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1st/2nd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    1st/2nd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    Games in this gen: Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal

    What is a Nuzlocke Challenge?

    A Nuzlocke challenge involves treating any Pokemon that you have in your party that faint 'dying', and hence said Pokemon cannot be used anymore in the challenge and must be replaced. In addition, you can only catch and use the first Pokemon you encounter in any city, town, cave or route. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances with Pokemon on that route. You complete the challenge when you beat the Champion/see the credits, or with GSC beating Red.

    There are many other variations of such a challenge - such as having to nickname all your Pokemon (so you have a closer connection to your lost comrades =p) which will be used here, allowing for the first Pokemon you encounter to not include duplicates (so if you encountered a Rattata in one route as your first Pokemon and got it and then encountered another in the next route, you can wait until a different Pokemon appears and treat that as your 'first Pokemon'), no legendaries, restriction on healing items that can be used (beyond Revives obviously) and so forth.


    • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
    • You can only use the first Pokemon you encounter in each route/town/city/cave.
    • All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
    • If a Pokemon in your party faints you must box/release it and not use it anymore in your challenge.
    • If you wish to use any other restrictions, please specify them in the first post you make in this thread for your challenge.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2011
  2. Draknir

    Draknir Fear the Deer

    I got bored and decided to begin a Nuzlocke in Blue.

    Here are my rules:
    -Normal Nuzlocke Rules
    -All Pokémon must be nicknamed
    -Duplicate species of anything previously obtained, dead or alive, are forbidden
    -Legendaries can be used IF they are the first ones found in an area WITHOUT using a Repel.
    -Floors of caves are different areas(Ex. Mt. Moon allows for three captures instead of one), but Pokémon obtained inside buildings do not count as different areas(Ex. Catching a Pokémon on Route 2 forbids me from trading for the Mr. Mime).
    -Extra captures are only allowed for In-Game Trades.

    I went with the hardest starter to raise, Charmander, and named it Blaze. I beat my Rival, Red, rather easily. I somehow managed to back it to Viridian and back and then back to Viridian without finding a single wild Pokémon. When I had my 15 Pokéballs, I went back to Route 1 and found a Pidgey, which I caught and named Eagle. Then, I went to Route 22 and found a Rattata, which I caught and named Nibbler. I got everyone to Lv.8 and battled Red again and won, with Blaze getting to Lv.9 and learning Ember. I proceeded to Route 22 and found a Caterpie, which I caught and named Butterfly. Once in Viridian Forest, I was hoping to find a Pikachu. First battle I get into and it is a...............Weedle. I caught it, as per the rules, and named it NOTPIKACHU. No seriously, I really did. I got everyone to Lv.10, with Butterfly and NOTPIKACHU evolving fully. Then I did a bold move and challenged Brock, despite not having any moves that could deal even normal damage. His Geodude fell to Blaze's Ember rather easily, which I was surprised by. Then came his Onix. The only damage Blaze took was from using Ember after it used Bide. So, Boulder Badge get! I then made my way to Route 3, battling all of the trainers up to the grass. There, I found a Lv.3 Jigglypuff. I caught it and named it Creampuff. Then I looked at its moves, erm move. The thing was useless because all it knew was Sing! So I did what a normal player would do. I trained it by switching it out every time. It gained 2 levels from my defeating of a trainer's Jigglypuff, so I thought I was off to a good start. In Mt. Moon, I caught a Zubat, which I named Sonic. Unfortunately, as I was training Creampuff, it was killed by wild Geodude's Tackle. So my first loss was a Jigglypuff that was useless when I caught it and taught it Water Gun. On the second floor of Mt. Moon(The one that leads to Route 4 on the Cerulean side), I caught a Geodude that I named Oni. Then I fought the Rocket Grunt at the part of the bottom floor that the first stairs lead to. A Rattata managed to kill NOTPIKACHU, which really was a devastating loss. In its honor, I caught a Paras that I named Frankreich. I started training it because its part Grass. It was killed by a stupid Geodude scoring a Critical Hit with Tackle. Three losses in one cave. Not looking too good. I'm now grinding my team before proceeding any further, but I'm taking a break from that to do my Sapphire Nuzlocke.


