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#173 Cleffa / #035 Clefairy / #036 Clefable

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Pokemon addict
I am looking for any kind of clefairy....I don't care about IV/EV or nature etc... I can offer any starters and other pokemon. Please PM me for a trade if interested!


Snorlax FTW!
Hi! I'm Really trying to get an UT Bold Clefairy, with Softboiled. I know this is a big ask, but I can offer a few of the DW females in my sig, or a DW Arceus or Mamoswine, or Pokesmash Cubchoo. Im really desperate for one, Thanks for reading :)


Shiny Collector
Shiny clefable lvl 55, untouched. Looking for shiny growlithe/ shiny clamperl/ shiny togepi preferably but will take other shiny offers.


Event Hunter
looking for a shiny female clefairy nature adamant must be nicknameable and no hacks
offering my dw pokes in signature and other pokemons


Well-Known Member
I'm willing to breed cleffas with seismic toss/softboiled from my emerald

with any nature. no iv specifics please, but if you want any other 3rd gen moves, I suppose I could do those


Howls of Loneliness
I need a clefable for my dex.


New Member
Looking for a bold natured cleffa with magic guard, gravity, and trick. Pm me so we can Work out a trade.


suggestive cupcake
looking for any level 1 cleffa - check my sig for what i can offer. :) thanks!


Clone my Balls!

Clefairy - Level 52 - Quiet - Female
Clefable - Level 64 - Lax - Female
I am looking for a Cleffa/Clefairy with a Brave nature, Magic Guard, and the moves Double-Edge and Softboiled. PM me for offers.


Well-Known Member
I have zoruas, squirtles, pansear/sage, electids and more up for trade, I will take any cleffa/clefairy/clefable for one (or ANY nonGenV pokemon, doesnt matter what they are!) PM me if interested


Dragon Trainer
i got normal cleffas with ability cute charm and wonder guard i got almost every nature of them (busy on a shiny hunt)


Advanced Trainer
hi i have cleffas if anyone wants one


semi pro trainer
need a Cleffa or Clefairy untouched with softboiled and decent IV stats and nature I will trade any pokemon I have for it which counts all the legenderys as well as legit IV bred pokemon of your choice may take time to breed please message me if you have this pokemon I badly want one but my leaf green keeps deleting itself so this is my only chance for this move


New Member
Would really like a shiny Cleffa please, been waiting for one to come up on gts but no luck!

PM me please, thanks.


Sexy Cowboy
Im going to have a bunch of normal cleffas. Hatched. Sort of trying to hatch a shiny one. Got 30 cleffas already, if anyone needs them
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