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1942: A Hogwarts RP [RP Thread]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by TikTok13, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    1942: A Hogwarts RP
    RP Thread​

    Sign-Up Thread
    Discussion Thread

    The Oh So Cruel Rules
    1. All standard forum rules apply
    2. No bunnying. As such, the Unforgivable Curses, are well, unforgivable. If you're unfamiliar with these, they are Imperio, Crucio, and Avada Kedavra. Probably worth a Google.
    3. Despite being young teenagers with an almost unstoppable weapon in your hands, don't do anything OP. Connected to this, keep the power and level of spells within reason regarding your age and year. Don't go shooting fireballs at the age of twelve!
    4. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the spells, there is an immensely detailed list here!
    5. Although she might not be around all the time, my Co-GM is the fantastic Nerdy McNerdface, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask either of us!

    Platform 9 3/4
    Hogwarts Express
    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    Regarding Quidditch
    1. Keep it realistic. As good a keeper you might be, you won't save every goal.
    2. NPCs will play a big role. Get knocked about a bit, watch some other action taking place, cheer when a goal is scored, take a back seat at times. It'll be fine if you want to discuss your strategy with other teammates over VM/PM.
    3. The rest of the team should not know who captures the Snitch.
    4. As stated previously, you don't need to participate in a Quidditch match if you haven't actually put down the position in your SU. Furthermore, you don't need to attend either.

    Accepted Players
    1. Cole Steele - Gryffindor - TikTok13
    2. Raven Snowshield - Slytherin - VampirateMace
    3. Damien Schade - Slytherin - Schade
    4. Jane O'Reilly - Hufflepuff - Tangeh
    5. Ivory Corvino - Ravenclaw - Samayouru
    6. Liam Anwell - Hufflepuff - Monster Guy
    7. Ephriam Quimby - Gryffindor - Innes (PENDING)
    8. Fenris Arkwright - Ravenclaw - Vern
    9. Cece Campbell - Gryffindor - Hydrangea
    10. Lealia Sadik - Hufflepuff - Nerdy McNerdface
    11. Roscoe Grey - Slytherin - Fango Pango
    12. Emma Lee Seidel - Slytherin - Sketchie

    Quidditch Players
    1. Cole Steele - Gryffindor Captain: Chaser - TikTok13
    2. Raven Snowshield - Slytherin Captain: Beater - VampirateMace
    3. Ephriam Quimby - Gryffindor: Chaser - Innes (PENDING)
    4. Lealia Sadik - Hufflepuff: Seeker - Nerdy McNerdface
    5. Jane O'Reilly - Hufflepuff Captain: Chaser - Tangeh
    6. Ivory Corvino - Ravenclaw Captain: Seeker - Samayouru
    7. Roscoe Grey - Slytherin: Seeker - Fango Pango
    8. Emma Lee Seidel - Slytherin: Keeper - Sketchie

    Cole Steele
    Platform 9 3/4
    10:50 a.m.

    "I'll be fine, honestly," Sighs Cole exasperatedly as his mother fussily adjusts the hood of his cloak, embarrassing him just as much as she does every year. Despite his calm reassurance, she scowls and sweeps Cole's hair out of his face, the black locks messy and curled. Around them, chaos reigns supreme. People rush backwards and forwards, trunks under their arms and owls screeching on the trolleys. Another hectic beginning of another hectic year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    The familiar scarlet train whistles behind Cole, who has to literally prise himself from the iron grip of his mother. Tears are in her eyes; she's trying her best to be the strong mother of his childhood years, but with Cole's father being so worried about the war and his mother stressing with work, nobody is how they used to be.

    "I'll be fine," He repeats, in the most reassuring voice that he can muster. Cole's mother sniffs, and plants a quick kiss on his cheek, not daring to speak for fear of breaking down. "If you get worried, you can send an owl, and I'll update you once a week," Cole says quietly, Silver's hooting reminding him of the postal owl service, something he hardly ever uses nowadays. His mother just nods, gives him another kiss, and lets him go, stepping backwards. Cole returns a weak smile and straightens his cloak, making sure he still has each of my belongs on him. His dark, cypress wand is clutched tightly in one hand, Silver's cage in the other, the cold metal sending a frosty chill throughout his body.

    Leaving his mother with a heavy heart, although oddly not as heavy as he felt it should be, Cole made his way on to the scarlet train and towards the same compartment that he's sat in for the past four years on every single journey. The seats, with their velvet cushioned backs are as soft as ever, a pristine cleanliness about them that almost feels unnatural. Cole watches absent-mindedly through the window as he heaves my trunk and Silver's cage into the storage compartment above, flashing a quick smile at his anxious mother, still lingering in the crowd of nervous parents.

    Hundreds of students clamber onto the Hogwarts Express, and they all pass by Cole's compartment without so much as a second glance. Of course, he knows they'll be setting of soon; the train schedule is engraved deep in his mind. Then the trolley witch will come around, and he'll spend some of the Galleons in his pocket on needless food. Cole's rarely ever that hungry anyway.

    The train lets out its final whistle and Cole waves his final wave at his mother, who is now crying into a handkerchief. It's hard for her, and he knows this, but the fact that he's promised to write reassures him. It's the best he can manage. Besides, it's Hogwarts. Even with a war going on, what could possibly go wrong?
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
  2. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Ivory Corvino
    Platform 9 3/4

    Ivory always had a hard time saying good-bye to her parents as many kids going to Hogwarts usually did. It was almost par for the course for any child magical or otherwise who had to be separated from their families for most of the school year.

    But this year was different. Up until last year Ivory had often looked towards this day with glee – at last, she wouldn’t be going to Hogwarts alone! She had lost count of how many time she’d thought about having to share a compartment with Michael, pointing out the trolley witch when she passed by with tons of sweets she’d only ever been able to stash away to send him using Borwin. But no – that’s not what happened in the end.

    She had looked up at the Hogwarts Express with a pang of dread squirming in her stomach. Those who had already boarded were either talking to their parents from the windows of their compartments while others were carefully taking their belongings on board. She frowns. Just how many of them actually realised how dangerous muggles really were?

    A hand touches her shoulder – it’s her father and beside him is her mother. They’re both smiling but Ivory can see through them. There are deep shadows under her mother’s eyes and her father’s skin is a lot paler than it used to be. He’s still trying his hardest even now, over a year after Michael died. “Need any help getting Borwin on the train?” he asks, glancing to Borwin’s large cage. The bird twitters and screeches, twisting his head in the direction of hoots from other students’ owls.