  3. IatosHaunted

    IatosHaunted THE GREAT RETURN

    This Christmas I was given my cousin's old copy of Red, the only copy of Red or Blue I've ever owned. I decided to start a Nuzlocke, which I've been doing comics for over on DA.

    Started with ;004;, just for novelty's sake. Named him Rai. Caught a ;016;(Lucy) on route 1, ;032;(Kingsley) on route 24, and ;019;(Ragweed) on route 2. Luck was on my side. Then I got into Viridian forest.

    Two important events happened in the forest. 1: I caught a ;014;(Needlenose). 2: Ragweed met a terrible fate, taken down by a poison status. The worst way to go.

    Out of the forest, it was time for Pewter gym.Type was not on my side, but since it was generation 1, I knew Bide would be Brock's main offense, so I wasn't too worried. Turns out I should've been more worried. I won the badge, but at the expense of Needlenose.

    After this, we began to truly see how bad I am at this. Caught a ;021;(Ace) on rt. 3, which got promptly KOed during grinding. Killed a ;041; in Mt. Moon, lost Lucy before making it out. Caught an ;023;(Medusa), lost it as cannon fodder in the battle against Gary. Failed to catch an ;063; on Rt. 22, managed to snag another ;014;(Needlebane) on rt. 23. Now CAUTIOUSLY training for Misty.

    ;005; Rai
    ;033; Kingsley
    ;015; Needlebane
  4. Draknir

    Draknir Fear the Deer

    Got everyone to Lv.16, with Blaze evolving. I made my way through Mt. Moon. The under-leveled Raticate owned by a Rocket got a Critical Hit with Hyper Fang, killing Sonic, bringing the total losses in Mt. Moon to four. I made it out with no further losses. On Route 4, I caught a Sandshrew, which I named Slash. As I was grinding, I misjudged the strength of a Spearow, and Slash died. I got everyone to Lv.18, with Eagle evolving, before fighting Red. He was a cakewalk. I then made my way to Route 25, where I caught a Bellsprout that I named Flytrap. I figured I was in the clear because I finally had something super-effective against Misty. Naturally, a Youngster's Rattata got a Critical Hit with Quick Attack, killing Flytrap. I got everyone to Lv.20, with Nibbler evolving, and went in thinking I was going to be wiped out. As with everything else that I thought would happen, the opposite occurred. With a combination of Sleep Powder from Butterfly and Hyper Fang from Nibbler, I managed to get out with no losses. On Route 5, I caught a Meowth that I named Pussycat from a suggestion my friend gave me. I then started to grind. Got it to Lv.16, and made it to Vermillion, where I used the Old Rod to fish up a Magikarp that I named Ravage. In Diglett's Cave, I caught a Diglett(Obviously) that I named Magnitude. A Lv.21 Diglett scored a Critical Hit Dig, killing Pussycat. On Route 11, I caught a Drowzee that I named Hypnosis. First battle on the S.S Anne, a Lass's Pidgey scored a Critical Gust, killing Magnitude. This meant Hypnosis would be on my team, so I'm grinding it now before I finish the S.S Anne.



  5. Was bored at 2 am. Decided to do a Gold version Nuzlocke run.
    -Normal Nuzlocke Rules
    -All Pokémon must be nicknamed
    -Duplicate species of anything previously obtained forbidden
    -Floors of caves are different areas

    Started out with Cyndaquil (Typhy), just because, and made it to Mr. Pokemon's House before falling asleep. And since I can't catch Pokemon yet...it's just me and Typhy for a little while longer.
    Update: First Pokemon I encountered was a female Sentret, named her Scout. Trained her for a bit, then remembered that Route 46 existed and could probably catch a Geodude there right now. With luck, I did and named him Brock. Trained Brock and Scout to level 10 to match Typhy. Then I progressed to Route 30 and found a Caterpie, naming it Beefree. Evolved Beefree into a Metapod before completing the rest of route 30. In route 31 I encountered a Bellsprout, and named her Belle. Just made it to Violet City, but I want to train more before challenging Falkner. I also want to wait until night to catch a Gastly in Sprout Tower Will probably capture a Zubat in Dark Cave in the meantime.

