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#198 Murkrow / #430 Honchkrow

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heya all ^.^ im looking for just a regular old murkrow for my new game send us a message if u have 1 spare. i dont have trades seeing as i just started lol :p


Since Red & Blue!
I'm looking for a female DW murkrow! Please pm me! I don't have much but maybe we can negotiate something. I have egg move pokemon and other DW females.


New Member
Im looking for a murkrow prefer male and if possible it knows nasty plot(not necessary just a +) i have very little to trade since i recently started a new game on my white version, starter pkmn, and items(mostly evolution stones)

however i do have DW zubat and DW abra for trade if desired :), plz reply if u can help.


New Member

Seeking a Male Murkrow under Lvl 10. I can breed all Unova, Kanto and Johto starters and infect them with Pokerus. PM me if interested :)


Porygon Fanatic
Looking for DW Murkrow. I have what's in my signature I offer~


New Member
Hey guys, just looking for a regular female Murkrow. It doesn't have to be UT. Just as long as it is female. Let me know what you want for it!


New Member
I've got a Mismagius and want to trade it for a Honchkrow to fill my pokedex. I have a Murkrow, I just don't have a dusk stone. PM me if you want to help


Porygon Fanatic
Looking for DW Murkrow still. Have lots of Shinies and stuff to offer.


Lucky Trainer
i'm looking for murkrow, dream world or not.


Pokémon Breeder
I'm looking for a female DW Murkrow. I have lots of other DW females to offer. Check my signature for details.


I'm breeding some Prankster Murkrows, send me offers.


New Member
I can breed murkrow for any pokemon in my signature, or any other reasonable offer.

Quincy D

New Member
Looking for Murkrow, any gender would do, has to be around Level 10. I have nothing really to trade on my platinum version but we can talk about trading pokemon on my black version

FC (Platinum): 5114 8519 6572

PM or Email

Email: egarrick1@hotmail.com


Well-Known Member
Looking for any Murkrow

Can trade all starters except 4th gen, or most 1st and 2nd gen pokes


New Member
Looking for a male murkrow that knows heat wave, superpower, or both. PM me for offers.

Motel Vacaville

New Member
Loking for female DW Prankster Murkow

Have other female DW Pokemon such as Gligar, Poliwag, and Dratini.

Give me a PM if you have an offer.
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