    Ivory nods wordlessly. Her mother reaches over and embraces her. “Goodbye, Ivory,” she whispers. “Take care of yourself, all right?”

    “I will,” Ivory whispers back, her grip on her mother’s back tight. From that moment on its only her only her dad that needs to be dealt with.

    He lugs the cage behind Ivory, who is tasked with taking the trunk and they soon reach a compartment that’s still empty. The neighbouring compartment already has a boy with black hair and a cloak of the same colour to match. It doesn’t take long for her to sit down near the window with Borwin placed beside her. The trunk is slid underneath the seat. “There,” her father said, dusting his hands once the job is done. He leans in so that he can see her eye to eye. “You know that if you have any problems you just need to send us a letter, right?”

    Ivory places her hands on her lap. “I know.”

    Her father forces another gentle smile. “Good,” he replies and once again places a hand on her shoulder. “Have a safe journey,” he says and adds before he leaves the compartment: “We’ll see you during the holidays.”

    Ivory offers him a wave and then he’s gone – leaving the train to join her mother. It isn’t long after this that the whistle blows and the scarlet train stirs into motion. She gives them both a proper wave as they pull out of the station and at last her calm façade ebbs away. She folds her arm and props her head with her palm, elbow pressing against the glass window.

    It’s going to be a very long school year – that is for certain.
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Raven Snowshield
    Platform 9 3/4
    Late Morning

    A trolley laden with a black trunk broke through the barrier to platform 9 3/4th, followed by a black haired girl in simple black muggle style clothes and a green headband. A couple, the woman in similar attire, but brighter colored, and a man in a reserved suit, followed her. The man pulled a wand from the inner pocket of his suit and sighed, “Heh, I'll never get used to pretending to be a muggle.”

    His wife laughed and his daughter shrugged. She, Raven, was looking around the platform. In her 5th year now, she was familiar with the sight of magical people crowding around the scarlet train, but after a long and kind of lonely break, the idea of returning to the castle and her friends was nice, not that she wouldn’t miss her family of course.

    “You remembered to pack your new books, right?” asked her mom. Raven looked back over her shoulder, “Yeah mom, I packed all the new supplies as soon as we got home from Diagon Alley.”

    “Did you check your remembrall?” added her father. Raven reached into her sweater pocket and held the clear orb up over her head, without looking at him, “Yep.”

    Close to the train now, and she still didn't see any of her friends, so she assumed she'd have to find them on board. She halted the trolley and turned back to her parents, her mom already going in for a hug, “Bye, don't worry about me, they say there's nowhere safer then Hogwarts.”

    “You can't stop me from worrying,” laughed her mom, “So don't forget to write, every week, okay?”

    “Sure mom,” chuckle Raven with a grin, knowing she'd get urgent owls if she was even a day late. And the ongoing war in the muggle world did not help the situation. She turned and hugged her father, who then helped her lift the trunk up onto the train. She waved at them both and turned to see if she could find her friends or at least an empty compartment before the train set off. She did not want to get stuck sitting with a bunch of Gryfindors or Hufflepuffs.

    Raven clamored down the corridor with her luggage, peeking into the open compartments. With a disgruntled sigh, she finally settled on empty compartment and stowed her trunk. She fell back onto the soft velvet seat, but couldn't really relax yet. She stared out the window, trying to see if she could still spot her parents, or any of her approaching friends.
  4. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Everything Not Saved Will be Lost

    Cecelia Campbell

    Platform 9¾
    10:52 a.m.

    [ ]​

    Cecelia glanced nervously at the brick wall ahead of her, her hands nervously fluttered around her cloak --- hoping to get her brand new prefect badge absolutely perfect. Her mother glanced at her, giving a knowing smile. Cecelia had never discussed school much at home, beyond how well her grades were and the fact that she had been appointed as a prefect due to her trusted nature around the castle. Her mother had to wonder how other students treated her, she was of course not exactly of magical blood. Her mother was sure that most students she attended classes with were from long long lines of wizarding families, and she could only hope that they were friendly to her dear Cece.

    Cecelia looked forward, taking a small jog of a start into the wall with her trolley and entering it briskly. Her mother followed suit, gawking at the vast amounts of students with their huge supply of luggage and odd pets. Speaking of pets, Joker gave a cool coo --- causing Cecelia to stick her fingers into his cage with a small treat clutched between them. He snatched it almost immediately, giving a happy tweet before puffing out his feathers and closing his eyes.

    "Don't forget to write.." Said her mother, tears in her eyes as there was every year. Cecelia assumed it was due to her always going off to this "other world" one where her mother was unable to tread. She was sure that was the case, as such a place would be frightening for any mother... it was like a baby bird finally taking flight and leaving the nest. Cecelia gave an assuring nod, swearing to her mother that this year would of course not be any different and she would absolutely send an owl every two weeks. She clutched her mother's hand, rubbing the top of it gently.

    "Remember. When Joker arrives he only likes his treats warm, and they have to be the ones that make his moulting not as bad. I'm sure that they'd hate to have a messy owl in the owlery." Cecelia gave a warm smile, causing her mother to chuckle. She had been very unsure when Cecelia had first brought home the creature, but at this point he was certainly a welcome addition to their otherwise small and very ordinary family. Her mother walked her to the train entrance, where she gave her a tight hug as they lifted her luggage into the entrance.

    "Be safe, love." Her mother said, nuzzling her face into Cecelia's neck in their tight embrace. Cecelia clutched the back of her mother's coat, feeling the twinge of tears bristling up in her eyes. She pulled away and nodded, a smile forming loosely on her lips.

    "I'm always safe, buuuut... maybe I'll meet a boy and be a little naughty this year." Cecelia said with a wink, causing her mother to cross her arms and give a dry chuckle.

