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#161 Sentret / #162 Furret

Discussion in 'Johto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Luis_Sera

    Luis_Sera New Member

    I have a dreamworld female sentret up for trade. Please check my shop in my sig for my wants
  2. Ropav

    Ropav Howls of Loneliness

    I need a sentret for my dex.
  3. syuu

    syuu suggestive cupcake

    looking for any lv. 1 sentret - i can offer a growlithe with the egg moves flare blitz, bite, crunch and roar, and anything else in my sig.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2012
  4. Pryllia

    Pryllia Pokemon Lover

    I am after a female furret (if possible a shiny) can trade female eevee, riolu, or zorua. Also have most, if not all of the starters so I can breed a starter for you.
  5. Desdemona

    Desdemona crazy Eevee lady

    Looking for a shiny sentret or furret. Prefered nameable.
    PM me what you'd like for it.
  6. EvilClone13

    EvilClone13 New Member

    Hey everyone looking for a shiny lvl 1 UT sentret :D. Will supply anything in meh sig :D
  7. froobisu

    froobisu New Member

    I can breed sentret for any pokemon in my signature, or any other reasonable offer.
  8. Galux

    Galux Well-Known Member

    I can breed sentret PM me if you want one
  9. DarkGanta

    DarkGanta Pokemon Trainer

    Looking for Sentret, see signature for details and PM me please :)
  10. Atomicial

    Atomicial Active Member

    I'm looking for a female shiny Sentret. My friend code for pokemon black is 1850 8028 4688. PM for negotiation as well as to give me your friend code.
  11. orochi

    orochi Well-Known Member

    looking for any sentret
  12. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    looking for shiny flawless sentret or someone to RNG it for me CMT if you have it or interested in RNGing it.
  13. DaughterofEternity

    DaughterofEternity New Member

    I'm willing to breed Sentrets for whoever wants one.
    Just PM me.
    I'm looking for pokemon in my signature, but I'll take pretty much anything if you can't give me one.
  14. Hi!

    Does anyone have a female DW Sentret they can breed? (Alternatively, does anyone have a whole stash of female DW Sentrets they've already bred?) If so, can you shoot me a PM with what you're seeking or what you might like and maybe we can work out a deal?

  15. JaKeRToN

    JaKeRToN New Member

    I have sentrets and Furrets, PM me for a trade offer!
  16. woogfroo

    woogfroo Member

    Trade complete!
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013
  17. Sylveön

    Sylveön Oldie Pokemon Fan :3

    lf a untrained female shiny sentret if possible one that can be nicknamed.
  18. Ryzz

    Ryzz New Member

    I am looking for legit shiny furret...offering legit shiny ninetails.
  19. PokéMax

    PokéMax FC: 3612 1264 6269

    Have Shiny Sentret for trade
    looking for Manaphy, Shaymin, Keldeo, Meloetta or Genesect!
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
  20. lavulin

    lavulin Well-Known Member

    Hello. I have lots of baby Sentret. :3 They need a better home. PM please. <3

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