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#194 Wooper / #195 Quagsire

Discussion in 'Johto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. tjwmav

    tjwmav New Member

    Looking for DW Female Wooper. PM me!
  2. Xronc

    Xronc New Member

    Looking for dreamworld male wooper carefull with egg moves recouver and curse.
  3. Seatrekninja

    Seatrekninja New Member

    I have a female DW wooper pm me for offers
  4. SirBlazikeen

    SirBlazikeen Well-Known Member

    I'm also looking for a female DW Wooper, PM Me :)
  5. woogfroo

    woogfroo Member

    Have DWF Wooper with Stockpile, Curse, Recover, and Body Slam.

    They have Pokerus and a 31 IV in HP. Relaxed natures!

    If you see this posting, I'm still offering them! :)
  6. fireice

    fireice Well-Known Member

    looking for PP Up or PP Max or even yellow shards can offer DWF Wooper
  7. Bowserboy129

    Bowserboy129 Member

    Offering DWF Wooper for any other DWF Poke out there. PM me if you are interested.
  8. Funkmaster C

    Funkmaster C Hidden Abilities!

    I'm looking for any Wooper or Quagsire. Please PM with any offers. Thanks.

    BOOMRED Member

    Anyone want a DW Wooper female? I have one so PM me if your keen?
  10. Machomacho

    Machomacho Well-Known Member

    Giving away a wooper for free please take it! Will take anything in return.
  11. Cerex

    Cerex Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a DWF Wooper. I have some DWFs to trade (see signature) and I have all other Pokemon if people are interested.
  12. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Looking for a Bold Quagsire with 31 IVs in Def and HP. Can trade numerous DWFs in my signature. Just pm me which DWFs you are interested in or some items such as Evolutions stones and Shards. And please don't be hesitant to pm me if I'm offline I will check back as soon as I can! :) Thank you!
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