    "Cecelia Ann Campbell. You should not be talking to your mother like that." Despite the use of her middle name, Cecelia could tell that her mother wasn't actually angry due to the flush in her cheeks and the enormous smile on her face. Cecelia smiled, giving one last wave as she turned her back --- dragging her luggage and clutching Joker's cage in one hand. She wandered the corridors of the train briskly, finally finding what appeared to be an empty carriage. She had passed another student in red robes on the way in, but she wanted to be alone with her book. It was quite the page turner, romance, explicit sexuality, all the stuff her parents probably did not want their sweet baby girl looking at. She smiled to herself, placing Joker's cage on the floor and sitting down allowing herself to relax with her nose buried in her book.
  5. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Fenris Arkwright
    Platform 9 and 3/4
    Late Morning.

    Fenris watches the people milling around him with the detached air of someone who knows he has absolutely nothing to do with any of them. His suitcase lies on the floor next to where he's sitting, quite content with being used as its owner's armrest. His baggy robes pool onto the ground beneath him, looking too tired to care if they were stepped on. And they were stepped on - occasionally on purpose. Although people didn't really care about him anymore, and the whole vampire fiasco is already a thing of the past, some things never really change much.

    It must be nice, huh. He thinks to himself, his unfocused gaze flitting from one parting family to the next, To be part of such loving families. I wonder how many of them are just faking it...

    Unlike most others, Fenris is alone, having left his parents behind in their home. It was obvious that they did not want to spend the effort to escort him all the way here, and if they didn't want to, he wasn't going to pass up this chance to get away from that stifling house and it's stifling atmosphere as soon as possible. It's not that they didn't care about him - it was obvious that they did. Especially Mother - she cares about everyone. But his relationship with his parents had always seemed more like one that would exist between acquaintances than one that would exist between family, and you wouldn't spend the time to take an acquaintance halfway across the country during a time of war.

    "Hey." A familiar voice says, jerking him out of his sleepiness-induced reverie, "Christ, you're depressing to look at. Cheer up a little, will ya?"

    "Nice to see you too, sis." He mutters, tilting his head in the direction the sound had come from. "I thought you liked to avoid crowded places."

    "You're confusing me for yourself." His sister laughs in response, hopping over his legs and taking a seat next to him, her cloak and her hair fluttering slightly in the wind, "I was in town, so I figured I'd pop by and surprise you."

    "Consider me surprised." Fenris mutters. "So, have you been well? How many times did you almost die since... uh... when did we last talk again?"

    "Oh, I've been great. I even got to ride a fucking dragon. You have no idea how much those scales dig into your feet. They still hurt like hell - the cuts got a little infected, but it's nothing that Kite can't fix."

    "You're kidding me." Fenris sighs, letting out a dry sort of laugh, "Are you crazy? Why does he even put up with you?"

    "Of course I'm crazy. Totally freakin’ mad." She replies, idly tapping her wand against her hair and changing its color and length as she talks, somehow managing to have it turn out just as messy as it was before every time, "I can even show you the marks - they aren't entirely gone yet.” She mutters a spell under her breath, and her shoes seem to liquefy themselves and change into skin color, shrinking back into her feet to reveal that they are indeed covered with red marks.

    They sit there and talk for a bit longer, watching as the platform slowly begins to empty. Over the years, Fenris has made it a habit to board the train at the last minute - that way, he could easily settle down in a relatively abandoned compartment without having to take the risk of it filling up later. When the bell rings to signal that the express would soon be leaving, Fenris stands up, dodges the hug his sister tries to give him, and makes the customary promise that they would talk again later. Whether that promise would actually be kept is another matter entirely, and they both knew it. He gives her a wave, then steps onto the train, grimacing at the effort of lifting the suitcase, and begins looking, with a book already in his free hand, for a suitably deserted place to sit down.
  6. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    Roscoe Gray
    King's Cross Station

    Roscoe walked into Kings Cross with his mother, Marie, hurriedly. He was normally at least half an hour early, yet here he was with 5 minutes to go until his train left the platform. One of the house-elves had lost his robes, and had taken what seemed like forever to find them. Roscoe knew the house-elf would be punished when Marie returned home.

    He arrived at the wall leading to the platform, and nonchalantly walked through. He'd made it on time, and his mother was visibly relieved. "Remember" Marie said, "Your O.W.Ls are your priority this year. Don't mess them up." Marie glared at Roscoe, worried that Roscoe would end up a failure. "Please, mum, don't give me that rubbish again." Roscoe retorted, chuckling, "I could do them in my sleep, and my priority is and has always been Quidditch." Roscoe's words took Marie aback. She chuckled, embracing Roscoe. "I'm sure you'll do wonderfully. I just want to make sure you don't wind up a bum, when there's no need for it." Roscoe returned the embrace. She continued, "Off you pop then. No time to lose. Good luck finding a seat in there." Roscoe smiled, knowing he would be fine, though he was thankful his mother cared about him. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, grabbed his suitcases and hopped onto the now packed Hogwarts Express.

    Roscoe couldn't believe his eyes. All the carriages he'd passed were full. Full of peers. Full of those older than him. Full of those younger than him. He hated it, especially the last part. He snarled at a student passing him by. He could tell they were a first year, with their eyes full of wonder at this brand new world opening up to them. He continued his walk, further and further up the train. No seats, no luck.

    Then he saw it. A near empty carriage. At this point he didn't care who was there. It was only one person, what could it matter who they were? Without hesitation he entered the carriage, sliding the door shut. He turned, to find a caged bird opposite the girl in the carriage, he sat beside her, having no choice. He turned to her, and realised it was Cecelia Campbell. He sighed, visibly upset. He turned back to face the wall across from him, then a moment later spoke up. "Listen, mudblood. The only reason I'm in here with you is so I can sit. The fact they let you on the same train as us purebloods is an abhorrent reality. However, I'm willing to look past this...inferiority of your's, as long as you can keep that bird quiet, and as long as you can keep quiet unless I begin a conversation with you. Understand?" He glared at her, waiting impatiently for an answer.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
  7. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Damien Schade
    King's Cross Station
    Late morning

    Despite having been up for at least a few hours already, Damien was feeling very tired, which was only made worse by the hectic and noisy King's Cross station. He was going to board the Hogwarts Express, like he had done 4 times in the past already. The overall energy on the platforms were through the roof, and he saw many familiar faces, as well as a bunch of new ones. This would be his last year at Hogwarts, and his Mother was there with him. Stephania Schade was tripping about in her tight frilled pencil skirts, looking almost cartoonish as she went on. "OH come on now son, don't be late." she said as she yanked his baggage with surprising strength despite her petite size. "Don't worry about it, mother. We are on time, see?" he pointed to where what could only be first graders excitedly standing next to their sobbing parents. The scenery gave Damien unpleasant flashbacks to his own first year, and he shrugged.

