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#193 Yanma / #469 Yanmega

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staraptor rocks

fire trainer
looking for a yanma can trade pretty much any breedable pokemon. the gender/nature do not matter
Looking for any Yanma. Just need it for completion. Just PM me.
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Seeking a Male Yanma under Lvl 10. I can breed all Unova, Kanto and Johto starters and infect them with Pokerus. PM me if interested :)


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I can breed yanma for any pokemon in my signature, or any other reasonable offer.


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Looking for any Yanma

Can trade all starters except 4th gen, or most 1st and 2nd gen pokes


Lillipup Trainer
looking for a yanmega any (no master balls)
check my store for offers. and please post in the shop if you have one to trade. pm/vm are too easily lost.


Kawaii for life~ x
Offering a shiny RNGed Yanma looking for a Galvantula, Mandibuzz, Zweilous, Virizion or Terrakion.

EDIT: Traded c:
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I'd like a shiny untouched yanma, preferably modest or timid. I have a shiny wailord on offer. Oh, and speed boost is preferred.


Looking for a DWF Yanma.
I have other DMF pokemon to offer.


im looking for these specific pokemon:
Starmie Timid
Yanmega Timid
Jolteon Timid Volt Absorb (must know signal beam)
Staraptor Jolly

if you have any of these or know anyone that like PM me
i am willing to trade shinys legendarys or anything else you might be seeking


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Looking for a Modest flawless or near flawless Compound Eyes Yanma (shiny or non shiny). Have Adamant shiny flawless Beldum for trade.

Odin VI

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Looking for a shiny Male Timid nature Yanma UT

offering any of these shinys;
Chinchou, Female, Modest, Volt Absorb
Tyrogue, Male, Adamant, Guts

pm me if interested.


Shiny Collector
Looking for a shiny yanma level doesnt matter


Patrat don't exist
Pokes I am looking for: Weedle, Spinarak, Chinchou, Natu, Yanma, Quilfish, Stantler, Lotad,
Sableye, Torkoal, Lunatone, Keckleon, Tropius, Luvdisc, Burmy, Cherubi, Skorupi

If you have any of the above or any of their evolutions, and want any of the following, then please PM me.
I don't care level/name/gender/nature/shininess/DWA or anything about them.
I won't turn down any offer involving these pokes, and I have all of these to offer:

Any of the 15 starters, Spiritomb, Phione, and absolutely any basic evolution of any poke not in my want
list above. The only pokes I unfortunately am not willing to offer would be legendaries. Thank you :)


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Hello! I have a shiny Yanmega for trade. It has a good nature but terrible IV's. I am looking for a Vullaby/Mandibuzz or a Buneary/Lopunny (for white 2 pokedex).
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