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#172 Pichu / #025 Pikachu / #026 Raichu

Discussion in 'Kanto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

    [td]#172 Pichu[/td]
    [td]#025 Pikachu[/td]
    [td]#026 Raichu[/td][/tr][tr]

  2. Jamthemaster

    Jamthemaster Pokemon Collector

    Have the following Pichu and Pikachu, looking for 5th gen events for when the game comes out in America, pm me to make a trade

    Pokewalker Pikachu (Fly)
    10 ANIV Pikachu
    PKTOPIA Pikachu
    Ash's Pikachu
    HAYLEY's Pikachu
    Satoshi's Pikachu
    SPR2010 Pichu
    GAMESTP Pichu
    Pokemon Movie 09 Pichu (Japanese)

    BLADEDGE loves a puzzle

    i'm looking for a Pichu (Male; Relaxed Nature, EM: Charge, Thunderbolt) egg.

    will trade for anything (except legendarys)

    Black FC: 0389-8081-4375
    White FC: 3009-7392-4895

    Please PM if we can trade
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2011
  4. glenlee

    glenlee FC - 5286 0652 4974

    does anyone have a spare pickachu egg or pokemon i can have for white version? id be very gratefull! pm if you do :)
  5. shadowdorothy

    shadowdorothy Well-Known Member

    I have a Japanese Ash's pikachu to trade. If you want it pm me.
  6. moshdaninja

    moshdaninja New Member

    I'm desperately looking for a pikachu to trade to my wifes pokemon black from my white version to surprise her.
  7. nxnja

    nxnja Active Member

    Looking for any Pichu or Pikachu, nature doesn't matter.

    I can offer a fresh lvl 1 Tepig or Snivy with your choice of nature, or white version exclusives. Message me
  8. Vest

    Vest Event Collector

    I have a level 1 Japanese Pichu but I would rather have an English/American one, any interested? pm me.
  9. squirtle soup

    squirtle soup Unova Champion

    looking for a lv 1 male pichu offering zorua in return
  10. Staralex

    Staralex New Member

    Im in desperate need of a pikachu in black. :surfpika:, if it knows volt tackle that would be awesome but it doesn't really matter as Im just going to breed it to make it have a modest nature.

    I can offer shinies and legendaries in silver if you wish to trade like that (just ask what i have), otherwise in black I can get ahold of Zoruas with Dark pulse, Scyther eggs, Porygon eggs, Dratini eggs and can breed them with either a random nature or modest/adamant.
  11. Drizzy Drake

    Drizzy Drake New Member

    Im looking for A pichu that knows volt tackle pm me with offers any help is accepted thank you so much.
  12. AzureTokio

    AzureTokio Johto Region Trainer

    looking for the following pikachu, UT Ash's pikachu, or a legit surfing pikachu that is on black or white version, offering both phione and zorua.
  13. EboOso

    EboOso Longtime Nerd

    Looking for any pikachu, pichu, or raichu, whatever you have. Can offer UT lv. 1 eevee, zorua, snivy, tepig or archen. If it's something higher level, I can offer better.
  14. WhiteWisper

    WhiteWisper Haters gonna hate

    Looking for Spring 2010 UT Pichu in 5th gen, I would prefer original moves but if you include a heart scale, I'm flexible. PM me or contact Hax0rus in the Wi-Fi chat room.
  15. clutchzilla

    clutchzilla New Member

    Looking for a pikachu, pm me what you want
  16. pokemonnewb

    pokemonnewb New Member

    looking for a pichu or pickachu, pm me if you have one!
  17. Zanji

    Zanji Well-Known Member

    Searching for Ash's Pikachu w/Light Ball I will offer 3 or 4 of the pokemon in my sig's spoiler for it! I will also include an item or two if needed I have a macho brace & choice scarf......the Pikachu must be legit
  18. altariaking

    altariaking SPPF is friendly.

    Looking for UT Ash's Pikachu.
    Offering UT Zorua.
    PM me.
  19. GGDeadZone

    GGDeadZone Pokemon Ace

    Looking for any Pikachu. Would be nice if it was shiny, but it has to be fairly low level. Offering 5th gen pokemon or pokemon infected with Pokerus. PM me if you would like to trade.
  20. Sion Reaver

    Sion Reaver Member

    I don't exactly have(too much) at the moment to offer on White since I'm currently on my sixth badge; the selection is pretty compared to my older games. If anyone is willing to send me a Pikachu/Pichu they have laying around or don't need maybe we could hammer something out. PM me if interested.

    -Edit- Trade completed
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2011
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