    As they came to the magical wall seperating the platform from the muggle one they were currently in, Damien turned to his mother. ".. And remember to write to me every Sunday. Do be nice to the new students, and don't get yourself into more danger." his mother went on and on and on. the little woman sure knew to talk. "Yes mother, as you say mother, don't worry yourself mother, go home mother, say hi to father from me" he continued, basically interrupting her as she spoke. The two then hugged it out before Stephania disappeared into the crowd like a little ghost. Walking through the wall with his trolley, Damien emerged on the other side to the now familiar majestic view of the train. He had to shove other students aside who was standing there in complete awe as if they were in some awesome scene from a bad movie, and he earned a few glares as he shuffled his way to the nearest wagon entrance.

    As to be expected, the train was near completely full, and though he would have preferred to be alone in a wagon, Damien knew that was very unlikely. As he shuffled his way through the train, he eventually spotted his best friend, Raven. Contrary to more or less anything, she had managed to grab hold of an empty seating. He quickly jumped in, pulling his luggage with him, giving her a smile as he entered. He quickly stashed his luggage and occupied as much as he could of the seating, just to hinder other students from entering. He got a series of glum glares and cursing students passing by. he and Raven both let out a subtle malicious laugh in unison to each passing student. "Oh, it's so good to see you again. I thought this summer would never end.", he then said to her as he adjusted into his seat.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
  8. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Everything Not Saved Will be Lost

    Cecelia Campbell

    Hogwarts Express
    10:58 a.m.

    [ ]​

    Cecelia sat idly, letting her mind wander through the book she was reading. Interesting for sure, and banned in the muggle world. It was so scandalous, she couldn't imagine what her parents and teachers alike would think if they saw the perfect straight A student reading literal smut on her way to school. Yet, there was something so alluring about the simplicity of love in the author's mind --- it didn't help that Cecelia herself was somewhat a helpless romantic. She was sure one day that the perfect man would fall into her lap, or that she would be swept off her feet by her perfect prince charming. She sighed idealistically, it was such an imperfect dream. She couldn't imagine any boy ever even taking a second glance at her as they walked past, she was bland, mild, and most certainly out-shined in beauty by many of the other girls in Gryffindor and in Hogwarts as a whole. Not to mention the whole muggleborn thing, she couldn't imagine one of the pureblood boys admiring her enough to even talk to her besides maybe out of pity or to make fun of her.

    Cecelia was roused from her thoughts upon hearing the train carriage doors open, she peaked up from her book, clutching the pages tightly enough in her hands to cause them to crumple mildly and for herself to go white in the knuckles. It was him. The stupid Slytherin boy who had been on the sidelines of the bullying. He was not the main offender, not the one that got her that stupid detention in third year --- no, he was Roscoe Gray. Snarky, charming, and dare she say: attractive? That may be pushing it, but there was something about his attitude that made her feel odd. Not necessarily bad, but the way the word 'mudblood' slipped off his tongue was somewhat alluring.

    He looked at her, seeming somewhat irritated. He let out a deep sigh upon seeing Joker's cage resting across from her, plopping his derrière firmly to her left. He huffed, starring at the wall across from her. She glanced at him from her peripheral vision, rolling her eyes. She knew he couldn't resist piping up... she just wondered how long it would take? Finally, after what felt like an eternity --- although she was sure in actuality it had only been a few disturbingly silent seconds, he spoke to her. Turning to face her with a malicious glare in his eyes.

    "Listen, mudblood. The only reason I'm in here with you is so I can sit. The fact they let you on the same train as us purebloods is an abhorrent reality. However, I'm willing to look past this...inferiority of your's, as long as you can keep that bird quiet, and as long as you can keep quiet unless I begin a conversation with you. Understand?" He spoke firmly, eying her as he spoke. She chuckled to herself, loosening her grip on her book and placing it gently on her lap as she turned to face him to speak.

    "Oh yes. Of course, Mr. Gray. I wouldn't dream of speaking out of turn to someone oh so much above me." Her words were laced with sarcasm, but she gave a malicious look as she said them. Hoping to at least shut up Roscoe from any further interactions.
  9. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Jane O'Reilly
    Platform 9 3/4
    10:45 a.m.

    A young redheaded girl pushed her trolley purposefully through the King's Cross train station. She wore her usual purple frock, but omitted her favourite witch hat in favor of blending in with the muggles. At fifteen, Jane was old enough now that nobody really paid her a second glance for traveling alone.. unless they got close enough to hear her cat, Orion, who was expressing his distaste for his carrying case very vocally. Still, they didn't turn as many heads as some of the other students with unhappy owls. Most of the other students were with their families, but Jane had left her parents and sisters behind at the portkey in Ireland. Even the drive to the portkey was a few hours, but it saved one hell of a journey all the way to London. Jane didn't mind the portkey too much, but it had made her entire family violently ill her first year - didn't exactly help with her first year jitters much - and they just agreed they would make the portkey the goodbye point from then on. It was better to get her tears out in private anyways, she supposed. She was thrilled about going back to Hogwarts, but still loved her family dearly, and it was hard to know she wouldn't see them until the holidays. Her family was naturally a bit nervous about her going to Scotland with the war going on, but Jane reassured them that Hogwarts was probably the safest place on the planet. Being muggles, Jane supposed they would never quite understand that. Though she understood their fears - even with Ireland's declared neutrality, Jane couldn't help worry that more German air strikes could put her family in jeopardy.

    Jane arrived at Platform 9 3/4 and confidently slipped through the wall once she was sure they were out of eyesight. And there it was - the glorious old train already had smoke billowing out the top of it as students and parents rushed about. Jane beamed at the sight. Her first year she'd burst into terrified tears, but now the Hogwarts Express promised friends, quidditch, and magic, rather than fear of the unknown. As she moved to board the train, she spotted a first year girl sobbing as she hugged her mother goodbye for the last time, terror etched on her face. Jane's expression softened into a kind smile, and she hoisted her trunk and Orion's case onto the train before turning to help the girl with hers. "C'mon lass," Jane extended a hand to the youngster. "This way now, we'll get you settled." She hoisted the trembling girl aboard and grabbed both the girl's trunk and her own trunk before realizing she didn't have enough hands for everything. "Take Orion for me, would you? He's a real sweetheart, just doesn't like the cage much." She led the first year down the row of compartments, peering into the windows of each, until she came across one with two other young students, each peering fearfully out onto the platform as first years typically did. "Right, here we are." She stowed the girl's trunk and opened the cabin, urging her inside after taking Orion from her arms. The eleven-year-olds shyly greeted each other, and Jane took her leave.