    ;155; Typhy, lvl 10
    ;161; Scout, lvl 10
    ;074; Brock, lvl 10
    ;011; Beefree, lvl 9
    ;069; Belle, lvl 3

    None, so far!
    Last edited: May 15, 2011
  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Well, I decided to start a Gold version Nuzlocke Challenge, just to pass the time. I started my game and I named my character "Harold". I did all the stuff at my house and then I went to Professor Elm's lab and I picked a Starter Pokemon. I chose a Totodile and I named him "Judas". I left for Cherrygrove City and I trained Judas along the way. After about 10 minutes of training, I arrived in Cherrygrove City and I got a tour of the town. I finished that up and I healed Judas at the Pokemon Center. I headed north to Mr. Pokemon's house. I arrived, got the mystery egg from Mr. Pokemon and then I obtained the Pokedex from Professor Oak. I got a call from Elm as I was leaving, and I headed back to New Bark Town.

    Current team:
    ;158; - Judas level 8
  7. koosbane

    koosbane master breeder

    I started a red version nuzlocke a while back so I will just post where I am now.

    Around vermillion, clearing S.S. Anne. Picked up a dugtrio in the digletts cave, added it to my team. Which was Wartortle and Pidgeotto. No deaths so far.

    Team, Wartortle -28 Pidgeotto - 28 Dugtrio - 29
  8. Vaco

    Vaco Well-Known Member

    I'm going to do this on my Red version ROM. I intend to refuse duplicates, and I count each floor of a dungeon as a separate area. Also, I don't count pokemon as the first in an area until I receive pokeballs.

    I started with Charmander, and named it The Baron. I figured that it would be more of a challenge that way, as well as the fact that it's the version mascot.

    Beat my Rival, Green, and went north. I reached Viridian City easily enough. Did the package quest, then went back to Viridian and bought some Pokeballs and Antidotes.

    Caught a Lv. 3 Pidgey on Route 1, which I named Hermes. Trained it a lot, then went to Route 22. Found a Lv. 2 Nidoran M, which I named Atilla. I was disappointed, as I really don't like catching Lv. 2 pokemon, and I would have preferred a Rattata. I suppose there's always Route 2. Trained everyone to Lv. 9, then fought Green. Extremely easy.

    I went to Route 2 and was pleased to find a Lv. 4 Rattata, which I caught and named Shiikon (Japanese for fang or something like that). I intend on using it for most of Viridian Forest, which I will tackle at a later date.
  9. Jaren

    Jaren Active Member

    Going to do this with my Silver ROM. Named myself Silver. Picked Totodile as my starter and named him Tebow. I made it to the place where the mystery egg was being held and brought it back to Professor Elm, after defeating my rival, whom I've named Gold.
  10. ilovedeino

    ilovedeino Deino Master

    Gold Nuzlocke

    1. Only catch first Pokemon in each Route. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    2. If a Pokemon faints, put it in my death box.

    -I started with Totodile. I encountered a Pidgey on Route 29, so I decided to train(I still didn't have Pokeballs).
    -I trained and continued to Mr.Pokemon's house, I didn't encounter any Pokemon on Route 30, so after I got the Pokeballs, I caught a Pidgey.
    -I trained Pidgey on Route 29 and continued to Violet City.
    -I caught a Bellsprout in Route 31, and Zubat in Dark Cave. I boxed Zubat.
    -I beat every trainer easily with Pidgey in Route 30, 31, and Sprout Tower.
    -While in Sprout Tower, I encountered a Rattata, but I had no Pokeballs.
    -I then trained all of them until they were all decent levels.
    -I then challenged Falkner, even though he has a Pidgeotto, it's only level 9, So it's easy.

    ;016; Pidgey lv.14
    ;069; Bellsprout lv.8
    ;158; Totodile lv.12

    ;041; Zubat lv.4
  11. nuzlocke1992

    nuzlocke1992 New Member

    Hi! I am a 90's kid so I decided to start my Nuzlocke challenge with the classics. I am tying it out on Pokemon Red Version.

    Here are my rules:
    (1) After receiving Poke Balls you may only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each area. If your first encounter is a Pokemon you have already caught, then you must kill it and wait to encounter the first Pokemon you have not caught before.
    (2) Once you pass through an area, you cannot catch a Pokemon there anymore (as in, you can't come back to a place like Viridian City after you get the Super Rod and fish for awesome water Pokemon, despite the fact that you have never encountered a Pokemon there before). Trades with other trainers are the only exception (if you get a Poliwhirl, you are allowed to go back and trade it for the Jynx in Cerulean City). One trade per area only if you never encountered a Pokemon there before (to meet the "one new Pokemon per area requirement").
    (3) You can catch Legendary Pokemon, but only if you used Repels in those areas and encountered no other Pokemon before meeting the legendary Pokemon. However, be aware that trying to catch a legendary Pokemon puts you at risk for losing several other Pokemon in the process.
    (4) If a Pokemon faints, it is dead.
    (5) Nicknames are optional (I personally don't like nicknames very much).

