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#194 Wooper / #195 Quagsire

Discussion in 'Johto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

    [td]#194 Wooper[/td]
    [td]#195 Quagsire[/td][/tr][tr]
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  2. DarthUr

    DarthUr Gentleman Arthur

    i need a water absorb wooper for B&W
    level one
    nicknamed oohbah

    you can have an event shiny beast of your choice
    they have not been used for the event
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  3. I need a male wooper/quagsire that know ice punch and earthquake, at least it must know earthquake but prefer both
  4. Nocturne.Lullaby

    Nocturne.Lullaby Pokemon Breeder

    So, from what I've heard, Dream World Wooper/Quagsire was released in Japan before the Global Link was taken down for maintenance. So, that leads me to my request:

    I'm looking for a legitimate female Wooper or Quagsire with it's Dream World ability: Unaware.

    I'm able to breed a multitude of things (any breedable), as well as breed for IV's and egg moves.
    I have a few shinies and events that, if properly persuaded, I could part with.
  5. lalasiny

    lalasiny Poke-the-X :)

    looking for wooper or quagsire pm me pls
  6. zander33

    zander33 Member

    Looking for a Wooper/Quagsire of any nature (pref Careful) and also must have Recover (egg move). PM if interested
    **must be male if it has Recover but not the right nature, for breeding purposes**

    Willing to trade:
    Male Adamant Ralts
    Male & Female Modest Gastly
    Male Adamant Deino
    Male & Female Modest Bulbasaur
    Female Timid Vulpix
    Male Modest Larvesta
    Male Adamant Elekid
    )Random Natures/Genders) Mudkip; Tirtouga, Zorua, Snivy, Tepig, Dratini, Chikarita
    *all lvl 1*

    **If you have exactly what I need (nature & egg move), I'll trade it for a:**

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2011
  7. awon

    awon New Member

    I'm looking for an unaware, female Whooper. Look at my signature for what I can offer
  8. Rhynox

    Rhynox Well-Known Member

    I have some female unaware woopers, and am looking for a immunity/poison heal gligar/gliscor
  9. baronjaq

    baronjaq A seasoned vet

    Have woopers or any nature for you guys? Plus any egg moves :)
  10. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    Looking for a Wooper. A lot to trade. It's just for a DEX entry. So nothing special needed.
  11. quilt

    quilt Watch Me Rise

    Willing to breed a wooper of any nature for the right price.
  12. @fsmr@

    @fsmr@ New Member

    Looking for female DW Wooper.
    Offering whats on my sig, other egg move pokemon (Litwick: Heat Wave, Larvesta: Morning Sun etc.) , DW female Lileep, HG/SS move tutor PKMN.
    I need a dw female Wooper ASAP, PLEASE pm me if you have one!
  13. elFA

    elFA RNG suspended

    Looking for female DW Wooper.
    Have Dark Pulsed Zorua, Dark Pulsed Deino, Emolga, most starters, Absol, Larvitar, Dratini and many DW Pokemon.
  14. Aaron277

    Aaron277 Pokémon Breeder

    Shiny Wooper
    Level 24
    Nature - Naive
    Ability - Water Absorb

    Looking For: Shinies (Especially Shinx), Manaphy, Shaymin or Mew

    Thank You :)
  15. ChaosBlizzard

    ChaosBlizzard Crit Happens.

    Never tried this before, and I figured I'd look here before trying the Wi-Fi Chat.

    LF female DW Wooper or Quagsire, any nature, any IVs, any moveset, whatever, just need it female and with Unaware. Offering your choice of a Pokemon with a fresh case of PokeRUS. Not looking for much, so not offering too much either. PM me if you're interested.
  16. fschulze47

    fschulze47 Mighty Marvo

    I can breed female Unaware Woopers, interested in an air balloon but willing to negotiate.
  17. Froman

    Froman New Member

    Have a lvl 6 male wooper, water absorb, mild nature, knows water gun tail whip and mud sport.
    PM if interested.
  18. Galux

    Galux Well-Known Member


    Hey would really like a Wooper PM with what you want for it

    FC:4083 4953 8505
    from Galux
  19. Aenea

    Aenea Creator Of Victory

    I would really like a female dw wooper asap...

    I'm willing to offer shiny yanma UT which evolves with speed boost, female dw poliwag or vulpix or dratini, and a variety of Subway items.

    Please PM me!

    My FC is 4899 6542 4712
  20. Regiultima

    Regiultima Rises with Magnetism

    I am currently looking for a female DW Wooper with a Careful nature. Check out my trade shop if you have one and I'm sure a deal can be made.
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