    She continued down the line until finding an empty cabin. She stowed her trunk and took a seat, Orion's carrying case in her lap. She figured she could let him out once they were moving and the doors were locked. Not that she was worried about Orion getting lost on the train - he'd probably turn up in the Hufflepuff dormitories eventually, as he always did. She settled in to wait, hoping that some of her Hufflepuff friends would come to join her. She had been writing to Liam all summer with the help of his owl, Snow, but it had been a long three months without seeing her best friend.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy I like T.K.

    Liam Anwell
    Platform 9 3/4
    Late Morning

    "Bye mum, I'll see you over the holidays." Liam said as he hugged his mother goodbye.

    Liam's mother kissed her son on his forehead. "Take care dear. Please be careful. I don't want you coming home hurt."

    "Mum, I've been going there for three years now. I'll be fine!" Liam protested. He knew his mother was just being a concerned mother, and rightfully so, especially with this war going on. Liam knew Hogwarts was perfectly safe, and likely wouldn't get involved in any fighting. Besides, he was armed with a wand, and a knowledge of charms. What could possibly go wrong? He waved good bye, took his trolley, turned around, and walked right through into platform 9 3/4s. Every year, Liam was amazed the muggles wandering around never noticed kids walking through but a platform.

    Liam emerged from the other side of the wall, and had full of view of the Hogwarts Express. It was at this point, that Snow the owl ruffled her feathers, and let out an irritated coo.

    "Yes Snow, I know you don't like being in that cage. Wait a little longer, and I'll let you out when we get to Hogwarts, ok? I can't just let you fly all over the train.

    Snow wasn't satisfied with that answer, and cooed again. Unfortunately, she didn't have much choice in the matter.

    Liam boarded the train, and as per usual, the train was full as can be. People were running around trying to find a place to sit. Liam would have done the same, but there was something else he wanted to do first. He found the Trolley Cart, and the friendly Trolley Witch that ran it.

    "Would you like anything off the trolley, dear?"

    "Absolutely!" Liam replied as he pulled out some money. The journey to Hogwarts was long. Buying some sweets made the trip bearable.

    Moments later, Liam was now carrying a bag filled with a little bit of everything the trolley had to offer. Now he was looking for a cabin to sit in. All of the cabins had at least one person in them from what he could tell. He eventually spotted his best friend Jane inside one of them, and immediately rushed over to join her. They had been sending letters back and forth with Snow's help, but it had been three months since they'd seen each other. "Hey Jane! Nice to see you again!" The boy said with a smile as he entered the cabin. He stowed his trunk away and sat Snow's cage on the floor, took a seat, and took out his bag of candies that he had bought earlier. "Care for some candy? I bought enough to share!" He pulled out a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, and casually popped a bean into his mouth. Liam gagged once it went down, and he realized the flavor of the bean he had just eaten. "Ugh, why did Bertie Bott think it was a good idea to make snot flavoured beans?"
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  11. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Raven Snowshield
    Platform 9 3/4
    Late Morning

    Raven sighed, still not really seeing anyone. She could hear other passengers filing by outside her compartment. The train was really filling up now and she was starting to wonder who she might get stuck with. Then if happened, someone barged in. Raven turned to look, smiling as she realized it was Damien, who was probably her best friend in the world. She chirped happily, as he took up the whole of the other seat, “Hello, I'm glad you found me! I was worried I was gonna get stuck with Hufflepuffs or Gryffindors. . . ugh, or first years. Like they're cute, I get it, but they ask a ton of questions, they want to talk about everything.”

    Raven agreed with his plan, and turned to recline on her bench as well. The traffic in the hall was still picking up, and lots more students kept peeking into their compartment, either sighing because of their behavior or cursing because they knew to expect this from Slytherins, which in itself was part of the reason they acted this way. Raven followed Damien's lead and started to snicker rudely whenever someone looked in to see if there was an available seat. Finally as the activity started to settle down, Damien commented on how long summer felt, as he switched into a normal sitting position. Raven rolled her head his way, “I know how you feel. I like my parents well enough, but I miss everybody, and being able to do magic for myself. Like who's idea was that?”

    Not that she couldn't get away with a little underage magic, having two wizarding parents. As long as she didn't get caught by them, or had their permission, because the Ministry had no way to automatically know who'd cast a spell at their home.

    The train would be heading out of the station soon, and rolling through the countryside to Hogwarts. She had a happy home, but Hogwarts was still like a second home, especially the Slytherin dorms. Slowly she pulled herself back into a normal sitting position and dug around in her sweater pocket, along with the rememberall and her wand, there was some change so she could buy a little candy from the trolley when it came by. She sorted the Sickles and Knuts in her palm. This should be decent for a snack at least.
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  12. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    Roscoe Gray
    Platform 9 3/4
    10:58 ​

    Roscoe chuckled to himself for a second following Cecelia's reply. He turned to face the door of the carriage. Nobody was walking by at this time, and it seemed the mad rush of students piling onto the train had died down. If she thought her response would shut him up, she was very wrong. Roscoe took a deep breath, then turned back to Cecelia, moving in closer, speaking in a hushed tone, "Listen mudblood, I don't know what makes you think sarcasm will get you the upper hand your blood prevents you ever reaching, but your attitude towards me is a far cry from how it should be." He grinned, having found the perfect opportunity he needed in order to give Cecelia the piece of mind he'd been wanting to give for the better part of his time at Hogwarts.

    "The way I see it, your kind were put here for two things; helping house-elves, and showing pure blooded folks what they have to be thankful for. At least we weren't born with tainted veins. At least we'll always belong, rather than being out of place with wizards and muggles. At least our parents can fully understand what we're talking about. At least our existence makes sense. Our parents were magic, as are we. You mudbloods shouldn't even exist. The idea you got a fluke pass into becoming a witch is absurd. You should be sat at some secondary school doing whatever tests they do there. You should be most worried about your car breaking down, not about what you want to do after your OWLs." He was visibly upset with Cecelia's blood status. He took a moment to collect himself, as he didn't want attention. Not this time. Cecelia had always been in his sights as someone who deserved a personal berating for who she was.