    My journey thus far through the first gym:

    * Starter = ;007; Squirtle
    * Route 1: Caught a ;016; Pidgey but I have not used it yet
    * Route 22: Caught a ;019; Rattata and have used it up to this point
    * Viridian Forest: Caught a ;013; Weedle and have used it so far
    * ;013; Weedle evolved into ;014; Kakuna
    * ;014; Kakuna evolved into ;015; Beedrill
    *Route 2: No new Pokemon (the only wild Pokemon here are ;016; Pidgey, ;019; Rattata, and ;013; Weedle - awful luck, eh?)
    *Trained a lot to get ready for the gym battle against Brock
    *Defeated Brock easily with my Lv15 ;007; Squirtle
    *After the gym battle, ;007; Squirtle evolved into ;008; Wartortle

    ;015; Beedrill ............Lv12
    ;019; Rattata ............Lv12
    ;008; Wartortle .........Lv16

    ;016; Pidgey .............Lv04

    N/A so far

    Wish me luck!!!
  12. nuzlocke1992

    nuzlocke1992 New Member

    Hello again! I just made it through Gym 2 and I thought I would give you guys an update on what's happened so far in the Nuzlocke Challenge for Pokemon Red. I am using Pokemon that I never chose to use in the past but I love them! Except for Beedrill; he is kind of weak but he just learned Twineedle so hopefully he will get better! Here is what has happened since last time:

    * Route 3: Caught a ;021; Spearow (used it)
    * Mt. Moon: Caught a ;041; Zubat (deposited it for later)
    * Trained the living beaks out of ;021; Spearow in Mt. Moon
    * Route 4: Caught an ;023; Ekans (deposited it for later)
    * Defeated Gary, but he nearly killed my Lv17 ;021; Spearow - almost died a little
    * No new Pokemon in Cerulean City
    * Route 24: Caught an ;043; Oddish (definitely kept)
    * Used 2 Rare Candies to get my ;043; Oddish to Lv15
    * Trained ;043; Oddish a lot, and then a lot more
    * ;019; Rattata evolved into ;020; Raticate
    * Decimated Misty with my Lv20 ;043; Oddish
    * After the battle, ;043; Oddish evolved into ;044; Gloom

    ;015; Beedrill ..........Lv18
    ;044; Gloom ............Lv21
    ;020; Raticate .........Lv20
    ;021; Spearow ........Lv19
    ;008; Wartortle .......Lv21

    ;023; Ekans .............Lv06
    ;016; Pidgey ............Lv04
    ;041; Zubat .............Lv08

    Still N/A! So far at least ...

    Wish me luck as I go for the 3rd gym! I am loving the Nuzlocke Challenge so far!
  13. ilovedeino

    ilovedeino Deino Master

    Gold Nuzlocke

    -I continued on to Route 32 and caught a Wooper.
    -I trained my team with the various trainers around.
    -I went through Union Cave and caught a Sandshrew.
    -I sweeped through with Bellsprout and Sandshrew(mostly Bellsprout).
    -I got to Route 33 and caught and boxed a Hoppip.
    -In Slowpoke Well, I caught another Zubat and Boxed him.
    -I defeated Team Rocket and challenged Bugsy's Gym.
    -I sweeped with Pidgey and he evolved before Bugsy, so Bugsy wasn't a challenge at all.

