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#173 Cleffa / #035 Clefairy / #036 Clefable

Discussion in 'Kanto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

  2. alex mcqueen

    alex mcqueen The.Cleffa.Lover :D

    does anyone have a shiny cleffa? if so please PM me
  3. alex mcqueen

    alex mcqueen The.Cleffa.Lover :D

    or a normal cleffy plzz PM me
  4. Golden_Arcanine

    Golden_Arcanine Well-Known Member

    I've got a female Clefable, PM me if you're interested.
  5. King Lawliet

    King Lawliet Cero Miedo!

    Do you need a Clefable? You do!? Good because I have this Clefable to offer

    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 252 HP+Atk, 6 Speed
    IVs: 1/29/23/23/14/16
    Moves: Protect, Facade, Meteor Mash, Flamethrower
    Ability: Magic Guard

    Interested in it? Then all you have to do is PM me and we can discuss a trade. Thank you for reading
  6. Vest

    Vest Event Collector

    I have a shiny Clefairy for trade. Pm me with offers or visit my trade shop.
  7. Shnitzul

    Shnitzul New Member

    I'm in need of a Clefable, Check Signiture for something in return.
  8. free2be_any1

    free2be_any1 Active Member

    have newly hatched cleffa available for anyone interested :)
  9. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    Cleffa to get rid off!

    PM me if you're interested. I don't need them, taking up space and lvl.1.
  10. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    I have Cleffa, Clefairy & Clefable for trade. Only been used for a Dex Entry.

    Want Pokemon from Gen II, III & IV I don't have. Check my Shop or PM me. Thanks.
  11. pikadon92

    pikadon92 Beware of it's tail!

    I want a clefable for sunflora. This way, we can save hard-to-get stones for evolution:

  12. tatter

    tatter Veteran 10+ yrs

    i can breed clefairy's with softbroiled from 3rd gen with any nature. Looking for DW pokes and shinies
  13. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    I'm going back to my roots and giving away the Pokemon on this list.
    I need to clear 2 boxes of Pokemon I have no use/need for. I don't want anything in return, really.
    Once they're gone, they're gone! Don't bother asking me for natures, gender etc...
    I won't be breeding more and don't have the time/energy/desire to rifle through them all to get what you want.
    I'll literally just be grabbing the first one and giving it to you, got it? :)

    Oh...and manners don't hurt :)

    2x Bulbsaur
    3x Treecko (1x is lvl.6)
    1x Chikorita
    1x Turtwig
    2x Croconaw (lvl.22 & lvl.19)
    2x Torchic
    2x Cyndaquil
    2x Tepig (Egg Move: Flame Charge)
    1x Chimchar (Japanese)

    1x Pansage
    2x Panpour
    2x Pansear (1x lvl.14, lvl.7 & 2 with Egg Move: Incinerate)

    3x Spheal (Egg Moves)
    1x Darumaka (Japanese)
    1x Wobbuffet (nicknamed Maximo)
    1x Nidorino
    1x Rhyperior
    2x Happiny
    1x Rhyhorn
    1x Magnezone
    1x Gengar
    1x Golem
    1x Delibird
    1x Drifblim
    1x Hippopotas
    1x Scyther
    1x spinda
    1x Cleffa
    1x Kingler
    1x Emolga (Japanese)
    1x Unfezent
    2x Deerling (Orange & Pink)
    2x Bisharp (Egg moves)
    1x Scolipede

    1x Lileep
    1x Archen
    4x Tirtouga
  14. Typhlo11

    Typhlo11 'Sup!

    i can offer a lvl 55 pm or vm me for offers!
  15. Typhlo11

    Typhlo11 'Sup!

    srry! Traded my clefable!
  16. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Looking for a Clam female Clefairy.

    (Most preferd with good IV's.) Maxi IV's in sp,def and hp.

    I am a IV breeder, so i can repay you good for it.
  17. I am looking for a Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable with Double-Edge and Softboiled that has Magic Guard (unhacked please). I have many items and many shinies that I can offer, and even some well-bred IV Pokémon too.
  18. Shiny Porygon-Z

    Shiny Porygon-Z Hate makes me Famous

    those pokemon cannot learn double edge.
  19. Nomik18

    Nomik18 Estia

    I'd very much like a clefairy with Bold nature, 31 (or 30) IVs in both Def and Sp.Def, with Magic Guard ability and with moveset:

    -Thunder Wave
    -Aromatherapy/ Heal Bell
    -Seismic Toss
  20. CrystalClear

    CrystalClear New Member

    Offering a (I think UT) Lvl 64 mischievous Clefairy
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Moves: Light Screen, Healing Wish, After You, Meteor Mash

    Looking for: Ralts or Bagon or any of their evolutions, as well as 1st and 2nd gen starters.

    :D PM me if you're interested!
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