    He continued, "If your people really have to be allowed into Hogwarts, which might I add shouldn't even be a topic of debate, as nobody of your type deserve to be at the best magic school this side of the equator, then you deserve to be somewhere you can actually be useful, the kitchen, preparing everything for your higher-ups. Maybe you can help the house-elves cleaning the castle. But none of you deserve that." He pointed at her wand. "A wand is something only true witches and wizards get. You by definition are not." He sat there, tempted to grab her wand out of her grasp, and throw it out of the train window. He decided being expelled wasn't worth it. To his dismay, the filth would stay.

    Roscoe took a few deep breaths, now finished ranting at her. Before he forgot, he ended, "And you should call me Mr Gray. I'm above you, and I'm definitely far enough above you that you don't deserve to talk to me on a first name basis." He remained sat, watching her intently, watching for any reply she could dare come back with.
  13. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Cole Steele
    Hogwarts Express

    The train shook as it departed from Platform 9 3/4, making Cole sway from side to side uncomfortably. All standard routine by now. Cole had come to accept that the journey wasn't always going to be first class luxury, like some of the more snobbish students expected. As if on cue with his thought patterns, a fair few Slytherin strolled by, heads held high and smug grins plastered onto their faces.

    Cole mockingly smiled at them as they passed, but knew better than to openly pick a fight with them. While skilled with a wand, he was a pathetic dueller. Slytherin. A horrible house, in Cole's opinion. He knew he shouldn't think that way, but he wanted nothing more than to knock them down a peg. Or two. Or just off a cliff. Any's fine. It wasn't so much the qualities held by Slytherin house, but the insulting superiority that all the Slytherins carried with them at all times. Sure, they weren't all bad, but Cole wouldn't give his seat up for one, either.

    Dreaming peacefully about ways to get at Slytherins, Cole was brought to his senses by the ever-present trolley-witch.

    "Anything from the trolley, dear?" She asked sweetly, her wrinkled old face smiling at him. How old she was, Cole couldn't tell, but nothing brightened up his journey more than a chocolate frog or two. Feeling his bag of coins tinkling by his side, he raised from his seat and turned around.

    "You guys..." He paused, realising with a sense of embarrassment that nobody else was in the compartment with him. "Oh," Cole muttered, looking at the trolley-witch with a sad expression. "I'll have a - uh - packet of Drooble's, 10 Chocolate Frogs, um, have any Fizzing Whizzbies? No? Just an, um, Every Flavour Beans pack too. Thanks."

    Pulling all of that from the trolley, Cole smiled, dropped it on the seats in his compartment, and handed over his money; 2 galleons, 7 sickles, and 3 knuts. The trolley witch then left, leaving Cole all alone once more. Not wanting to shut himself away for the rest of the journey, Cole swiped his Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans from his seat and stood, leaning against the frame of the door, watching the corridors.

    Eager first years ran down the train, most still in muggle clothes. Some pushed him back into his compartment, others started asking him about the sorting, to which he would give a short definition and explain the houses in depth, not wanting to spoil too much. But one thing he was doing, however, was sorting every single first year in his head as they passed. A fun pastime, and something he did every single year. Unfortunately, as far as he knew, nobody else partook in this game.

    Meanwhile, Cole munched on his beans, getting some normal flavours that weren't half bad, like mint, strawberry, chocolate, orange, but he soon came across a horrible one. Coal dust. The irony was not lost of Cole, but he was too busy coughing and spluttering to pay much attention. Horrible. When his fit had ended, Cole frowned and coughed some more, before looking up again.

    Down the corridor, he saw an older, Ravenclaw boy, looking very tired, very bored, and a book in his hand. Even from here, he knew it was Fenris Arkwright. The guy was bullied a few years ago, to the best of Cole's knowledge, something about vampires. Cole didn't really know, nor did he necessarily care. Yet. He couldn't do anything to help, of course. But Fenris seemed to be looking for a compartment, so Cole smiled and waved at him.

    "Hey, are you, uh, looking for a compartment? Mine's empty, save me. You can have some food if you need it."
  14. Lealia Sadik
    Platform 9 3/4

    Lealia clutched hold of her mother's arm as the two weaved in and out of wizarding families kissing goodbyes to their children. The loud drone of sobbing parents as their children stepped inside the carriages wasn't exactly comforting to Lealia, and she had an urge to rush around giving everyone a hug to make them feel better. However, she had no intention of getting separated from the one parent she still had, so she kept herself glued to her mother's side. Eventually the two stopped beside a carriage near the back, where Lealia's friends - Elijah and Annabelle - had decided the three of them should meet. There her mother looked down at Lealia, tears starting to form in her eyes.

    "You will be ok, Lealia... right?"

    Lealia stared up, a smile on her face. "I'll be alright, mum! You're the one who I should be worrying about, really."

    There, she embraced her mother in the tightest hug she could give, and her mother responded by returning it and saying, "you don't need to worry about me, Lealia, I'll be fine. If the air raid siren sounds, the underground is only across the road. Honestly, you don't need to worry."

    Lealia released her mother, before darting to the carriage door and looking back. The tears in her mother's eyes had begun falling, and it took a lot of effort for Lealia to not rush back as fast as possible to make sure she was alright. Instead, she gave a wave, before she clambered onto the train and began searching for the compartment her friends were located in.
  15. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Fenris Arkwright
    Platform 9 and 3/4

    "Hey, are you, uh, looking for a compartment?” A voice rings through the air. "Mine's empty, save me. You can have some food if you need it.”

    It takes Fenris a moment or two to realise that whoever spoke was addressing him. Over the years, he had gotten used to being ignored, and even grown to like it. Most of the time, whenever someone spoke in his vicinity, it wasn’t actually to him. But after a quick glance at his surroundings, it’s clear that there’s nobody else who could possibly appear like they were 'looking for a compartment’. Not without some trepidation, he makes his way towards the source of the voice - a boy who looks vaguely familiar, like he’s someone he ought to know but doesn’t. Maybe a quid ditch player - he himself never really attended the matches, but they were regarded with a good deal of respect and also a large amount of publicity, so it wouldn’t be inconceivable for him to have seen the guy before.