    ;017; Pidgeotto lv.20
    ;069; Bellsprout lv.19
    ;159; Croconaw lv.20
    ;028; Sandslash lv.22

    ;041; Zubat lv.4
    ;187; Hoppip lv.8
    ;041; Zubat lv.8
  14. ultpokemonfan

    ultpokemonfan New Member

    Was really bored, so decided to go a a nuzlocke of my favorite classic Pokemon game, which is Red. Here are my rules.
    -No legendaries, especially since their not worth the time anyways.
    -Only exception to "one pokemon per area" is if a pokemon is encountered before pokeballs are obtained, it is ran away from and ignored.
    -In-game trades count for one pokemon per area, although I proabably wont be doing any.
    -Pokemon must be nicknamed
    -Pokemon that faint are sticked into the last PC box and left untouched for the rest of the game

    So I'll be starting tonight and I'll post about what happens! See ya in a bit.
  15. ilovedeino

    ilovedeino Deino Master

    Gold Nuzlocke Update!!!!!!

    In my last update, I didn't list Wooper in my team as he was.
    So this will change that.

    -I went to Ilex forest with a bunch of Repels so I can headbutt a Pokemon.
    -In Ilex Forest, I Headbutted out a Pineco:D.
    -I continued to Route 34, sweeped the Trainers, and caught Drowzee and boxed Wooper.
    -In Goldenrod, I went to the Game Corner and got a Dratini and boxed Sandslash.
    -I went up to Route 35, caught and boxed Nidoran♂, and grinded my Team alot before fighting Whitney.
    -I also went to National Park and caught and boxed Sunkern. I also went to Route 36 and caught and boxed Nidoran♀.
    -After I leveled up my team a lot, I beat the extremely hard Miltank with ease.
    ;017; Pidgeotto Lv.25
    ;070; Weepinbell Lv.23
    ;159; Croconaw Lv.24
    ;204; Pineco Lv.25
    ;096; Drowzee Lv.23
    ;147; Dratini Lv.24
    ;041; Zubat Lv.4
    ;041; Zubat Lv.8
    ;187; Hoppip Lv.8
    ;194; Wooper Lv.19
    ;029; Nidoran♀ Lv.12
    ;032; Nidoran♂ Lv.12
    ;191; Sunkern Lv.11
    ;028; Sandslash Lv.22
  16. dukedudez

    dukedudez ...Loves God

    Just started the Nuzlocke Challenge on my Gold as well. I started with totodile and the first pokemon I saw with pokeballs was a Sentret. So now I have:
    Totadile - 11
    Sentret - 8

    I'm still training them before I get to the first gym. I also think I'll stop them from evolving for a while so I can learn better moves faster.
  17. eontrainer9

    eontrainer9 New Member

    Stayed up too late one night and decided to start a Nuzlocke challenge on my Blue.

    - pokemon dont count in a area until you have pokeballs.
    - all pokemon must be nicknamed
    - pokemon who faint cant be used
    - different floors of caves are different areas.

    I currently have
    -Gem a Squirtle Lv11
    -Fang a Rattata Lv8
    -Jade a Nidoran F Lv8
    -Poppo a Pidgy Lv8
    -Silvie a Metapod Lv8

    Alive but in a box
    -Claw a Rattata Lv3

    Pokemon in dead box - 0
    Last edited: May 14, 2012
  18. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    Just this week, I decided to start a Crystal Nuzlocke.


    1) Anything that faints gets perma-boxed.

    2) Must catch the first thing I find in a new area unless it is something I have already caught. Then I can continue to encounter for catch until I come across something new.

    3) A cave is one whole area, regardless of levels or floors. A city/town is one whole area, regardless of different buildings.

    4) No healing in-battle

    5) No legendaries

    6) No trading to evolve

    7) Fishing/Surfing/Walking in grass/Receiving an egg or gift pokemon all count towards the same one catch per area


    -I decided to start with Cyndaquil, a male named Zane.
    -Encountered and caught a LV2 Rattata on route 46. Male, named Joey.
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Zubat on route 31. Male, named Bruce
    -Encountered and caught a LV3 Gastly in Sprout Tower. Female, named Mary
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Pidgey on route 36. Male, named Pete
    -Encountered and caught a LV7 Bellsprout on route 32. Female, named Martha




    Time: 1:51
    Location: Union Cave
    Team: LV16 Quilava; LV12 Zubat
    Badges: 1


    I'm 0-2 on my only previous Nuzlocke runs: an embarrassing 4 hour loss on Sapphire in which May's Wailmer basically Roll'ed-Out my entire team, and an annoying 18+ hour loss on SoulSilver where I lost my team to the last of the 5 Kimono Girls after getting all 8 badges. I forgot I didn't get any kind of breather between the successive battles, and my "no healing in battle" rule killed me. I thought I'd dig out my Crystal and hope that the third time's the charm.

