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#172 Pichu / #025 Pikachu / #026 Raichu

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I need male pichu with charge


Looking for DW pikachu with light ball.
I can offer lugia,ho-oh, celebi, deoxys, mew, female DW evee and vulpix
PM me.
Still looking for a volt tackle pichu or pikachu. Can be a freshly hatched pichu, I don´t care. PM me if interested. I still have some pokemon that are for trade in my soul silver game, so please say what pokemon you want, so I´ll send them to my pokemon Black game if I don´t have them there yet.


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looking for any old pikachu, just let me know what you want


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Looking for a pikachu with fly or surf, pm me what you want.


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Just got a female pikachu with lightningrod. Can breed it for shinies, DW, or out of the ordinary pokemon. PM me for offers.


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A pichu/pikachu with volt tackle and thunder would be amazing!
PM! :D


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IM LOOKING FOR A FEMALE PICHU DW- i have a lot to offer. not shinys not legendaries. if u want some to offer just let me know by Pm. MARRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY!


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looking for a pikachu colored pichu for my SS, can offer a shiny ut roselia (just in pkmn black/white)
Also looking for a singing pikachu


Master of pokemanz
Okay this is kinda hard but, I am looking for a pikachu knows, fly, or and volt tackle. I want a neutral nature or one that helps it out. Giving a DW event mamoswine, banette or larvitar for that . Hopefully pikachu can relearn the moves in white from heartgold or ss. PM back if your interested. Really looking for this type of pokemon. Also know this might be hard but I'd prefer a male.
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Have a adamant Pickachu (it's also from japan)
And several pichus, Taking most offers :)


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hey im looking for just a basic pikachu can offer eevees zoruas some starters as well (havent got gen 4 starters or cyndaquil but have the rest) and the pans as well


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Looking for any pichu, have a lot of misc poke's I can trade for it (snubull, growlithe seedot ect) as well as any starter
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