    Well, whatever. A near-empty compartment is a near-empty compartment, and that’s good enough.

    With a nod of thanks, he finds a seat a good distance away from the boy but not too far as to seem rude. “It’s fine.” He sighs, responding to the guy’s offer of food, “You keep your food - it’s yours, after all.” The next part of his sentence he left unspoken - Unlike most people, I’m not a fan of torturing myself with disgusting beans. Deciding that he might as well make use of the relative privacy of the compartment, he kicks off his shoes and lets out a yawn, twisting his body and kicking his feet onto the seat besides him. Nobody else seemed like they’d be coming in anyways. Hopefully, the guy who had invited him here wouldn’t find it too improper.

    With half-lidded eyes, he begins to read, the details of the story somewhat hazy in his mind, going in one figurative ear and out the other, unfocused. A few times, he tries unsuccessfully to reel in his wandering imagination, but eventually decides to just give up, snapping the book shut and looking out the window instead, watching the scenery blur past. His sister would probably be at her boyfriend’s place by now, regaling him with tales of her adventures that may be exaggerated slightly but still probably have some truth to them. She never returned to England for any reason other than to see Kite, or see Fenris himself. If there's one thing he shares with his sister, it's their general distaste for spending time with their parents, and she'd never come all the way just to see them.

    For a moment, he debates trying out some transfiguration on his arm, or maybe some handily available trinket, then decides against it, not wanting to put in the effort. Sighing again - and mentally berating himself for sighing so much on what was supposed to be a happy day - he turns his attention back to the other student in the cabin, observing him with the detached interest of an anthropologist. Maybe he could provide some sort of entertainment - after all, it's rare for people other than himself to occupy a carriage all by themselves and not have anyone else intrude.
  16. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Jane O'Reilly
    Platform 9 3/4
    10:55 a.m.

    A blonde boy clad in pink walked through the entrance of her cabin. "Hey Jane! Nice to see you again!" he greeted. Jane immediately grinned and placed Orion's carrier aside in order to spring up and hug her best friend.

    "Liam!" she exclaimed happily. "I've missed you. Been so long since I've seen everyone, I've almost forgotten what you lot look like." She settled back down in her seat and giggled as Liam nearly choked on a Bertie Bott's bean. "Snot flavour? Never had that one. What would that taste like? ...Actually, nevermind, don't answer that." Jane grabbed one for herself and inspected the colour briefly (red with dark splotches) before shrugging and popping it into her mouth. She grimaced, looking almost confused. "Sausage. Not bad necessarily, just very odd."

    Jane continued sampling beans as she steered the conversation back to catching up. "How've you been, with the war and all? Reckon it'll be tough for a lot of students coming back to Hogwarts this year. My family's safe in Ireland for now at least." Her thoughts drifted back to her summer. She still had some muggle friends that she was able to reconnect with (they thought she'd been given a full scholarship to a fancy boarding school in Britain, which technically wasn't a lie. She just omitted the magic part), but it had been difficult without her normal friend group to converse with. "I don't like not being able t'use magic - hard enough not being in the castle. Spent most of my time trying to study Quidditch, seeing as I'm captain this year." She smiled. "All the captains are young this year, fifth year or below. Total turnover really. You know Cole Steele right?" Being in the same year, they had classes together. "He's captain for Gryffindor this year. He's not bad, like a bloody bullet on his broom really, nearly knocked me off once - "

    Jane's attention was drawn to a familiar Hufflepuff face outside their cabin, and she sprang up to greet them. "Hold on, Liam. Lealia!" Jane greeted, intercepting the young blonde. This was their new seeker - it was unusual for first years to be selected for Quidditch teams, but she was already selected last year to play in her second year due to her aptitude for flight. Jane was delighted that they'd already managed to land a suitable young replacement for their graduated seeker: the previous team captain, Vincent Whitaker. The pair had been introduced to each other before, though Jane couldn't say she knew the younger girl well. She knew that Vincent had thought she was very promising, at least. "How are you? Manage to get any practice in over the summer? I'll try to organize a quick warm-up session before tryouts. We can get full practices going once we have our full team, of course."
  17. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Ivory Corvino
    Hogwarts Express

    It didn’t take long for Ivory to find herself buried in her books. She once again found herself staring at the section on Patronuses. She frowned. Why was the idea of mastering this spell still so inviting even after all this time? She had no idea – and it wasn’t like she was going to accomplish conjuring one now. Most of her happiest memories involved her brother – and just thinking about his face made Ivory’s heart tighten.

    “Anything from the trolley, dear?”

    She glanced up – it was the trolley witch. She had her head turned to the opposite compartment. The boy Ivory had seen earlier reached for a bag on his seat. "I'll have a - uh - packet of Drooble's, 10 Chocolate Frogs,” he said. “Um, have any Fizzing Whizzbies? No? Just an, um, Every Flavour Beans pack too. Thanks."

    Once the trolley witch was done with the boy she turned her attention to Ivory. “How about you, dear?”

    Ivory pressed her lips together and dug into the pockets of her robes, feeling the bag where she kept her money. “Yes,” she said. “I’ll take two Chocolate Frogs, please.” The exchange was brief, but at least she’d done some interacting today. She paid for the frogs and the trolley witch moved on, leaving Ivory alone with her thoughts once again. While she wasn’t hungry she did want something to take her mind off of her thoughts, and eating one of the frogs sounded like a good idea. It didn’t take long for Ivory to unwrap one and place the frog in her mouth, biting off a sizeable chunk from its side.

    The other frog she pocketed – perhaps she could have it later after the sorting ceremony.
  18. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy I like T.K.

    Liam Anwell
    Platform 9 3/4
    Late Morning

    "Snot flavour? Never had that one. What would that taste like? ...Actually, nevermind, don't answer that." Jane grabbed a bean, inspected it, then popped it into her mouth. "Sausage. Not bad necessarily, just very odd."

    "It's still better than the other flavours, that's for sure." Liam giggled. After getting the snot bean, he decided to eat safer candy, and opened up a Pumpkin Pastie.

    "How've you been, with the war and all?" Jane asked as she continued having beans. "Reckon it'll be tough for a lot of students coming back to Hogwarts this year. My family's safe in Ireland for now at least."