    Started with Cyndaquil because I didn't want any real trouble from either Falkner or Sprout Tower, which may be short-sighted, but...we'll see. Traversed the opening routes to Mr. Pokemon's house without any Repels or Pokeballs, so I missed my chances at a Hoot-Hoot and a Spinarak on the way there. Oh well; there'll be other routes!

    Deciding to keep Bruce on my team because Crobats are pretty awesome. I've boxed Joey, Mary, Pete, and Martha. I'm just about to enter Union Cave, and I'm starting to get nervous when I look at my team and see they are both 2x weak to Rock (not that I'm concerned about Union Cave...I'm thinking long-term about Whitney and her Miltank).
    Last edited: May 20, 2012
  19. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    Update (these won't usually be these frequent I hope, but I had time to play a bit more today and wanted to jot this down before I forgot)!


    -I decided to start with Cyndaquil, a male named Zane.
    -Encountered and caught a LV2 Rattata on route 46. Male, named Joey. (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Zubat on route 31. Male, named Bruce
    -Encountered and caught a LV3 Gastly in Sprout Tower. Female, named Mary (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Pidgey on route 36. Male, named Pete (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV7 Bellsprout on route 32. Female, named Martha (boxed
    -Encountered and caught a LV6 Geodude in Union Cave. Male, named Dwayne (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV7 Spearow on Route 33. Male, named Leonidas (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV6 Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well. Female, named Kim




    Time: 2:48
    Location: Azalea Town
    Team: LV21 Quilava; LV17 Zubat; LV6 Slowpoke
    Badges: 2

    I'm still worried about Whitney, and I doubt I'll get Kim leveled up enough to be relevant. I'm just going to have to grind Zane and Bruce enough to be able to take Miltank out. I might give Zane the Mud-Slap TM just so I can lower Miltank's accuracy and stop it from being a Roll-out machine.

    I'm excited about the egg giveaway from the Daycare couple. I hope I get something good. I think after getting the egg, I'm going to walk a bunch to hatch it right away.

    The Rival battle after Azalea was harder than I thought it'd be, but Zane and Bruce were able to team up to take out Croconaw. The battle with Bugsy was much easier. I only lost two HP the whole fight (when Scyther got in one Fury Cutter attack on Zane). Bruce made very short work on his two cocoons. I can't wait till he evolves.
  20. ilovedeino

    ilovedeino Deino Master

    I'm starting a Yellow Nuzlocke.

    1. If a Pokemon faints, it is Dead.
    2. One Pokemon per area, if you fail to bad.
    3. Places like Mt. Moon, all floors count as one area.

    -Okay, I started with Pikachu(of course).
    -Got some Pokeballs, all 3 trips, I managed to avoid Wild Pokemon, I remembered you have to buy you're first Pokeballs.
    -Caught Pidgey on Route 1.
    -Caught Nidoran♂ on Route 22.
    -Caught Rattata on Route 2(BOXED).
    -Caught Caterpie in Viridian Forest(BOXED).
    -Beat Brock.
    ;025; Pikachu Lv.14
    Thundershock, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack
    ;016; Pidgey Lv.15
    Tackle, Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack
    ;032; Nidoran♂ Lv.13
    Leer, Tackle, Horn Attack, Double Kick
    -Caught Sandshrew on Route 3.
    -Caught Geodude in Mt. Moon(BOXED).
    -Caught Mankey on Route 4(BOXED).
    -Got Bulbasaur from Girl.
    -Caught Oddish on Route 24(BOXED).
    -Got Charmander from Guy.
    -Caught Bellsprout on Route 25(BOXED).
    -Beat Misty.
    ;025; Pikachu Lv.26
    Thunderbolt, Double Team, Thunder Wave, Slam
    ;017; Pidgeotto Lv.28
    Whirlwind, Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack
    ;034; Nidoking Lv.28
    Thrash, Poison Sting, Horn Attack, Double Kick
    ;028; Sandslash Lv.29
    Poison Sting, Sand-Attack, Defense Curl, Slash
    ;002; Ivysaur Lv.27
    Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Leech Seed, Tackle
    ;005; Charmeleon Lv.29
    Scratch, Growl, Ember, Rage

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