokemon lying around. Negotiations welcome
  4. Dragon_Master98

    Dragon_Master98 New Member

    Looking for a shiny Totodile lv1.
    Preferably Jolly or Adamant nature and preferably DW with the ability Sheer Force.

    Shinies that I have to offer:
    Haxorus male lv66 Hardy Rivalry (japanese)
    Haxorus female lv48 Impish Rivalry
    Krookodile female lv50 Jolly Intimidate
    Gurdurr male lv40 Lax Guts
    Zoroark male lv100 Bold Illusion (Japanese)
    Arcanine male lv50 Quiet Flash Fire
    Shelmet female lv31UT Modest Hydration
    Hydreigon female lv64 EVd Timid Levitate
    Beartic male lv44 Jolly Snow Cloak (Japanese)
    Carracosta male lv40 Brave Solid Rock
    Charizard male lv45 Naive Blaze
    Gavlantula male lv50 Naughty Compoundeyes
    Latios lv40 UT Timid
    Latias lv100 Timid
  5. Ryn

    Ryn Growlithe Lover

    I'm giving away Lvl 1 Totodiles that were born with the move "Crunch". I have both male and female of all natures. PM me if you're interested, and tell me what you would like.

    I'm not looking for anything special in return. Pokemon I don't have is a plus, though.
  6. JMS719

    JMS719 Well-Known Member

    I can offer a Dragon Dance Totodile in exchange for a DW poliwag. PM me if you are interested.

    EDIT: Trade complete!
    Last edited: May 12, 2012
  7. Yilspaz

    Yilspaz New Member

    Looking for a Totodile, not bothered about level/nature/anything, just want one. :3
  8. Cap'n Totodile

    Cap'n Totodile New Member

    If I could trade someone for a dw totodile I would be eternally grateful I have event suicune and celebi and some harder to get kanto poke's please help
  9. orochi

    orochi Well-Known Member

    i have totodiles with the moves dragon dance and dragon claw or aqua jet
    im not looking for anything too special, i just need to get ride of the box of totodiles
  10. DarkGanta

    DarkGanta Pokemon Trainer

    I need a totodile, i have bulbasaur, charmander, cyndaquil, turtwig, snivy, and oshawott to trade. also need chikorita, hoenn starters, chimchar, piplup, tepig, ekans, koffing, porygon, eevee, scyther/scizor and probably more from kanto/johto and maybe more from hoenn/sinnoh so Pm me please :)
  11. dari93

    dari93 New Member

    totodiles up for trade looking for anything on my sig. pm me if interested.
  12. DarkGanta

    DarkGanta Pokemon Trainer

    I have totodiles for trade along with, kanto starters, eevee, cyndaquil, turtwig, and the unova starters. I'm looking for a chikorita, hoenn starters, chimchar, piplup, and most any kanto/johto pokemon not found in white version so pm me with offers :)

    EDIT: Now have chikorita and mime jr. for trade as well.

    EDIT 2: Now have Mudkip and Chimchar for offer as well
    Last edited: May 30, 2012
  13. DarkGanta

    DarkGanta Pokemon Trainer

    Offering Totodile for trade as well as all starters except piplup, eevee, mime jr., ghastly, bellsprout, koffing, mareep, ralts, misdreavus, and spiritomb. I'm looking for piplup, scyther, and many other kanto/johto/hoenn pokemon NOT found in white version. also will trade for these items: Thunderstone, Leafstone, Waterstone, Firestone, Moonstone, Metal Coat, and Kingsrock. Pm me with offers :)
  14. Arides10

    Arides10 New Member

    Sorry Posted on Wrong forums
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2012
  15. DarkGanta

    DarkGanta Pokemon Trainer

    Offering Totodile, see signature for details and PM me Please :)
  16. TimelordOtaku

    TimelordOtaku THANKS, Hermione.

    I can breed Totodile with:
    • Ancient Power
    • Aqua Jet
    • Crunch
    • Dragon Dance
    • Hydro Pump
    • Mud Sport
    • Water Pulse
    • Water Sport
  17. GhostDragon

    GhostDragon New Member

    I have:
    Shiny Totodile - Level 1 - Modest - UT - Female

    I'd like a shiny Axew with the ability Mold Breaker.
    Adamant nature preferred, but not necessary.
    Nicknamable would be a plus, but not necessary.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2012
  18. amb1

    amb1 New Member

    I can breed all starters, I am happy to take requests, I am looking for pretty easy to find pokemon (like caterpie) I to complete my pokedex pm me for details!
  19. XNikitaX

    XNikitaX Tree Hugger

    Looking for a Totodile, any level and nature is fine!!
    I don't have much to offer but here is the list of pokes people want from me most:
    Any Unova starter
    All level 1 freshly hatched, send me a message, please and thank you :)
  20. thepomster

    thepomster Well-Known Member

    Looking for a totodile with dragon dance, can offer anything from my sig, can be bred for a specific nature
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