    "My family hasn't had any problems, but I'm sure there are others who aren't so lucky..." Liam nervously bit his bottom lip. He really didn't like talking about something so depressing, and hoped the subject would change soon. "Fortunately, we'll be safe within the walls Hogwarts!"

    "I don't like not being able t'use magic - hard enough not being in the castle. Spent most of my time trying to study Quidditch, seeing as I'm captain this year." She smiled. "All the captains are young this year, fifth year or below. Total turnover really. You know Cole Steele right?" Being in the same year, they had classes together. "He's captain for Gryffindor this year. He's not bad, like a bloody bullet on his broom really, nearly knocked me off once -"

    "Ugh, I know. I hate not being able to use magic outside of school. I kind of get why it's a rule, but still..." Liam smirked when she brought up Cole. While Liam himself didn't play the game, he still attended the games to watch. Partly to cheer on his friend, and partly to ogle the male players. He knew who all the male players were, but his favorites were the Hufflepuff Boys. "Oh, I know about him. He's really good. Quite the handsome fellow too. Actually, a lot of the boys are to be honest, My loyalty is still with the Hufflepuff team though. House Pride and all that."

    "Hold on, Liam. Lealia!" Jane said as she sprang up from her seat to greet another Hufflepuff student that was passing by. Liam had seen her around a few times last year, but they never had much reason to talk. Still, he smiled brightly, and waved hello, as he continued to munch on his Pumpkin Pastie while the girls talked about Quidditch.
  19. Lealia Sadik
    Hogwarts Express

    Lealia wandered down the carriage aisle, looking left and right as she did so in order to try and find her friends. She mentally noted that finding a seat was a little tougher this year than last year, since as a first-year she had no real motive to find a particular booth and so just sat in the first one that didn't have too many people. But alas, this was what she chose for herself.

    As she neared the halfway section of the carriage, a female voice with an Irish lilt caused her to nearly jump out of her skin. "Lealia!"

    Lealia turned around to see none other than Jane O'Reilly, fellow Quidditch team member. She had met the girl once before as an introduction, but they hadn't really talked that much since. Lealia also recognised her friend Liam, who gave her a little wave. Lealia smiled and gave a warm greeting. "Hi, Jane! And you too, Liam!"

    Jane responded, the enthusiasm in her voice clear. "How are you? Manage to get any practice in over the summer? I'll try to organize a quick warm-up session before tryouts. We can get full practices going once we have our full team, of course-"

    Lealia held out her hand. "Woah, slow down a little, I can barely keep up! Now, since where I live has been one of the areas targeted by those bomb people - whatever they're called, I couldn't really get some practice done for this year, so I think a warm-up session when we reach Hogwarts would be a splendid idea."

    Lealia glanced down the corridor only to see none other than Elijah and Annabelle poking their heads out of their compartments to try and see where she was, so she gave a hasty farewell to Jane. "Sorry I can't talk long, but my friends are waiting for me just down there. I'll talk again when we do the warm-up!"

    She skipped down the aisle until she reached her friends' compartment, and sat herself down opposite the two of them. "Hey, Eli! Hey, Anna! How have your Summers been?"

    Elijah shrugged. "Could be better, could be worse. The air raid sirens went off a good few times but other than that nothing close to me was harmed."

    Annabelle gave her reply. "Thankfully where I live isn't a huge air raid target, so we only got a warning once. It actually gave me some Quidditch practice, although I know that only one of us is actually on the team." She continued, but not before giving Lealia a little wink. "I'm gonna aim for the tryout sessions in the hope I can become a beater. That always seemed fun."

    The three of them continued chatting as the whistles blew on the platform, and the train slowly began to rumble out of the station and towards their beacon of safety.

  20. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Cole Steele
    Hogwarts Express -> Hogwarts Castle

    Cole stood by himself for a few moments before Fenris seemed to notice that he was being spoken to. The older boy soon came over, after a brief pause, and nodded as if to show his thanks. Cole just shrugged and shut the door behind him; it was unlikely that anyone would be wandering the train at this time.

    The Gryffindor turned to see Fenris kicking his shoes off and curling up on a seat, on the opposite side of the compartment, as if he were at home. It was an odd sight, but Cole just smiled, using his willpower to not comment. Cole assumed that Fenris was just a very relaxed guy, not rude at all. As if he wasn't relaxed enough though, he pulled out a book and started to read. Relatively intrigued, Cole tried to see what book it was, but deemed it too rude to interrupt someone while reading; if he were interrupted, all hell would break loose.

    After a short while, Fenris closed his book and just stared absent-mindedly out of the window, and Coe felt the sudden urge to do something, as if it were just good manners. Unable to think of something, he grabbed a Chocolate Frog and cracked it open, grasping the sweet amphibian within before it knew what was happening. Pulling out his wand, Cole jabbed the frog to keep it in place, while he examined the card. It was an old one - not one of the more common new releases. Godric Gryffindor's Chocolate Frog card. That completed Cole's founder set. He was eager to share his accomplishment, but Fenris didn't even seem to notice that Cole had opened the frog up. Sighing, he placed it by his side and moved to his frog, munching on the carcass.

    A few hours passed before the train shuddered to a stop. It was dark out now, but Cole just smiled. He knew that beyond the darkness, Hogwarts was concealed, waiting to be filled with students.

    "Hey, Fenris, let's get going," he said gently, careful not to startle the dazed-looking Ravenclaw. Without waiting for Fenris, Cole opened up the door and let himself get pulled away by the sea of eager first-years.

    He emerged on the platform, surrounded by small, terrifying children. Swimming his way through the tangled mess of limbs, he saw Ogg, the Gamekeeper, calling all the first-years towards him. Cole just sighed, and decided to make his way towards the old horse-less carriages that pulled the elder students to Hogwarts.

    Not paying much attention to who was in the carriage, he just clambered in and closed his eyes. Cole tried to stay quiet, but he couldn't help grinning as Hogwarts loomed above him, slowly becoming closer.

    Alongside the other students, Cole made his way through the familiar corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, many other eager students, save the first years, swarming by him. He took no heed to them; the same thing happened every year. After a good few minutes of walking, followed by an interruption from Peeves, they were walking into the great hall and taking their seats. The first years filed in afterwards, and Cole beamed, ready to welcome someone new; he's sat closest to the reserved seats as possible.

    Let the fun begin.

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